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Free Calls From Mobile to Philippines (landline/Mobile) by Air4

We have a good readership on this blog. A significant part of our blog readers are looking for ways to make free calls to Philippines. In the past, we have posted about an offer for Free Philippines Calling by Rebtel and it proved to be a big hit. However as that offer soon expired, we were forced to look out for some other options. Though it is one of the most called destinations, but the call rates ain't cheap (infact we would call them costly). The price range varies from 10-15 cents per minutes for voip providers and some telecom companies charge more than 25-50 cents per minute.

So today we will be discussing one voip provider which is offering free unlimited calls to Philippines (both mobiles and landlines). We are talking about Air4 Communications ( which is offering various calling plans for Philippines. We will be discussing in details all the calling plans offered by them, but one such plan is really exciting. Lets see how.

Air4 Calling Plans for Philippines 

Air4 Calling Plans

Air4 : Monthly Prepaid Plan for $20
- For extensive users who require more airtime, this plan offers an unlimited number of 20-minute calls to landlines, and cellphones.
- 20 minutes per call
-  Calls to both Philippines Landlines and Mobiles
- Pay $20 per month

Air4 : Annual Plan for $198 (Two Months Free)
- Save more and enjoy longer calls by subscribing to our yearly prepaid service. This plan offers an unlimited number of 30-minute calls to landlines, and cellphones.
- 30 minutes per call
- Cost per month comes to $16.5
- Calls to both Philippines Landlines and Mobiles
Air4 : Free 7-day trial to Philippines.
Call Philippines for free via PLDT Landline, PLDT Landline Plus, Globe, and Sun!
- Free to sign up.
- You get 15 free minutes per day.
- You can make unlimited calls to Philippines mobiles or landlines (capped to 15 minutes per day).

After you have signed up for the plan, you will be asked to verify your mail. Once verified you are ready to make calls.

How to Make Calls with Air4

Air4 will give you SIP details. This is very cool thing, you can configure any SIP client (on your PC or Mobile) and make SIP calls using Air4.

Sip settings of Air4
User ID: "your username"
Password: "your password"
server name :
port number : 5060

Using SIP you can call Philippines for free from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Mobile, Blackberry, PC (Windows, Mac OS) or Windows mobile.

Moreover Air4 also offers userguides for setting SIP in various client (Microsoft Windows or Apple iPhone/iPad).

Please note that you can call Metro Manils landlines, Cellphones. All you need to do is dial 9 plus the phone number (ie : 9 555 1234) for landline + and for Cellular phones just dial 9 plus the equivalent prefix of the cellphone number (ie: 9 0917 555 1234)

Well, here is another good thing about this free calling service. You can extend another 7 days by logging in to, and selecting "Renew". You will be asked to refer 5 email addresses to activate your extension.

Talkatone for Android | Talkatone for PC | Talkatone iPad/iPhone

We have reviewed so many different mobile voip application on this blog. Be it Viber, tango video calls, Skype or any other we have reviewed so many of them. However the list of voip applications is so long and today we will be discussing about another similar mobile voip application for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices. We are talking about voip app named "Talkatone".

Talkatone allows you to make phone calls using Wifi or 3G. Basically Talkatone uses Google Voice as a channel to make free calls. Talkatone uses Google Talk and Google Voice services and bridges the gap between instant messaging on your computer and regular cellular calls on your mobile device. Talkatone helps you to make unlimited FREE calls, send text messages and share locations using data connection on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In order to get most out of Talkatone you need to have Google Voice Account and setup Google services. I believe Talkatone also allows you to login with your Gmail/facebook account. So with just a facebook/gmail account, you can make mobile calls for free.

Talkatone for Android and PC

Talkatone Current Support

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 3rd generation
  • iPod Touch 4th generation
  • iPad
Talkatone for Android is currently under development and will be released soon. Talkatone makes its revenue with Ads. Talkatone is an ad-supported application. To set Talktone up log into your Gmail account and select the “Call Phone” option under Chat. Use the “Call Phone” option to make one call to a regular phone number. Then sign out from Google Chat and return to Talkatone.

Update : Talkatone is now launched for Android as well. Check below.

