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C2Call's FriendCaller : Browser Based Free Video Calling

C2Call is pioneer for Java-based VoIP calls via the browser. C2Call has now announced the complete Java browser based free video calls solution via the voip provider FriendCaller (Webphone).

The best part about this Java based free video calling solution by Friendcaller is there is no need to download any software or even register. There are a few companies offering java browser based free voip calls, however the Friendcaller Free Video calls solution looks great!

Friendcaller is a voip provider offering cheap calls to any landline or mobile phone. This helps you save some big money! Though Facebook has announced free video calling solution with integration of Skype, however it requires some Java plug-ins depending upon OS, browser etc.

FriendCaller's video calling feature supports an exceptional VoIP calling experience for users of Friendcaller browser-based WebPhone, enabling them to chat with their FriendCaller contacts, or make free browser-based online video calls to friends who have not yet registered with FriendCaller, using their unique CallMe-Link, all without installing software or plug-ins

FriendCaller provider a unique Call ME link, which you can sent to anyone. When the recipient of the CallMe-Link clicks on it, they will be able to instantly call the sender, via their browser. Video calling is currently available via FriendCaller's WebPhone and Facebook app.

Below Youtube video of FriendCaller Voip Application and its features is really helpful. Atleast it will help you to give a start!

Now how to get started with FriendCaller Free Video Calling Feature :
1. Visit
2. On the right hand coloumn, select your browser and click start.
3. If you have friendcaller account, select it or just register with them. It takes few seconds to register.
4. Now FriendCaller Webphone will load. It takes a min to load.
5. It will ask you to allow Video Calling feature. Enable this.

Just try it out. Works great!!

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