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Mofree Android : Free Voip Calls over 3G/Wifi

So many voip providers are in the market these days, and the best part is almost all voip providers are offering very good deals. Today we will discuss another voip provider for android mobiles, Mofree.

Mofree is a voip provider offering calls and back-calls over 3G Data/wi-fi connection. If you check the mofree site, you will see it as coming soon however the service is already available in the android market. The number of install is very less for mofree, only 12 till now but that does not mean its not a good service.

Mofree offers you VOIP calls to over 200 destinations around the world with the lowest rates and high quality, so you can call family and friends no matter where they are. Well that's what mentioned in the android market for mofree. The website does not have rates mentioned, probably I will install it in my android mobile and then post out its rates.

Mofree is easy to download and works with all Android devices. You simply download from the VOIP application, sign up through the application and then start enjoying your free calls!

Mofree also mentions that it is unlike Viber,Skype, Fring, MSN, FB, AIM & YAHOO. While mofree callout using back-calling, voice quality is the same with PSTN, the network traffic is the lowest (0.5KB per call).

If you are already using Mofree, then please let us know your review.

LocalPhone Call India at $0.006/min | LocalPhone India Calling

Are you still using your landlines or mobile phone for making international calls. Calling India from USA, Canada was costly only few years back, but now with so many voip offers calling India is like under a cent! The latest offer is by Localphone, one of the best voip providers, widely used calling card service. And yes, I am myself a regular user of Localphone.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS

Before we go into the details of the LocalPhone Offer, a few words about LocalPhone. Apart from offering good voice quality, good customer support, time to time promotional offers, the thing which sets LocalPhone apart from others is their No expiry of credit. No monthly contracts and the credit you have purchased remains yours till you use it! This is one thing which many people don't pay attention to, and only realize when their validity of credit expires.

Another distinguishing feature of Localphone is : You can register with Localphone with as low as $1 credit. This is again a good feature, as you can try the service for such a low cost and if you like the voip service then you can continue for long. You can try LocalPhone for FREE. But trust me, if you once try Localphone you will be its customer forever (its such a good service).

Coming back to the new Localphone offer. Well the image below says it all :

Localphone Voucher Code : LPFPCAUG11
Sign up with Localphone using the above link (with as low as $1) and voucher and you will get 100 Free minutes to Call India (additional bonus credit ot $1.5).
Actually when you register/checkout with Localphone using the voucher code, you will get additional $1.50 credit from Localphone. So you pay $1 credit and you get $2.5 credit. That's 150% Bonus credit!

$1.50 is equivalent to 100 FREE minutes when calling India.
Again : With Localphone, you can sign up with as low as $1 credit. So buy paying $1 credit you will get $2.5 talktime.

Registration procedure and availing the offer is simple :

1. Click this Localphone link.
2. Register with Localphone. Try your first call for free.
3. When you buy credit from Localphone (as low as $1 - click add credit then other). Enter the voucher code LPFPCAUG11.
4. You will get additional credit worth $1.5.

The process is very simple and takes just few steps.

LocalPhone Free Calls India

Some points which I would like to point out :
1. You are getting approx 150% bonus credit : As you sign up with $1 and you get $1.5 credit.
2. Your effective calling rate to India Mobile : 0.6 cents per minute ($0.006/minute).
3. You get 166 minutes to India by paying $1. That means almost 3 hours of calling in just $1 !!!
4. Localphone Voucher Code remains active for short duration, so make most use of it now!

This makes Localphone cheapest calling card/voip service to India.

Try Localphone now.

Peakvoiz Android | iPhone | iPad | Blackberry | Nokia

Mobile voip is on a growing path. Some years back, there were only a few voip provider that you offering Pc to Phone Calls or just SIP calls. But now, the list of voip providers is very long and most of them offering their own mobile app for making calls. Today we will discuss about another such Voip provider PeakVoiz, which offers cheap international calls from its Android app, iPhone, iPad application, Blackberry app or Symbian app. Basically it is a cross platform mobile voip service.

And you know what's the good thing about these voip providers is that almost all offers free trial credit so that you can make some free voip calls. Another good thing is, almost every voip providers app is free of cost to download. You just have to pay the international call charges, and that's obvious! So lets check more about Peakvoiz, its features and calling rates.

If you have Voiz application on your phone, you can initiate and receive VOIP calls with people around the world at extremely low call charges. VoIZ system works on a state-of-the-art telecommunications platform that achieves excellent call quality. The application gives you detailed call reports that shows how much you save over traditional GSM calls.

