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ConfCall : Free International Conference Call Service

Conference call services are getting as popular and as cheap as voip services. With voip services getting cheaper these days, conference call service are getting cheaper and many people are getting used to these services. Conference call is simply more than two people talking to each other on phone.

Making conferences calls are very easy, all people are provided with a dial in number and when people dial this number then all people can talk to each other. Today we discuss another such conference call service, Confcall. What differentiate confcall with other services, is that the service is available in Middle east countries. Middle east countries like Saudi Arabia have voip services banned, so if Confcall is providing voip service then its great! offers its free international conference calling service using gateway numbers, these are geographic numbers which people have to just dial in. Basically first a 6 digit PIN is generated and communicated to all all participants. When a participant connects to his local gateway number, all he needs to do is enter the PIN and he will join the conference call.

This is ideal for small business or may be friends living in different countries. Lets say three people want to talk, one from Canada, one from USA and one from Australia. So they decide a PIN number. USA, Canada, Australia people dial there USA, Canada, Australia local number respectively. So one just have to pay local charges and calls are made easily.

So, if you are looking for a conference call service then try

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