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Chattime iPhone Voip App | Chattime Review

Making cheap calls ain't everything about making calls over internet using Wifi. You can enjoy cheap international calls even if you are not using internet (wifi) on your mobile. And I am not taking about calling cards. That's where Chattime comes into picture.

ChatTime works anywhere, anytime to save you money on your international calls without the need for Wi-Fi. Before we go into details about Chattime iPhone app, they are giving free $1 credit to make international calls. So if you are having an iPhone, Chattime is worth trying!

Chattime mentions on its site "In calls over Wfi,the voice delay is frustrating while the echo and distortion can be maddening. Why be limited to a Wi-Fi hotspot while making calls anyway? That just makes your mobile phone, well, no longer mobile and takes away your freedom to make calls while walking around or riding in a car."

Chattime claims that it is the only low-cost international calling service to offer true carrier grade voice quality and a calling experience that is just as easy and reliable as regular iPhone calls but at a fraction of the price.

Chattime Features ::
  • It's so easy to use and makes life easy!
  • The call quality is always excellent
  • No Wi-Fi required: call to any phone from anywhere
  • Uses your existing iPhone contacts
  • Great rates
  • Buy credit using your iTunes account
  • Try risk free before spending any money
Also, as most mobile carriers offer a Friends & Family program so that calls to your most frequent local numbers are free, you can simply add ChatTime's local access number to the list and all calls placed with ChatTime will be free from local call charges!

Chattime also offers some good planning plans, which we will soon cover in a separate post about Chattime Calling Plans.

madhur article :

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August 14, 2011 at 1:18 AM

love this niche........thumb's up

Jay Bendo
August 17, 2011 at 8:28 PM

THis only works for iPhone? BORING! I got this VOIP app for me and the wife. it works on my Android and her Nokia as well as my Dad's iPhone so we call each other for free even though we're in different countries. the calling rates are cheap too, like only a few pennies for most countries. Check it out, pretty sweet app at

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