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Phone4you : Free International Calls | Get South African Number

Are you still using your mobile phones for making international calls. If yes, then trust me you are losing a lot of money. With voip you can save a lot of your phone bills. If you have been following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog, then you need not to pay for making phone calls. Today we discuss about another voip provide Phone4you, which is offering Free international calls to over 42 countries.

Phone4you, a South Africa based voip provider, a free telephone system, which is based on advanced VoIP technology. The aim of this network is to serve as an alternative to fixed telephone lines, providing lower prices, greater opportunities and maximum accessibility to all. Apart from offering free international calls, it is offering a South African DID number (for free). You can receive calls on this South African number (South African Incoming phone number).

How to make Free International Calls with Phone4You :
1. Register with Phone4you.
2. You will receive verification email from Phone4You with username and password.
3. Login to Phone4you website account. After login to your account, click webphone.
4. Enter number with international format,00991989xxxxxxx (eg for India).

You can also configure SIP on your mobile phone, to make free international calls from mobile :
  • SIP Proxy/Registry/Domain/Realm:
  • SIP Port: 5060
  • Username / Auth. ID / Caller ID: YourPHONE4YOUnumber
  • Password: Your password
  • Enabled Codecs: G.729, G.723.1, GSM, iLBC (at least one of the following)
Phone4You offers another way by which you can make free calls to about 60 countries. This includes India. (Free Calls to India from South Africa).

1. Dial 087 15 11 200 (local charges may apply).
2. Dial the number from your landline or mobile phone
3. Listen to the prompt
4. Type the number you wish to dial in international format followed by #
5. Example: 00 27 11 123 4567#
6. Cool. Your calls gets connected!

Free Download of Viber for Android Voip Application to Make Free Calls

Viber has been finally launched for Android Mobiles. It was one of the most awaited application for android devices. After the great success of Viber for iPhone, Viber has now officially launched its application for Android mobiles. Turns out that this application was available to some beta testers as well, before its official launch.

So expect a stable and full of feature Viber for Android application. This application for android based phones can be downloaded from android market aka Google Play. Please note that your phone needs to be compatible with this viber application, then only you will be able to download the app. The best part is that Viber for android app is available for free download.

I have been using Viber on my android mobile and trust me its one of the greatest apps for making Free Calls and messages on mobile. Viber is a multi platform application that lets you you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users that also have viber installed on their device, be it mobile, pc or a tablet.

If you have Viber installed on your android mobile and your friend is also using viber on his iPhone or android, then you can both talk, send sms for free. Please note that if you use Viber on your PC, then you can make Free PC to Phone Calls using Viber (Call from Viber on Pc to Viber on Android)! Isn't it cool ?

If you have a good internet connection on your phone (3G or Wifi) then Viber works great. The call quality for voice calls made with Viber (Android and iPhone) is way too good, sometimes better than your normal telecom call. You can call any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free and even send text sms as well.

Viber For Android Mobiles

Viber has been launched for Blackberry Mobiles as well (Check This Link). So you can now make free calls between android, iphone and now blackberry devices.

Viber for Android Features

  • No Registration Charges : Just install the Viber App on your Android mobile. It will automatically send SMS to your phone for verification and voila you are ready to use this app.
  • Multi Platform Application : Use Viber on any device like Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Computer, iPhone, iPad, Nokia mobiles etc..
  • Contacts : All your address book contacts are automatically added as your Viber buddies. All those contacts who have Viber installed on their mobile/PC/Tablet will be shown separately or with a unique icon. This helps to distinguish between the contacts that have viber installed and do not have the app installed.
  • Calling procedure : When you make a call, Viber checks if the other person has Viber installed. If so call will be placed from Viber otherwise the call will get placed using your telecom provider. So you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Viber Free Calls : Free Calls Between Viber users. All you requires is internet.
  • Viber Free Messages : Not only you can make free calls, you can send free text messages as well.

Viber for Android YouTube Video

According to the Viber CEO, they do not have any plans to charge for the service, nor for the application. However you may soon see a premium subscription plan which have more features. You can download the application on devices with Android 2.0 and higher. The app is free to download and best part : No commercial advertisement.  

Many people have already tried the service and are liking this app too much. According to some, Viber is better than Skype for voice calls. One person writes that "It's like WhatsApp but with Calls".
I have tried the application on my android and good thing is no change in battery usage. Battery usage when on standby seems to be minimal.

Free Download : Viber for Android Application

Download Link : Viber Android Application as from Android Market (Google Play).
Alternatively you can visit the google play on your phone, and search for "Viber" on it. If you want, let us know and we will post a direct download link for Viber apk on android mobiles.

Viber can be downloaded for almost all android mobiles. All you need is android 2.2 or higher OS on your mobile. If you are facing any difficulties with Viber on Android, then please post your problems in the comments section. We will try our best to help solve all your viber android problems!

