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JaxtrSMS : Free SMS App for Android | iPhone | iPad | Blackbery | Windows Mobile

Technology is growing and ways of communication are changing with tech growth. Earlier we used to send letters which is out now. It has been completely by SMS or text messaging. I guess, for the time being it will remain a great way to communicate with others. A lot of people use text messaging on their mobile phone to chat with each other. Infact many people (including myself) prefer to text rather to talk over phone.

And with the smartphones used by most people, it is very easy and free to text. Thanks to applications like Whatsapp and Viber (which are too popular among smartphone users). The only problem is if you have to send a text message to a person not using these apps. Sending text message (using telecom service) proves quite costly, as these companies charge heavily for them. The only free option to send text message is to use internet.

You must have been using Pc to SMS services, these are very popular and people use internet on their Pc to send sms to mobile. What if you have a similar service which you can use on your mobile. To come to your rescue, JaxtrSms app provides free sms from mobile to mobile.

Today we will discuss about JaxtrSMS service. Its the same old Jaxtr which also offers free voice calls straight from your mobile. Earlier it used to offer click to call services (where you were given a widget to make calls). Jaxtr has launched its free application for your mobile using which you can send sms for free (both Local And International).

JaxtrSMS App Infographic

Is it allowed to Non Jaxtr Users ?

You can send messages to all the people in your address book whether they have the JaxtrSms app or not. SMS goes direct to your inbox and behaves like regular SMS. It also works on tablets. For sending sms you have the option to either use your own number or buy a new global phone number.

How does Jaxtrsms work?

Use JaxtrSMS to send and receive messages with any other mobile phone in the world for FREE.
1. Recipient does not have to be a user
2. Send a text message to any other mobile phone, domestic or international.
3. Use your own phone number
4. Just download the application, install and start sending sms.

I have personally tried this app on my android mobile to send sms to India. It works great, sms was received on other mobile in just few seconds. The best part is its free and it works on WiFi and 3G and on all devices.

JaxtrSms works on : Android Mobiles, IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Blackberry Mobiles, Windows Mobile, Java Based mobiles apps, Symbian (Nokia) mobiles.

If you are having a smartphone or a tablet and still your telecom provider for sending sms, then you are losing quite a lot of money. Trust me and try JaxtrSms (it is free), you are gonna love this amazing application.

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November 21, 2011 at 8:58 AM

the app is not functional on nokia C3! Any tips?

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