Downloading PeakVoiz on your mobile is really easy, just point your mobile phone browser to

I read some of user reviews about PeakVoiz for android, and these does not look good. User reviews are not that great (It may be because its relatively new service), but still its worth trying once. You never know, you may like it.

Calling rates are competitive, calls to India at 1.5 cents per minute, UK, USA at 1 cent per min.

For more info, Visit

Unblock Caller ID and Unmask Calls on Android Mobile by TrapCall

When you get a call on your Android mobile with either no number showing on it or with private number blocked call, it is very annoying. Well you can end all this with the app for your android mobile we are going to discuss here. Even if caller id does not get displayed on your mobile, you can still know about who's calling you.

We are talking about unmasking the blocked calls on your android mobile with Trapcall. Yes, this application by Trapcall can unblock almost any call. Please note that currently this works only in USA and Canada. Actually for trapcall to actually work, it does not require any special application. But since you already have android mobile, you can use the application and get some additional features as well.

How trapcall works is by forwarding the calls to toll free number where caller id is displayed and then reverting the call back to you. Anyways, lets just not go into the specifics. What's more important is that this service works pretty good!

It is very easy to unmask these calls. All you need to do is register with Tracapp and just install the Trapcall Android app on your mobile and it will instantly start unblocking every private and blocked call you get. Please note that the android app is free to download, however you need to choose one of the plans (which will cost you, but not much).

When you receive a private or blocked call, just decline the call (or let the app auto reject the call) so it can be sent to TrapCall for unmasking, and within seconds it will send the call back to your phone with the number unmasked. You can even get the name and address associated with the number via SMS or email instantly. - Unmask Blocked Calls Unblock calls on iPhone

Trapcall Feature List 

 - Blacklist Unwanted Calls
Blacklisted numbers will be played a phone company recording telling them your phone number has been disconnected. They’ll think your number has been disconnected and will stop calling forever!

- Missed Call Alerts
Receive alerts any time you miss a call, even when your phone is off or the caller didn’t leave a voicemail.

- Caller ID Name and Address.
You won't only see the number of the person calling you, but we’ll also show you their full name and address information, when available!

We have already reviewed Trapcall for iPhone and Trapcall for landlines. Both of them have been a great success. Many people have benefited with Trapcall service and since it is available for Android, it is worth trying.

TrapCall has been reviewed by many and all of the are very positive about it.
"There are few things as annoying about cell phones as getting calls with blocked or restricted caller ID. You don't know who it is, but you're going to have to pay for the call. That's not right, and it's why TrapCall is so useful." - PC Magazine

Trapcall Plans
TrapCall features 3 different plans for different folks! Choose from the Bug Trap, Mouse Trap and Bear Trap packages, starting at just $4.95/month, with the features right for you.

Cheapest calling card to india : $0.008/min by IndiaLD

Looking for Cheapest Calling Card to India ? Well with IndiaLD lowering its calling rate to India, it is probably the cheapest calling card to India. With IndiaLD monthly calling plans, you can call India just for 0.8 cent per minute (that's less than one cent per min).

Earlier the lowest plan by IndiaLD Calling Card was 1 cent plan, but now IndiaLD is offering some new cheap plans. We will talk about these plans, but first a few words about IndiaLD.

Well, IndiaLD is not new to readers of this blog. It is one of the widely used voip provider to call India. It offers good call quality, good customer support and one of the industry best calling plans.

Monthly Plans to Call India by IndiaLD (Cheapest Calling Card to India) :

1. Call India at 0.8cent/min ($0.008) : IndiaLD USA 1000 Plan : You get 1000 minutes to call India at just $7.95.

2. Call India at 0.9cent/min ($0.009) : IndiaLD USA 500 Plan : You get 500 minutes to call India at just $4.45.

3. Call India at 0.9cent/min ($0.009) : IndiaLD USA 1500 Plan : You get 1500 minutes to call India at just $13.95.

4. Call India at 1cent/min ($0.01) : IndiaLD USA 2000 Plan : You get 2000 minutes to call India at just $19.95.

IndiaLD also offers Pay as you go option. Also it offers some Aircel Specific cheap plans to call India. Its time to try IndiaLD Calling Cards!

Tamevo Free Calls, Fax & SMS from IM Client

Making calls from your IM client is no big deal, many messengers have been offering this service for long time now. Same can be said about SMS service from IM. But these messengers charge a lot for making these calls. Today we will discuss about another such voip service which is offering calls, SMS text and Fax from your IM client. Tamevo is offering Phone to phone calls, SMS and Faxes directly from IM client. Tamevo uses MSN IM client to initiate Phone to phone calls, SMS or FAX.

