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Spokn SIP, review | Spokn app for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch

Today we will discuss about Spokn voip service and its application for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phones. The good thing about Spokn is that it can be used from UAE and other countries for making cheap voip international calls.

calling rate to India is around 2 cent per minute. Offcourse if you are from USA/Canada or any other country where Localphone and Rebtel works for you (PC to Phone will definitely work) then these are the best options.

It works with regular phones for free. Your friends can call you from their regular phones. Your friend has to dial local access number. On prompt they punch in your Spokn ID. If you are online, your dialer rings otherwise, they leave you a VMS (Voice message).

Spokn has an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Similarly Skopn provides an application for Mac users, Java app, Application for blackberry, Nokia & Windows mobile.

Spokn does not have an application for Android mobile but Spokn allows SIP calls, which in turn means that you can use Spokn on your Android mobile. Just configure Spokn SIP on your mobile (any SIP client like Fring!).

Spokn SIP settings :
  • SIP userid: (Your 7-digit Spokn ID)
  • SIP password: (Your Spokn password)
  • SIP server:
If you are using Spokn then please share your feedback with us.

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