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Maimepin : Free Calling From US to Anywhere

Though limited calls of limited duration, but still Maimepin free trial credit allows you to make free calling from US to Uk, India, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Singapore or any part of world. Using Maimepin simply call from USA to anywhere in the world.

Maimepin is a voip provider offering cheap international calls from US. Its a simple similar calling card service. But the good thing about Maimepin is : its free trial credit. Maimepin is offering free credit worth $1 to test their service. This $1 credit will last about 50 minutes to India as its calling rate to India is about 2cent per minute.

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To get your free 1$ credit with Maimepin, just register with them. However you are required to register with your US number. Great if you are in USA, else you can enjoy free calls by registering with your virtual US number (the one which you can easily get from other voip services). After completing registration, a free credit of $1 will be added to your account. No credit card required, no string attached, no contract signed

You can call to anywhere for a $1 free trial (upto 100 minutes for a country rate of 1c/min) via local access number. Once receiving a prompt message, please enter 011 followed by your destination country code and phone number (011 + Country code + Phone number).

Calling rate shown on does not include the rate calling from your phone to's local access number.

Some Maimepin features :
1. Simple rate with no additional fees, no strange minute rounding, no expiration dates, and no gimmick.
2. You can setup telephone numbers that you dial often for your account. That way, when you call you only have to press the speed dial code followed by the pound key (#).
3. Easy and convenient. No PIN to remember and never dial a PIN number again as we remember you. Just dial local access number and then your destination number.

I would suggest you to register with Maimepin, try your Free $1 free credit. If you like the service, then you may continue with it. However as its calling rate are not so cheap as compared to the current ones in the market, you may switch to some other voip provider.

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