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Mofree Android : Free Voip Calls over 3G/Wifi

So many voip providers are in the market these days, and the best part is almost all voip providers are offering very good deals. Today we will discuss another voip provider for android mobiles, Mofree.

Mofree is a voip provider offering calls and back-calls over 3G Data/wi-fi connection. If you check the mofree site, you will see it as coming soon however the service is already available in the android market. The number of install is very less for mofree, only 12 till now but that does not mean its not a good service.

Mofree offers you VOIP calls to over 200 destinations around the world with the lowest rates and high quality, so you can call family and friends no matter where they are. Well that's what mentioned in the android market for mofree. The website does not have rates mentioned, probably I will install it in my android mobile and then post out its rates.

Mofree is easy to download and works with all Android devices. You simply download from the VOIP application, sign up through the application and then start enjoying your free calls!

Mofree also mentions that it is unlike Viber,Skype, Fring, MSN, FB, AIM & YAHOO. While mofree callout using back-calling, voice quality is the same with PSTN, the network traffic is the lowest (0.5KB per call).

If you are already using Mofree, then please let us know your review.

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