The best part about Tamevo is its offering Free $1 credit to try its service. You just need to sign up with Tamevo to get this free $1 credit and it can be used to make free calls, sens text sms or Fax!

Lets see the Tamevo Sign up procedure :
1. Visit Tamevo.
2. Enter your mobile number (Quick sign up) and MSN ID.
3. You will receive a verification code on SMS which you need to enter to complete the signup.

You also need to verify Tamevo as your buddy in MSN contact list. This will enable you to make calls using Tamevo from your IM.

Once you have added Tamevo as a friend using your instant messaging client, you can chat with Tamevo and ask it to call, SMS or Fax anyone in the world.

Here what I found in its Faq section.

How to call, SMS or send fax ?
In the IM chat window with Tamevo, you type your SMS in the chat window and tamevo will send it. If you want to make a voice call, just type the number you want to call and wait. Tamevo will then call you to your phone and connect you with the person you are calling. You won’t even know tamevo was involved and neither will the person you are calling because the call will appear from your number.
Need to fax out a document? Just type Fax alongside the number and drag in a file from your computer. You can send faxes to fax machines or to another computer with ease.

Here is a of chat commands which can will be very useful for making calls, sms, faxes with Tamevo :

Call: Used to make a voice call
SMS: Used to send text messages
ASMS: Used to send anonymous text messages
Fax: Used to send faxes
Help: Lists Tamevo’s supported commands with examples
Mybalance: Used to check up on your balance status
Assign: Used to assign Speedials
Numbers: Used to check the mobile number set as default

So once your free $1 credit expires, then what. Lets check out Tamevo normal rates :
Calls from United States to India are charged at 10.4 cents per minute. That's a lot of money for one min call. Amazingly with some offers, Localphone offers same at just 0.6 cents per min (more than 10 times cheaper). SMS is again costly at 10.5 cents per sms.
Fax seems to be okay, at 6.2 cents per min.

Anyways, its still good to try Tamevo with free credit of $1.

Onsay : Free Calls Twitter Friends | Call Twitter Free

We have already discussed about how to make phone calls to your facebook friends for free, today we will discuss about how to call your twitter friends for free! With Onsay, you can make Free Phone calls to your twitter friends without a phone number.

Basically, OnSay is a free application that lets you make free calls without a phone number to your Twitter friends. It uses internet connection (Wifi) to make calls.

So, lets see how can you make calls with Onsay :
1. Download Onsay application in your phone. It is available for iPhone.
2. Login with your Twitter account.
3. Lookup your friends to make calls. You can call all those who are having twitter account and are using Onsay.
4. Just start making calls.

It is very easy to use and very easy to make calls. I tried it on my iPod Touch and it works great.
I guess Onsay is currently available for Android or Blackberry phones. We will soon post about how can you make free calls to twitter friends on your Android or Blackberry or windows mobile.

Technology is advancing at a great pace, and if you are happy with just your telecom calls then you are losing a lot of money. Its better to switch to voip for all your calling needs. If you are having a smartphone : iPhone, Android or any other start using mobile voip.

For more info about Onsay, visit Onsay.

Cheapbuzzer | Cheap Buzzer Rates | iPhone | Android

With so many voip providers in the market, making voip calls is getting easy and easy. Earlier, only companies, businesses used voip for the calling needs (international calls, call conferences, video conferences) but now individual people are making phone calls using voip. This has indeed saved them a lot of money switching to voip for all their calling needs. Today we discuss about one more such voip company, CheapBuzzer. Cheapbuzzer, as the name suggests promises to offer some really good competitive rates. Lets just find out!

Before we go into details about how to use Cheapbuzzer, lets first check out Cheapbuzzer calling rates :

Cheapbuzzer offers FREE calls to everyone with CheapBuzzer. This simply means, if both you and your friend are using Cheapbuzzer then you can call each other for free.

International calling rates are competitive (Cheapbuzzer Rates):
Calls to India Mobile at 1.1 cents per minutes.
Calls to Pakistan at 6.4 cents per minutes (Landlines).
Calls to Mexico at 8 cents per minute.

Calls to other destination are also cheap. Just check the rate to your destination at cheapbuzzer site.

How to make calls using Cheap Buzzer :

1. Pc to Phone : Just download the CheapBuzzer Softphone or the Pc application and start calling. This is the most easiest way to make calls. Just Register with Cheapbuzzer, download the Pc software, install and ready to make calls.

