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Rebtel App for iPhone Mobiles with KeepTalking

Rebtel which the world's second largest voip provider (after Skype) has launched its iPhone application. Mobile voip is already a very popular thing among the iPhone users mainly because of availability of so many different voip apps on iPhone.

For the people who are already using Rebtel for international calls (and have an iPhone) can now use this app to make calls directly from your mobile (with too much ease). The people who are using iPhone (but not Rebtel), can use this voip app for making cheap international calls (to non Rebtel users) and free calls to other Rebtel users. This post is not for people (who do not have iPhone), as we will be discussing about Rebtel iPhone Application only, they can check out other offers on FPPC Blog.

Rebtel iPhone Application Download

- Sign up with Rebtel using this special link
- Search for "Rebtel" in the apple store
- Simply download the app from the Apple store
- Install the application
- Login to your account


Rebtel iPhone App Features

- Free Calls to other Rebtel users who are also using the app on their Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Rebtel app on PC.
- Cheap International calls to other mobiles (people who are not using Rebtel). Calls to India at approx 1.5 cents per minute.
- This new app allows users to make and receive free international calls using WiFi/3G as well as local minutes. Please note that it can work without internet (wifi or 3g) using local minutes. You will be assigned a local number for any contact, and when you call them you will be placing local to just a local number. You will be saving a lot as compared to your telco.

And if you make use of the ongoing Rebtel offers and promotion, your effective call rates will get reduced to half. For instance, with Rebtel double money offer you can call India at less than half a cent (that's way cheaper than Skype).
The new Rebtel app also introduces a new proprietary Rebtel technology called KeepTalking, which by the push of a button allows users to seamlessly transition mid-call from WiFi/3G to local minutes. The iPhone and desktop applications will add to the Rebtel free call network already including Android and Blackberry applications and facilitate free calls between all existing platforms.

"The industry is full of exciting innovations such as GroupMe, Tango and Viber, however these services are limited to those who have downloaded these apps and those who have strong enough data coverage. Rebtel has none of these limitations and addresses them with one single app," said Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes, and allows users to seamlessly switch between the two if data coverage deteriorates.

Basically if you are at a place where the internet connectivity is poor, then this new Rebtel 2.0 iPhone app is ideal for such a situations. Rebtel KeepTalking(TM), allows users to simply press a button on the iPhone call screen during a WiFi/3G call to seamlessly improve the connection from data to local numbers and still be able to make a Free International Call using Rebtel's applications and local numbers in 53 countries.

What we can suggest just make a note of your phone current phone bill and start using the Rebtel app on your iPhone. After a month compare your old and new phone expenses. If there are any saving, continue with Rebtel otherwise just switch back. But I am sure, once you start using this app you will love it.

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