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JaxtrSms for iPad | JaxtrSms for PC | JaxtrSms on Galaxy Tab

SMSes have surely ruled the telecom industry and its market share is quite high. Some people prefer texting over phone calls and sms apps on smartphones are quite popular. One of the most popular sms app for mobiles is JaxtrSMS. I am sure most of you are familiar with this app. It's been called the next big thing by many.

Sending free sms from Pc has been quite popular, however JaxtrSms is different. It offers free mobile texting, its an advertisement supported multi-platform mobile application. If you have data connectivity on your phone (mobile), then you can use internet to send sms for free. Yes, you can send the sms to normal mobile as well (to the ones who are not using JaxtrSms on their Mobile).

Jaxtrsms has launched its application for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Java - and once you download this application you can send free text messages to any other mobile phone in the world. We have already discussed about the JaxtrSms Android and iPhone apps, and it is quite easy to use on mobile.

Today we will be discussing about how to use JaxtrSms for iPad, Galaxy Tab, PC and for other android tab's. I have myself tried JaxtrSms on my iPad and it works great. I was able to send SMS from my iPad to Mobile phone in India and it reached within seconds. Considering that JaxtrSMS service is free, I would give full marks to them.

So lets see how to use JaxtrSms on iPad. In similar ways it works for JaxtrSms for Android Tablets (Galaxy Tab) or your PC (You should download an android emulator on your PC first to use JaxtrSMS).

JaxtrSMS for PC, iPad, Galaxy Tab

How to use JaxtrSMS on iPad | PC | Galaxy Tab

- Download the JaxtrSMS app on your tablet. For iPad users, JaxtrSMS currently does not have any specialized iPad app, so better download the JaxtrSMS iPhone app from Apple Store. For Android tablet users, it has a JaxtrSMS android app. For using JaxtrSMS on Pc, use an android emulator on PC and download the android app.

- After the installation, open JaxtrSMS app on iPad. Similar ways for Android and Pc users.
It will ask you to enter your name, your country and your mobile number.

- As you are on iPad/Tablet and not on any mobile, enter your mobile number here. This is mainly for verification purpose.

- A message will be sent to your phone with a link. If your mobile has internet connectivity, then click this link to verify.

- If you are not using internet on your mobile, then open JaxtrSMS app on iPad, try sending message to any number. It will ask for verification, this time select Verify by Call. JaxtrSMS will make a call on your mobile to verify it. Voilla, your mobile will now be verified.

- Now try sending SMS to any number (use international code - like 919891xxxxxx for India). Send SMS for free. It should reach its destination within seconds.

Please note that you can send SMS to any mobile number. The ones which are not registered with JaxtrSMS will receive a normal SMS (just like other telecom provider). As the service is ad supported, message will contain some advertisement. I don't think, people should mind about the ad as long as they are getting JaxtrSMS service for free.

If you still face any problems on using JaxtrSMS on any of these devices, then please let us know. We will try our best to help you out.

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