If you do not have any smartphone, then you can try installing the Viber application on your PC. We have written a tutorial (step by step tutorial), explaining how to install Viber on your computer. With this you will be able to place free calls from your pc itself (the method make use of viber apk for android only).

Tikl : Push to Talk Service for iPhone Android

Push to talk service is certainly not old. A walkie talkie device is a very popular one and is widely used by many people around the world. Now if you could convert your android or iPhone into a touch to talk device, then its awesome! This is what Tikl does to your phone. Tikl is a application avaiable for your iPhone, Android mobile : its a Push-To-Talk + Chat/Text/Messenger application.

You can turn your smart phone into the ultimate push to talk walkie-talkie with TiKL. Setting up and using the Tikl service is very easy. You can instantly talk or text to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button. There is no requirement of any setup, you can use this service with your phone contacts or as Facebook friends. TiKL turns your phone into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkie with instant messenger capability.

I could not found the Tikl website, but they have their Facebook Page and the application is available in Android Market and iPhone App Store. You can download Tikl application for free from Android and iPhone Marketplace.

Some of the features of this Tikl app :

* Free, instant real-time one-on-one voice push-to-talk calls.
* Free, instant real-time group voice push-to-talk calls.
* Free, lightning fast one-on-one chat (instant text messaging) with delivery confirmation.
* Free, lightning fast group chat (instant group text messaging) with individual delivery confirmation.
* Uses data connection only. No voice minutes or SMS used for TiKL calls or chats.
* Works across Android phones/tablets and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
* Works across carriers.
* Works over WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE and GPRS.
* Supports both phone contacts and Facebook friends.

The good thing about this Tikl app is that it is almost instant over 3G, if the other person is also online. Another good feature is that your friend just needs to be connected with internet, you just ping him up, the app opens for them to continue in a conversation with you.

Just check this video for more details about Tilk : Download Tikl for free. Its a great app : Touch to Talk or Push to Talk for Android iPhone mobiles.


SMSPoint : Free SMS from PC to India

Few days back we posted about some Android apps which can be used to send Free SMS to India directly from your mobile device. Continuing with the service of Free SMS to India, we will today discuss about SMSpoint. SMSpoint is a Pc to Phone SMS service, that is use website and send SMS directly to any mobile in India.

I know that there are so many other websites offering Free SMS to India Mobiles like 160by2, ways2sms etc, however SMSpoint is still worth trying : you will soon know why.

SMSpoint is very useful service for home or personal users : where you just want to send endless SMS to your friends. SMSpoint also offers commercial usage bulk sms service. Rates are also competitive for the commercial bulk sms pricing.

Coming back to personal usage : SMSpoint is a very clean, very easy to use SMS service. The website itself is free of any ADs. SMSpoint website interface makes it highly easy to use. The registration procedure is very simple : just enter details. You will be send verification emails and SMS on mobile.

After you have registered, you can straight away start sending SMS. The SMS reaches its destination within seconds. Now here is the best part : you can make groups and send sms to a group. You can send bulk sms. You can time your sms. You can make contacts. Also you can check your SMS history!

Personally, I liked the clean interface very much. It makes the service so much easy to use. You can even send Jokes, Greetings from the library.

It will be great if SMSpoint has/releases its Android and iPhone App, it will be very helpful for users.

Free SMS to India Android Apps | Android Applications

SMS is the easiest and most widely used way of communication. Sending SMS from Phone using your telecom provider is the most traditional way but the only concern is either you have to take some monthly plans or pay a good sum of money for SMS. SMS from Pc is also very popular but then it is certainly not the convenient way, you obviously would like to send SMS from Phone only.

Now since you are having nternet connection on your mobile phone, it makes more sense you could send SMS using internet from Mobile. This basically means Free SMS from Mobile but using internet (Wifi or 3G) and save money! If you are having a Android Mobile, then it is lot more easy task to send Free SMS. There are a lot of apps, Free Apps in the android market which allows you to send free SMS to India. We will discuss few of these android free sms apps in this post.

The good thing is that may allows you to send unlimited free sms that too without any advertisements. Also, the recipient will not even know that it was send using the internet, as he will see your number caller id.

Lets discuss these Android Apps in detail :

1. : Free SMS to India Android App
Some of its features :
No ads, AD Free SMS.
The character limit is 470.
Group sms or Bulk sms. I am not sure if this is also free.
Flash SMS.
Check Delivery report.

I tried this application on my Android mobile and it worked great. SMS delivery was within seconds. However, on reading reviews about this app : some people were complaining that it didn't worked on their phone. So better try, it may work for you. And its FREE!!

2. Android Free SMS application
160by2 is a very popular SMS from PC service, now they have an Android app too.
I don't think we need to discuss more about 160by2 SMS service, as its a very popular SMS service. One more thing, it works for sending Free SMS to Malaysia.

