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Dingaling : iPhone | Android | Blackberry : Free Trial Calls

Telecom providers are taking back seat now, as Voip is in the front! Making Pc to Phone Calls is already very popular now and now with smartphones capturing the mobile market, mobile voip is also growing. Many voip providers are offering cheap and free calls on all the platforms, be it Pc to Phone calls or mobile to mobile calls for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile. Today we will discuss about Dingaling and how it can be used to place free calls.

Dingaling offers various ways to make calls, we will discuss these methods and how to make free calls using these. Don't worry if you are not having a smartphone, you can still make mobile to mobile calls using Dingaling. You can also try Dingaling Pc to Phone Calls.

1. Dingaling Mobile to Mobile Calls using Web initiated calling : You can place a free call up to 10 minutes. You enter the number you're calling from, and the number you want to call. We call you, you answer. "DingaLing will now connect your call..." They will call the number you're calling. They answer, you enjoy your conversation.
Also, Once you're signed up and you've registered your cell phone number with Dingaling, you can launch a call instantly to that phone by sending an SMS (text message) to +1 306 251 1788.

2. Dingaling Pc to Phone Calls : You can make free regular calls and video calls using its Pc application which is currently under development.

3. Dingaling App for iPhone/iPod Touch : Use DingaLing on your iPhone or iPod Touch and save on long distance calls. You will get free 50 minutes to try Dingaling on your iPhone.

4. Dingaling Android App : To download the app click here from the mobile browser of your Android device. Once downloaded, tap the file to install it. You may also download the file to your computer, transfer it to your device and install it by locating and clicking it within your file manager. Note that you may need to enable your device to allow installation of non-Market applications. To do this go to Settings → Applications → Unknown Sources and check the box.
You will get free 100 minutes to try Dingaling on your android mobile.

5. Dingaling for Blackberry : Under development, will be launched soon.

Now lets check Dingaling Calling rates : These rates are for calling from apps.
Calls to India at India $0.0250 CAD.

Dingaling also mentions about Free Calling on its website which will be coming soon. It mentions "We're just a few months away from something exciting. FREE CALLING! No head phones required! Enter your Email address now and register your interest."

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