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Free Download of Viber for Android Voip Application to Make Free Calls

Viber has been finally launched for Android Mobiles. It was one of the most awaited application for android devices. After the great success of Viber for iPhone, Viber has now officially launched its application for Android mobiles. Turns out that this application was available to some beta testers as well, before its official launch.

So expect a stable and full of feature Viber for Android application. This application for android based phones can be downloaded from android market aka Google Play. Please note that your phone needs to be compatible with this viber application, then only you will be able to download the app. The best part is that Viber for android app is available for free download.

I have been using Viber on my android mobile and trust me its one of the greatest apps for making Free Calls and messages on mobile. Viber is a multi platform application that lets you you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users that also have viber installed on their device, be it mobile, pc or a tablet.

If you have Viber installed on your android mobile and your friend is also using viber on his iPhone or android, then you can both talk, send sms for free. Please note that if you use Viber on your PC, then you can make Free PC to Phone Calls using Viber (Call from Viber on Pc to Viber on Android)! Isn't it cool ?

If you have a good internet connection on your phone (3G or Wifi) then Viber works great. The call quality for voice calls made with Viber (Android and iPhone) is way too good, sometimes better than your normal telecom call. You can call any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free and even send text sms as well.

Viber For Android Mobiles

Viber has been launched for Blackberry Mobiles as well (Check This Link). So you can now make free calls between android, iphone and now blackberry devices.

Viber for Android Features

  • No Registration Charges : Just install the Viber App on your Android mobile. It will automatically send SMS to your phone for verification and voila you are ready to use this app.
  • Multi Platform Application : Use Viber on any device like Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Computer, iPhone, iPad, Nokia mobiles etc..
  • Contacts : All your address book contacts are automatically added as your Viber buddies. All those contacts who have Viber installed on their mobile/PC/Tablet will be shown separately or with a unique icon. This helps to distinguish between the contacts that have viber installed and do not have the app installed.
  • Calling procedure : When you make a call, Viber checks if the other person has Viber installed. If so call will be placed from Viber otherwise the call will get placed using your telecom provider. So you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Viber Free Calls : Free Calls Between Viber users. All you requires is internet.
  • Viber Free Messages : Not only you can make free calls, you can send free text messages as well.

Viber for Android YouTube Video

According to the Viber CEO, they do not have any plans to charge for the service, nor for the application. However you may soon see a premium subscription plan which have more features. You can download the application on devices with Android 2.0 and higher. The app is free to download and best part : No commercial advertisement.  

Many people have already tried the service and are liking this app too much. According to some, Viber is better than Skype for voice calls. One person writes that "It's like WhatsApp but with Calls".
I have tried the application on my android and good thing is no change in battery usage. Battery usage when on standby seems to be minimal.

Free Download : Viber for Android Application

Download Link : Viber Android Application as from Android Market (Google Play).
Alternatively you can visit the google play on your phone, and search for "Viber" on it. If you want, let us know and we will post a direct download link for Viber apk on android mobiles.

Viber can be downloaded for almost all android mobiles. All you need is android 2.2 or higher OS on your mobile. If you are facing any difficulties with Viber on Android, then please post your problems in the comments section. We will try our best to help solve all your viber android problems!

If you do not have any smartphone, then you can try installing the Viber application on your PC. We have written a tutorial (step by step tutorial), explaining how to install Viber on your computer. With this you will be able to place free calls from your pc itself (the method make use of viber apk for android only).

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