3. Android Free SMS app.
Character limit of 160 per sms.
You can schedule SMS.
Import contacts with your mobile.

Please let us know, if you are using any other Android/iPhone app for sending Free SMS to India. It would be great you can share any app for Free International SMS.

Humnut | Humnut Review : Free Call to Mobiles and Landlines

Few years back, it was Globe7 and some other voip providers which offered free calls by watching videos (advertisements), completing surveys : that is ad based free voip cals. Now new voip providers are entering the ad based voip market. Basically the voip provider offers free calls to mobile and landline phones and the voip provider generates money from advertisement. These ads can be of various forms : be it shown on the websites, during the voice call or any other way! Humnut is a similar voip provider: ad based voip provider.

Humut is a Dublin based company that started as an idea. Humnut promises to give its users the best quality. It will be really a challenge if Humnut can offer good quality for free calls, if it is providing then its really great :)

With Humnut, you can make free calls to :

Free calls to :

Free calls to :
Free calls to :
Czech Republic

Free calls to :
Hong Kong
Free calls to :
Republic of Korea

Free calls to :
New Zealand
Free calls to :
Puerto Rico

Free calls to :
United Kingdom

Once you have completed the registration, you can use Humnut web phone to make free international calls.

This Humnut FAQ will have answer to all your queries, so just try Humnut! Please let us know your feedback.

Viber Android Beta | Viber for Android | Viber Android App

If you have ever used iPhone, or you are an iPhone phone then you must be aware about Viber. Viber is a free calling application for iPhone. With Viber, you can make free international calls to other viber users using 3G or Wifi. Viber has got so much popular among iPhone users, simply because of simplicity, hassle free usage. It is similar to Whatsapp application in terms of making contacts. It is based on phone number. The good thing is that Viber is now available for Android users (beta period).

Yes, Viber for Android is now available for beta users. If you check the Viber website, there is a link to Sign up for Viber for Android beta. As it is for beta testers, you just need to enter Email address, Viber will ask for email confirmation. Viber will then soon send the beta invitation to your mail address.

I have also signed up for Viber for Android! Lets see when do I get my invite. I am just eager to use Viber on my android.

With the launch of Viber for Android and Viber for iPhone already being very popular, this would be that it will be one of best cross platform free calling app. It will mean that when connected to internet, that using Mobile voip : You can make free viber calls from your Android device to your friends iPhone.

Update : Viber is now officially available to all Android users. Read this Viber for Android post for more details.

But I feel that Viber is taking too long to launch its official Android App, Blackberry App, Windows mobile app, or Viber for Pc application. With the launch of Viber for Android, it is sure to attract large number of customers.

If you have got the Viber Android invite, you need to install Viber on your android Mobile.
Viber has created a page with Download link of Viber app.

To download Viber Android app for free, click here. In order to allow the installations of non-Market applications, you'll need to update your android settings. On the Application Settings screen you'll see an item titled "Unknown sources" which allows you to install non-Market applications. Make sure the option is checked. If not tap the checkbox. But please note that the Viber installer (the "APK") will not activate before you get an invite from Viber. so first get the Viber Android invite.

C2Call's FriendCaller : Browser Based Free Video Calling

C2Call is pioneer for Java-based VoIP calls via the browser. C2Call has now announced the complete Java browser based free video calls solution via the voip provider FriendCaller (Webphone).

The best part about this Java based free video calling solution by Friendcaller is there is no need to download any software or even register. There are a few companies offering java browser based free voip calls, however the Friendcaller Free Video calls solution looks great!

Friendcaller is a voip provider offering cheap calls to any landline or mobile phone. This helps you save some big money! Though Facebook has announced free video calling solution with integration of Skype, however it requires some Java plug-ins depending upon OS, browser etc.

FriendCaller's video calling feature supports an exceptional VoIP calling experience for users of Friendcaller browser-based WebPhone, enabling them to chat with their FriendCaller contacts, or make free browser-based online video calls to friends who have not yet registered with FriendCaller, using their unique CallMe-Link, all without installing software or plug-ins

FriendCaller provider a unique Call ME link, which you can sent to anyone. When the recipient of the CallMe-Link clicks on it, they will be able to instantly call the sender, via their browser. Video calling is currently available via FriendCaller's WebPhone and Facebook app.

Below Youtube video of FriendCaller Voip Application and its features is really helpful. Atleast it will help you to give a start!

Now how to get started with FriendCaller Free Video Calling Feature :
1. Visit
2. On the right hand coloumn, select your browser and click start.
3. If you have friendcaller account, select it or just register with them. It takes few seconds to register.
4. Now FriendCaller Webphone will load. It takes a min to load.
5. It will ask you to allow Video Calling feature. Enable this.

