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SimpleCall Unlimited Calls to India from US

If you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog then you are sure to save a lot on your phone bills. Making international calls is way cheap now, specially if you are making calls to India. Just follow our Free Calls to India tutorials and talk to your loved ones in India cheap or free!

Many voip providers have started to offer unlimited plans to India. Today we will discuss about one such unlimited plan to call India by SimpleCall. SimpleCall is not new to this blog, we have already discussed in the past about SimpleCall, ways to make call using SimpleCall. So today we will focus mainly on the unlimited calling plan to India by Simplecall.

Before we go into specific details, a few main points :
1. Plan Cost : $11.99 per month.
2. Free Minutes : 2000 per month. (So its not like completely unlimited, but still a very good deal).
3. In this plan, Simplecall allows calls from one registered phone number.

Simplecall mentions that unlimited calls to India with hidden fees, contracts and registration charges. With the registered phone number you can enjoy Pinless dialing.

If you are already using Simple Call (regular but not unlimited plan), then you can even use existing credit in your SimpleCall account to pay toward the SimpleCall Unlimited Calls to India plan. You can only purchase one plan per month, per SimpleCall account.

You can call other destinations as well. Any calls to destinations outside India will be deducted from your remaining SimpleCall credit per the usual rates and terms. This will be separate from your unlimited call plan to India.

Please go through the terms and conditions of this plan, before you opt for it.
Only one unlimited plan purchase per account per month. Calls made to destinations other than India will be deducted per usual terms from your SimpleCall account credit.
Fair Usage Limits: This plan is subject to a limit of 2,000 minutes in aggregate during its one-month length. This service may be used from landlines and mobiles to landlines and mobiles, for private, personal and non-commercial purposes only. Fair use means that calls made under this plan will be a reasonable combination of landline and mobile calls, that the majority of calls will be made outside of regular working hours (8:00 – 17:00), and are not to exceed a reasonable amount per day; usage may not negatively impact any other SimpleCall user. SimpleCall reserves the right to relinquish your unlimited calling service if the company has reason to believe the service is being misused under the guidelines listed above.

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