Talkatone Features

  • Free calling and texting over WiFi or 3G/4G* 
  • Free incoming calls and texts** 
  • Calls and texts with Facebook friends without phone numbers worldwide 
  • Universal Address Book
  • High quality audio with voice compression for calls.
  • Highest-rated free phone calling app 
  • Unbeatable FREE support within 24 hours. 
To cover the cost of development and providing the service Talkatone app displays banner ads.
For calls initiated through main dialer and completed by Talkatone app, a pre-roll ad may be shown once in a while.

Talkatone for Android Mobiles

This app has been released for Android Mobiles as well. It works for Android: 2.2 (2.3+ is required for BlueTooth and speakerphone), armv7 or x86 CPU. When you download and launch the Talkatone app the first time you'll be presented with two login options - Facebook and Google. If you want to text with Facebook friends or give them a call login with Facebook. Talkatone will pull your friends and sync them with a local address book.

If you want to call and text your Google buddies you may login with Google. You may also make absolutely FREE phone calls and send texts in US and Canada.

Some user reviews
Talkatone is awesome! No need for a cell phone plan if you have this app!
It works fine for a day but then I go to open it and I get a black screen. Have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again. Wtf!
WTF is wrong with this developer? No matter which way I hold my Nexus 10, Talkatone is upside down. When I flip the nexus 10, Talkatone flips UPSIDE DOWN! WTF!!! You guys from Mars or what?

Seems that lot of people are facing problems installing and using Talkatone app on their android mobiles. It is high time that they make a stable app. Still more than 2000 people have given them 5 star rating!

Talkatone for PC

Please note that talkatone does not offer any official app for your computer. However that said you can install an android emulator on your laptop/PC and use the android apk to use Talkatone on PC. It works in the similar way with which we got Whatsapp application working on your PC.

Offcourse it would have been better Talkatone would have themselves launched a PC application and people would have used it seamlessly. Why not go ahead and start requesting in the comment section. I am sure Talkatone people will hear up and reply back.

Using Talkatone Outside USA and Canada

Talkatone is built on top of Google Voice and unfortunately Google Voice is only available in the US, Canada and Europe. Thus, residents of other countries only have partial access to Talkatone functionality.

This includes:
  1. The ability to call anybody who also has installed Talkatone anywhere in the world. Invite your friends to download Talkatone.
  2. The ability to import your Google chat contacts and Facebook contacts and message them from a unified interface.
Basically the full usage is limited to people having Google voice account. So if you do not have Google Voice account than what you cannot do is "make free calls to USA/Canada"

Free International Calls from UK : Free Calls to India

If you have been looking for a solution to make free international calls from UK, then you have come to the right place. Spikko voip service is offering free international calls from UK. In this post we will be discussing in detail about how to make free calls to India and other countries from UK.

Spikko is fantastic for either people in the UK who want a free way of calling abroad. It is also fantastic for people or businesses in your country who want a UK number.

Spikko offers a free UK number, and forward the call to your phone. The service is equally ideal for people who want a UK number so that their UK friends can call them for free.

The service works great (is free) : because calls make to Spikko numbers are free to consumers in the UK if made as part of the inclusive minutes from Orange and O2.

1. Visit Spikko. Register with Spikko.
2. Click on get a number.
3. You will be provided with a local UK number.
4. Spread this number among you friends, so that they can call this UK number.

If you want to bypass this process, just mail your name, email and number (on which you want the call to be forwarded) to Please include "Get me a UK number" in subject line. We will reply with a local UK number.

Lets explain this service with taking an example. Lets say you are living in UK and you want to call a friend in India for free.

1. Get a UK number for your Indian friend. Mail his number to us.
2. We will send you a UK number.
3. Call this UK number and talk as long as you want!

Spikko offers free calls to about 40 countries, which include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, UK, Canada. Yes Free Calls to India from UK!

If you have any issues, please let us know (in comment section). We will be glad to help you all.

Gtalk for iPad : Vtok iPad, iPhone, Android App

Gtalk is very popular for android mobiles, however gtalk is not so popular for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Vtok is the application (Gtalk alternative for iPad) for voice and video chat on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Few months back, we posted about Vtok introducing the service. Today we will discuss Vtok in detail.

