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Gtalk for iPad : Vtok iPad, iPhone, Android App

Gtalk is very popular for android mobiles, however gtalk is not so popular for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Vtok is the application (Gtalk alternative for iPad) for voice and video chat on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Few months back, we posted about Vtok introducing the service. Today we will discuss Vtok in detail.

Vtok is the application for Google Video Chat on your iPad, iPad2, iPhone and iPod touch! Vtok is a free video calling application for your iPad, iPhone or android mobile. With Vtok you can make video calls to all your Google contacts (on their Pc, iPad, iPhone or android mobile).

Making Video calls using Vtok is really easy. Suppose you have Vtok installed on your iPhone or iPad. Your friend also has Vtok installed on his/her phone. When both of you are online on Vtok, you can call each other for free.

To make call using Vtok, launch the application, you will see who's online. Just click on call.
Your friends sees an incoming Vtok call, and picks up the phone.

Vtok can be used to make calls between :
1. Phone to Phone (Both users using Vtok on phone).
2. Phone to PC or Pc to Phone (Gmail to Vtok or vice versa).

Best part is : no account to sign up.
You can just login with your gmail account and start Vtok free video chat.

Some of the Vtok Features :
1. Free video and voice calls to all your Google contacts over Wi-Fi and 3G
2. Google talk text chat with customizable themes, virtual gifts and location sharing.
3. Works in the background and keeps you connected. So you can receive calls, chat messages and SMS even when you don't have the app open.
4. Google Voice integration. Once this option is purchased, make free unlimited phone calls and SMS messages within US and Canada.
5. Supported on iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPad2, 4th generation iPod touch and a limited number of Android devices.

Coming to some of the recent user reviews, which I found in the Apple and Android Market.

"Works great! A few bugs but still great! But sucks battery dry even when u close it down. It keeps running in background. Needs proper exit button."

"It actually works on my gTablet! However the video quality of the person I am chatting with isn't the greatest, probably because its not optimized for a tablet screen. As for people not seeing contacts, they only show up if they are available on GTalk and can voice and/or video chat. And there is a button to change which camera is selected (front or rear), don't know if that solves the camera problem or if its a different issue."

I am already using this Vtok app on my Android Mobile and iPod Touch! Are you ?

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August 21, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Cool. Now I can make calls via my iPad to the US with Gchat. This is great. Thanks for covering it.

August 25, 2011 at 4:49 AM

This is good to read and I appreciate it that you shared handy indeed. Thanks.

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