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iCall 7 Beta : Free HD Video Calling, Phone Calling

iCall is very popular among the voip users. And now iCall has launched its new communication and messaging platform, iCall 7 Beta. iCall is widely used by people to make and receive free phone calls through their mobile phones and Pc. iCall has taken a step forward by offering HD video calling, messaging via its new iCall7 beta.

iCall 7 Beta runs on any PC, Mac or Linux desktop. iCall 7 is a communication hub as it integrates voice, video and messaging functionality. It also allows users to communicate with friends other social websites like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk etc. In order to enjoy all these voice and HD video services, you are required to register with iCall, then you can download the iCall client on your PC or your mobile phone.

iCall7 beta is an integrated communications solution that enables people to talk freely across various communication channels. Lets now directly jump to some of the nice features of this new product : iCall7.

iCall HD Free Video Calling : iCall's HD video calling software runs on any computer and the video calling experience is just amazing.

Free multi-protocol messaging through iCall IM : It allows iCall users to send message to all for free, yeah you can even send message to non iCall users (US) for free.

Free and Cheap International Calls : iCall users can make free calls to iCall users. Also the calls make to any number is US or Canada is free. The calls made to other destinations (international calls) are charged at very nominal rates. iCall does not have any hidden charges and fees.

Free access numbers - Similar providers make customers purchase an online number to make and receive calls, but access numbers from iCall are free, and include complimentary voicemail. And depending on the calling plan selected, customers can also receive a private phone number for only $2.

Interactive, downloadable apps -
iCall proves that real-time sharing and exchange goes well beyond video calling through interactive apps that run within the iCall 7 Beta interface, like iCall Reader. The company has also opened its network to other developers to further enhance its services and enable a new generation of VoIP applications.

Business collaboration tools -
Complimentary business tools, including complete conference calling services, let businesses and individuals collaborate with groups, present ideas, and save money.

The standing out feature of this new iCall software (iCall7) is Free HD video Calling. Time to try iCall7 beta and please let us know your review on this new iCall product.

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