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You now have more reasons to smile. Today we will be discussing about which is offering absolutely free calls, rather unlimited free calls to certain countries. And yes, it is a proper method to get free calls, not a workaround.

WiMobile is offering free international calls till 15th September to following countries :
Italy (Fixed)
USA (Fixed – Mobile)
China (Fixed – Mobile)
India (Fixed – Mobile)
United Kingdom (Fixed)

Hurry up, signup with Wimobile to get free calls as still few days are left. Just to remind you we are also running another similar promotion with Rebtel, where it is offering free 30 minutes of international calls.

Just follow the procedure below to get free calling account with Wimobile :
1. Register with : You will get a confirmation link and your account details in your email. (use a valid email address).
2. After you have verified your email (activated your Wimobile account), you will received another mail with username and password.
3. You can make calls with Wimobile using its SIP settings.

I hope you are familiar with SIP Calls (configure any SIP client on PC or Phone : like Fring, Nimbuzz, x-lite etc) and make Pc to Phone calls or Phone to Phone calls.

Wimobile SIP settings :
Username :
Password :

Apart from making calls using SIP client, Wimobile also provides its application for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or symbian mobiles.

For more info, Visit

madhur article :

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September 9, 2011 at 5:47 AM

Excellent. This blog rocks. Very Helpful. I have registered and making calls. Call quality is superb with HD voice codec.

September 19, 2011 at 3:15 AM

We are glad to inform you that you will still be able to make calls with WiMobile with our "Super Deal" rates.

Below you can see some of our super rates (in Euro, Rs and Dollar) per minute (billing per effective second):

INDIA (Mobile & Landline) = 0.01 (Euro) ---> 0.6508 (Rs - India) ---> 0.013 (Dollar - Usa)

United Kingdom (Landline) = 0.0080 (Euro) ---> 0.5207 (Rs - India) ---> 0.011 (Dollar - Usa)

United States (Mobile & Landline) = 0.0054 (Euro) ---> 0.3514 (Rs - India) ---> 0.0074 (Dollar - Usa)

Hong Kong (Mobile) = 0.0026 (Euro) ---> 0.1692 (Rs - India) ---> 0.0036 (Dollar - Usa)

France (Landline) = 0.0085 (Euro) ---> 0.5532 (Rs - India) ---> 0.0117 (Dollar - Usa)

Top up your account at:

and take advantage of this Super Deal !!!

*Check all international rates on our website ( at "Wi-Out" page.

Best Regards


September 26, 2011 at 10:50 AM

how do i call other wimobile users using CsipSimple

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