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Fonworld : Free SIP Calls | iPhone | Android | Blackberry

I guess this blog readers are already familiar with Voipian and Voipax, well now these service have changed and have become fonworld. With the change to fonworld comes with many exciting new features and yes free calling credit. You can use fonworld via SIP, iPhone App, the Webfon or the regional access number when calling from Germany.

If you are new to voip and don't want to buy any credit then you can straight away try Fonworld with free calling credit. If you like the service then you may continue with it buying some credit to make cheap international calls. Trust me, switching to voip for international calls is a great choice and you will save a lot on your phone bills.

With Fonworld, you can create a new account. This does not require any credit card and you will get 1 euro free trial credit. All you require is a valid email address and a phone number to register. The registration is for free, non-binding and can be terminated at any time. Just try Fonworld (register with them) and get free credit worth one euro.

Before we move to "How to use Fonworld on mobile", first check its calling rates. Lets see for how long will your free credit lasts.

Your free credit will lasts for approx 30 minute to call India. For USA, this will lasts for 145 minutes, Canada 212 minutes.

Nows lets see how to use Fonworld.

Fonworld SIP Settings
  • SIP Server →
  • SIP User-ID → Your fonworld SIP username
  • Passwort → Your fonworld SIP password
Fonworld on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch : Fonworlds provides iPhone application which is available to download free of cost. Since the app allows you to make calls using a SIP access, your fonworld account has to be activated for SIP calls. The registration process must be accomplished completely and successfully.

Fonworld Web phone - Login to your Fonworld account and use web phone found in your dashboard.
Fonworld Call Back - You can initiate callback service by giving a call to callback number.

Fonworld on Android Phones/Devices : You need to make calls using SIP applications. Try CSIPSimple, 3CXPhone, Acrobits-App.

Fonworld Blackberry App : Again make calls using SIP applications like VoipSwitch.

Fonworld Access Number : The geographical access number is only available for German customers. For example, if you get a monthly free quota or a flat-rate from your service-provider, you can dial into our service at 069 22 77 94 88 without connection costs.

For more info, visit Fonworld.

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November 9, 2011 at 12:26 AM

All this information is nicely given with simple specification of each product, which i like it very much. I hope you will share all great information in the future as well.

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