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Betamax Nokia | Android | iPhone | iPad App

A lot of people use betamax for making international calls. Betamax is specially very popular among middle east users who make calls to India. FreeCall, Rynga, ActionVoip, Voipbuster are very popular among users because of their cheap international rates. I would any day prefer Localphone or Rebtel over betamax services, however many people are still stick of its service mainly because it woks for them like charm and offcourse cheap rates.

With the smartphones making its mark and everyone trying a smartphone, Betamax (FreeCall) has taken a step forward by launching its Nokia app (Application for Symbian mobiles). Betamax already provides app for iPhone, iPad, Android Mobiles, Windows Mobile.

I see the market going in right direction with every other voip provider offering its mobile voip application. After Pc to Phone calls, its now the trend for Phone to Phone calls : mobile voip.

By launching its Nokia mobile application, betamax is targeting the large number of Nokia users, which I believe is a very good decision! (Nokia still holds a very large number of users and many of them are its lifetime users who won't switch to Android or iPhone).

If you are using a Nokia Smartphone, and a betamax user then its worth trying Betamax Nokia Application.

Below are the links for Betamax (FreeCall) various mobile application :

1. Betamax iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App : Download Link
2. Betamax Android App : Dowload Link
3. Betamax Nokia App : Download Link
4. Betamax Windows Mobile Application : Download Link

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