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Making Free Calls on your Android Phone has become so easy. With the smartphones taking over the mobile market, the day is not far when all your calls will be free. How ? Using Voip!
Yes, you can use voip in your mobile : Mobile voip to make free calls on your smartphone be it Android based, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPad, Android Tabs, or Nokia based. Today we discuss another such app for making free calls on your mobile : Voxtrox. Voxtrot for Android and very soon Voxtrot for iPhone, Voxtrot for Blackberry!

Just like Whatsapp Messenger is for making text SMS, Voxtrot is a app for making free mobile to mobile using voip. Voxtrot is a free mobile network.

Here the best part about Voxtrot :
Voxtrot is a super easy to use service - no need to create new username or add contacts again. Voxtrot use your phone number as your ID and your phonebook as your contactlist.

That simply means, you just have to install Voxtrot in your Android Mobile and it does the rest part itself. You get registered with your mobile number as ID, when you start the application. All your contacts using Voxtrot will be shown in your contact list. And when you call your friend using Voxtrot your call will be free!

You just require internet on your phone. It works great on Wifi or 3G!

Presently Voxtrot is avialable for Android devices : You can search it in the app store (Android Market). Voxtrot people say that they are working on Voxtrot for iPhone and it will be available very soon. That means it will work as a cross platform application for make free calls over different platforms.

Another good thing about Voxtrot is that you don't even have to open the app to make calls. All the contacts which have voxtrot installed will automatically be called using Voxtrot. This makes the application very easy to use. You don't even have to pay any attention and you make all your calls as you normally do. Since all your calls are placed using Voxtrot, your phone bill potentially can go to zero!!

Voxtrot for PC is something which Voxtrot people also have to be considered. This way users will be able to make free Pc to Phone calls as well. Then only Voxtrot will be total cross platform application.

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