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Zadarma Bonus : Free SIP Credit to make SIP Calls

Few days back, we posted about Zadarma : a voip provider offering free trial credit to make free international calls. I hope many of our blog readers must have made use of this offer to make free calls, however as Zadarma offered only 20-50 cents as trial credit so your calls would not have last long! But don't worry Zadarma has a new promotion in which it is offering free $14 trial credit.

As stated in the previous post, Zadarma offers Free SIP calls (Server : You can use Zadarma on your Android, iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry to make free calls. Now lets see how can you use Zadarma promotional offer to get upto $14 free trial credit.

1. First you need to have a Zadarma account. Check this post about Free Trial credit from Zadarma and register with them.
2.Then you need is a facebook account (which I assume most of you have).
3. Visit Zadarma Facebook page.
4. On the left column, you will see Zadarma Bonus. Just click that! You should be getting a code. Just make note of it.
5. Go to your Zadarma account, and enter the gift code you got on Facebook page. (My account --> Pay --> Add Money).
6. You will see the additional bonus credit from Zadarma.

Now the question is how much credit will you get from Zadarma :
1. You have less than 500 facebook friends, you will get $3 credit.
2. You have Facebook friends greater than 500 less then 1000, you get $7.
3. Ahh you have more than 1000 friends, you get $14 credit.

Actually, Zadarma is simple promotion its voip service on facebook and to promote its service : Zadarma is offering free credit to facebook users.

PS : If you are looking for very cheap calls to India, then try Rebtel 100% bonus code.

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