Vtok is the application for Google Video Chat on your iPad, iPad2, iPhone and iPod touch! Vtok is a free video calling application for your iPad, iPhone or android mobile. With Vtok you can make video calls to all your Google contacts (on their Pc, iPad, iPhone or android mobile).

Making Video calls using Vtok is really easy. Suppose you have Vtok installed on your iPhone or iPad. Your friend also has Vtok installed on his/her phone. When both of you are online on Vtok, you can call each other for free.

To make call using Vtok, launch the application, you will see who's online. Just click on call.
Your friends sees an incoming Vtok call, and picks up the phone.

Vtok can be used to make calls between :
1. Phone to Phone (Both users using Vtok on phone).
2. Phone to PC or Pc to Phone (Gmail to Vtok or vice versa).

Best part is : no account to sign up.
You can just login with your gmail account and start Vtok free video chat.

Some of the Vtok Features :
1. Free video and voice calls to all your Google contacts over Wi-Fi and 3G
2. Google talk text chat with customizable themes, virtual gifts and location sharing.
3. Works in the background and keeps you connected. So you can receive calls, chat messages and SMS even when you don't have the app open.
4. Google Voice integration. Once this option is purchased, make free unlimited phone calls and SMS messages within US and Canada.
5. Supported on iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPad2, 4th generation iPod touch and a limited number of Android devices.

Coming to some of the recent user reviews, which I found in the Apple and Android Market.

"Works great! A few bugs but still great! But sucks battery dry even when u close it down. It keeps running in background. Needs proper exit button."

"It actually works on my gTablet! However the video quality of the person I am chatting with isn't the greatest, probably because its not optimized for a tablet screen. As for people not seeing contacts, they only show up if they are available on GTalk and can voice and/or video chat. And there is a button to change which camera is selected (front or rear), don't know if that solves the camera problem or if its a different issue."

I am already using this Vtok app on my Android Mobile and iPod Touch! Are you ?

VoipDing : SIP | Android | iPhone Cheap Calls

Today,we will be discussing about VoipDing : an internet based calling service that uses VoIP technology to offer cheap calls for every person on the globe.

Making calls with VoipDing is just like other delmont sarl/betamax voip provider. It offers Pc application or softphone to make pc to phone calls. Voipding also offers SIP Calls, so you can use voipding on any mobile to make phone to phone calls.

With Voipding, you can call both landlines and mobile phones from all over the globe at incredibly low rates.

VoipDing SIP Details :
SIP port : 5060
Registrar : or
Proxy server : or
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your VoipDing username (including "*ding")
Password : your VoipDing password
Display name/number : your VoipDing username (including "*ding") or your voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Calling rates of VoipDing is competitive but not ideal for calling India, as the rates are 2 eurocents per min.

VoipDing charges no connection fee and the charging is done every 5 seconds. Your credit is valid for an unlimited period, this way you can make international calls at low rates anytime you want. Pricing is per second. Pay only as you speak.
For example: You are talking to a destination that is charged with 0.10 €/min. If you talk 27 seconds, you pay 0.05 €.

For more info, visit VoipDing.


Reliance Free Mobile TV & Reliance Free Video Calls

With 3G now getting popular in India, telecom providers are trying tapping the customers by bringing new customers.

With Reliance Freedom plan, it is offering FREE Video calls from any Reliance number to another Reliance number in the country.

Reliance Freedom Plan for Free Video Calls :
Reliance’s FREEDOM Offer Starts from 13th Aug 2011 (Raksha Bandhan) and Ends on to 16th Aug 2011

Details of Reliance Freedom plan:

1.The offer is valid for 3G towns only

2.3G Subscribers can make FREE Local & STD calls

3.This offers is restricted to on-net (Reliance to Reliance) Video call only

4.The Video Call while on-net roaming (incoming & outgoing) will be free for on-net Video Call.

5.The Offer will be over & above the benefits customer already has.

6.The offer will be auto activated on Reliance subscribers in 3G towns

Reliance Free Mobile TV Plan :
Reliance Mobile TV Lite provides its subscribers to view TV ON THE GO. Any 3G user can avail these channels on IVVR. This product will allow user to watch channels directly on his/her handset/mobile phone. Subscribers can avail this Service by dialing 522225 from August 12th 2011. This Free Mobile TV offer is valid till 31st August.