2. Mobile Device : Chezpbuzzer provides app (application) for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Mobiles, Nokia Symbian Mobile, Android Tabs or just configure any SIP client in your mobile (I use SIPdroid on my Android!) :

CheapBuzzer SIP Settings :
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your CheapBuzzer username
Password : your CheapBuzzer password
Display name/number : your CheapBuzzer username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Trying voip won't cost you anything, instead it will help you save a lot of money!
For more info, visit CheapBuzzer.

WiMobile | | iPhone, Android, Blackberry Free Calls

You now have more reasons to smile. Today we will be discussing about which is offering absolutely free calls, rather unlimited free calls to certain countries. And yes, it is a proper method to get free calls, not a workaround.

WiMobile is offering free international calls till 15th September to following countries :
Italy (Fixed)
USA (Fixed – Mobile)
China (Fixed – Mobile)
India (Fixed – Mobile)
United Kingdom (Fixed)

Hurry up, signup with Wimobile to get free calls as still few days are left. Just to remind you we are also running another similar promotion with Rebtel, where it is offering free 30 minutes of international calls.

Just follow the procedure below to get free calling account with Wimobile :
1. Register with : You will get a confirmation link and your account details in your email. (use a valid email address).
2. After you have verified your email (activated your Wimobile account), you will received another mail with username and password.
3. You can make calls with Wimobile using its SIP settings.

I hope you are familiar with SIP Calls (configure any SIP client on PC or Phone : like Fring, Nimbuzz, x-lite etc) and make Pc to Phone calls or Phone to Phone calls.

Wimobile SIP settings :
Username :
Password :

Apart from making calls using SIP client, Wimobile also provides its application for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or symbian mobiles.

For more info, Visit

Newik Android | iPhone Free Trial Credit, DIDs

Few years back it was just telecom provider offering international calls which were charged at high rates. Then came the era of calling cards which offered cheaper calls than telecom provider but still these were at high cost. Soon after many voip providers started offering cheap calls, these were Pc to Phone Calls, SIP calls or web initiated calls. Now a lot many voip providers have entered the market with the voip applications specially for iPhone, Android Mobile, Windows Mobiles, Nokia phones. Today we discuss another such app for Android and iPhone : Newik Premium Voice app which offers free trial credit as well as cheap DID numbers.

Newik android apps offers FREE $ 0.99 to make your first calls. You can use this free credit to make cheap calls to mobiles or landlines, anywhere in the world, from just 1¢ per minute. Calls to India mobile is at just 1 cent per minute. This makes the free trial credit to last for 99 free minutes to India.

Calling examples with Newik :
USA - New York : 1 212 1234567
UK - London : 44 20 1234567
Canada - Toronto : 1 416 1234567
India - New Delhi: 91 11 1234567

You can use Newik Premium Voice with 3G or Wi-Fi.

Newik also offers the local presence without all the expensive overhead - Virtual Numbers can be as inexpensive as $1.99 per month! Simply select a Virtual Phone Number. No setup fees!
United States - $1.99/month
Canada - $2.99/month
United Kingdom - $2.99/month
Australia - $3.99/month
Belgium - $1.99/month

For more info, visit Newik.

Tringl Voip : Cheap Voip Gulf Middle East Calls

Voip has grown in many countries. Making international calls ain't a costly deal now. You can make cheap calls to large number of countries now. Using your telecom provider for making international calls is highly discouraged and you end up spending a lot on your phone bills. If you have friends or family in USA, Gulf countries, Middle east or India : Tringl is a good option to try!

Today we will be discussing about Tringl voip service. Before we go into details about Tringl, lets first talk about its international calling rates. Tringl allows to call India at 1.2 cents per minute, Pakistan at 4.2 cents per minute, Bangladesh at 2.9 cents per min, USA at 1.1 cents per min. Obviously these rates are not the cheapest rates (Many voip providers like Rebtel & LocalPhone offers cheaper calls), however Tringl claims to offer really good voice quality.

Tringl allows you to make calls directly from its website. It also offers to download a free voip client for PC, allowing you to make cheap Pc to Phone Calls. Tring also allows webcallback method to make calls, When you login to your portal, you will have the option to initiate a callback. Web Callback will allow you to receive a call from our network onto any Landline or Mobile phone and connect you to the number you want to call. That means you don't need to sit behind the computer to make the call.

If you have used Tringl before to make calls, then please let us know your feedback. It will help many others deciding to go with Tringl voip for international calls.

For more info, visit Tringl.
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