Just try it out. Works great!!

My011 : Free Trial Calling Credit : International Calling Service

With so many calling card and voip providers in the market, you are surely losing money if you are using your old traditional telecom provider. We today discuss about another calling card offer which is offering free trial credit using which you can call any country for free! My011 is a pinless callng card provider and it is giving $2 free trial credit to make free calls.

Just sign up for My011 service and add the capability of making international calls instantly. Calling rates of My011 are no so attractive, however as it is giving free trial credit, it is worth giving my011 a try. If you like the service, you may continue with it. Please note that free $2 credit is for UK users only.

1. Sign up with
2. Register with your email address and a UK phone number.
3. Your mobile number will get registered with my011.

Making calls is very easy, as it is pinless service. Just dial the local access number and when prompted, dial the destination number.

Some other features of my011 :
1. Pinless dialing.
2. Free Calling credit.
3. No connection fees.
4. Compatible with all carriers.

Teletwits : Free Calling Minutes : Mobile Calls

More and more voip providers are these days offering free trial credit or Free minutes to make voip calls. Today we discuss about another voip provider "Teletwits" which is offering free $2 credit to make free international calls.

Before we go into details about Telewits its feature and calling procedure, first a mention about Free calling minutes offered by them.

Telewits is offering free $2 credit to all new users, this credit is worth approx 50-60 minutes of free calls to India. In order to get this free credit by Telewits.

1. Sign up with Telewits.
2. Confirm/validate your account.
3. After your account is created, you will see $2 credit in your account.

Now Telewits promises excellent voice quality, however I have tested this service and the voice quality is not that great, though not bad either.

How to make calls using Telewits :
1. Make calls using Local access number. This is very similar as making calls using your normal calling card.
2. Make SIP Calls. Configure SIP on your mobile and start making SIP calls. Try with Fring or Nimbuzz.

You can make free mobile calls using your iPhone, Android device or iPod touch using SIP. It works great! Atleast try the Telewits free calling minutes and you may continue with it (by buying voip credit) if you like the service.

How to Facebook Video Chat with Skype : Skype To Facebook

Where do you spend most of your time, is it the Park, Stadium, Gym or your office ? Well, actually I know the answer. It is social networking sites. The social networking sites have grown pretty big. And why not, be it playing games, chatting with friends, checking out pictures, videos, sharing your feelings everything is done at these social networking sites. Three names in Social Networking are very very popular, "Google Plus/Circles", "Twitter" and "Facebook".

And Facebook is a clear winner among three. We all are used to likes, shares, chatting with friends on facebook. What about video and voice calling. We are still tied up with the old voip softwares like Skype, ooVoo and Tango for these activities. What if these can be integrated to your facebook account, which allows you to video chat with your facebook friends.

At the time we wrote this post (after Microsoft taking over Skype), Video chat on facebook was not available.

Only time will tell if it is a rumor or will turn out to be a real thing! Few things are not clear, whether people will be asked to download skype client to enjoy video calls on facebook, or do we need to be Skype users to use this facebook video chat feature. These answers will get solved only with time. Technology is advancing at great pace and its all good for us.
Facebook Video Calling with Skype

Updated Post
Turns out with the latest updates from Skype and Facebook, you can integrate these two. Its time we discuss all the aspects of Facebook and Skype Integration and see how you can actually place video calls with your facebook buddies.

This post is all about Facebook Video Calling (you are logged on to your Facebook account and making video calls from it). How about calling facebook friends while you are logged on to Skype.
- Checkout about calling Facebook Friends from Skype

Facebook Video Calling

This is as a result of integration of Skype with Facebook, that video calling on FB is available.
- Visit the above link
- Sign in to your account
- Click get started

Before you can call friends from Facebook, you need to complete a quick, one-time setup. You'll be asked to complete the setup the first time you try to call a friend, or the first time a friend tries to call you. 

To call a friend:
  1. Go to their timeline and click Call at the top.
  2. Click Set Up and follow the instructions for your browser.
  3. Once you’ve successfully completed the setup, the call you’ve started with your friend should connect automatically. If it doesn’t, you can call again.
- Buy a Skype Ready TV in India : Calls from TV

Video Calling with other Friends on Facebook

Once the above setup is done.
Just click the call button at the top of your friend's profile or chat window — no need to launch new software. No answer? Leave a video message. See the image below.
Facebook Calling

Receive Video Calls

Not only your friends on Facebook can video call you, but your skype buddies can also video call you on Facebook. That is even if you are not logged onto Skype, your friend on Skype can call you on facebook.

Missing Things

- Calling Skype Contacts (not on facebook) directly from Facebook account
- Making International Phone Calls directly from Facebook (using Skype Credit)
- Chatting with Skype Friends directly from your facebook account
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