As a Independence Offer, mobile tv is free of cost till 31st August 11. From 1st Sep 2011,the service comes at a Value for Money Price of Rs. 10p/sec.

Reliance offers some plans for 3G mobile TV which I feel are a bit costly. I guess, the service is good as long as it is free.

Chattime iPhone Voip App | Chattime Review

Making cheap calls ain't everything about making calls over internet using Wifi. You can enjoy cheap international calls even if you are not using internet (wifi) on your mobile. And I am not taking about calling cards. That's where Chattime comes into picture.

ChatTime works anywhere, anytime to save you money on your international calls without the need for Wi-Fi. Before we go into details about Chattime iPhone app, they are giving free $1 credit to make international calls. So if you are having an iPhone, Chattime is worth trying!

Chattime mentions on its site "In calls over Wfi,the voice delay is frustrating while the echo and distortion can be maddening. Why be limited to a Wi-Fi hotspot while making calls anyway? That just makes your mobile phone, well, no longer mobile and takes away your freedom to make calls while walking around or riding in a car."

Chattime claims that it is the only low-cost international calling service to offer true carrier grade voice quality and a calling experience that is just as easy and reliable as regular iPhone calls but at a fraction of the price.

Chattime Features ::
  • It's so easy to use and makes life easy!
  • The call quality is always excellent
  • No Wi-Fi required: call to any phone from anywhere
  • Uses your existing iPhone contacts
  • Great rates
  • Buy credit using your iTunes account
  • Try risk free before spending any money
Also, as most mobile carriers offer a Friends & Family program so that calls to your most frequent local numbers are free, you can simply add ChatTime's local access number to the list and all calls placed with ChatTime will be free from local call charges!

Chattime also offers some good planning plans, which we will soon cover in a separate post about Chattime Calling Plans.


Voip Phone Calls from GMAIL : India

If you have been using Gmail, then you might have already noticed the phone icon in the chat bar.
Voice chat is already very popular and making phone calls from Gmail is also getting popular. Last year, Google started phone calls to USA mobile/landlines from Gmail and now this service is available outside the U.S. by offering calling in 38 new languages.

With the phone calls made from Gmail, you do not have to pay any connection fees, you pay just the talktime. You can now buy calling credit in your choice of four currencies (Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars).

If the service is available in your country you’ll see a little green phone icon show up at the top of your chat list and you’ll be ready to make calls (you’ll need to install the voice and video plug-in if you haven’t already).

If you are calling USA from USA, then your calls are free. However if you are calling outside USA to USA, then you will be charged 1 cent per minute.

The calling rates offered by Gmail phone calls are a bit costly as compared to other voip providers like Localphone, Rebtel. Gmail voice calls to India are charged at 2cent per minute as compared to less than a cent per minute offered by many voip providers.

Localphone reduces calling rates to Pakistan

First it was Rebtel 1 Million free minutes to Pakistan giveaway, followed by Rebtel rate reduction to Pakistan and now Localphone has reduced its calling rate to Pakistan.

It seems that the calling rate to Pakistan will come down more in the future and soon many voip provider will start offering free calls to Pakistan.

Localphone has reduced its calling rate to Pakistan to 2.1 pence per minute. However since you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog, you have a chance to further reduce your calling rate to Pakistan. Make use of the ongoing Localphone 150% bonus promotion. If you buy $1 credit from Localphone, will get $2.5 credit (additional bonus credit worth $1.5). Your effective rate to Pakistan will come down to 1.19 pence per minute.
Use the voucher code : LPFPCAUG11

Though the offer says 100 Free minutes to India, however that's $1.5 bonus credit which can be used to any country in the world.

Two years back, calling rate to Pakistan was in range of 5-6 cents per minutes and now it has come under 1.5 cents per minute. Seems voip is growing in Pakistan and we are waiting when voip providers start offering free calls to Pakistan.

If you are using expensive calling cards to Pakistan, stop using them. Switch to Localphone, make use of 150% bonus offer now.
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