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Skype for Facebook | Call your FB friends from Skype

We all have so many different friends and we have accounts on so many different social networking sites and voice apps like Skype. It is really difficult to manage and all your friends on different applications (like Facebook and Skype). What's nice is integration of all the main features of these social networking websites into a single platform. Facebook is sort of trying to do so. With video calling on Facebook and Skype integration with Facebook, it is possible to call Facebook friends from Skype.

Today we will be discussing about Skype and Facebook integration and see how you can call Facebook buddies from Skype itself. That is, you may be logged on to your Skype account and from there itself you can call your facebook friends.

It is basically the new Mac and PC editions of Skype, which allow you to view your Facebook news feed (friends' status updates, links, photos and the like) from a 'home page', as well as contact Facebook friends in one of three ways: instant message, voice call and full fat video call.
-Learn about Facebook Video Chat

Skype and Facebook Integration

To begin setting up Facebook on Skype, click View > Facebook Updates from the Skype Contact list.
- Next, Skype users will need to allow access to their Facebook accounts to Skype v.5.0 for Windows.
- In the dialogue window, click "See News Feed in Skype" to continue.
- Skype users may need to sign in to their Facebook accounts. Enter your Facebook ID and password to continue.
- Skype users will need to confirm access to their Facebook account. Click "Allow" to continue.
- Accessing the Facebook Updates in Skype and clicking the "Facebook" tab will reveal your Facebook Wall, allowing Skype users to change your status message, comment on friends' wall posts, and more.

Call Facebook Friends From Skype

To get started on calling Facebook buddies via Skype, open the contacts window in Skype. You will notice a new Facebook section. It will lists all the facebook online friends (the friends also using Skype with Facebook will be marked at green). You can make a voice call or a video call.

Alternatively, you can call your friends mobile or landline as well. This is possible only if they've added them to their Facebook profile.

This is basically using Facebook from your Skype account (calls are made via Skype). That is facebook video call feature is added to Skype software. Making Video calls from facebook directly using Skype is already available.

For more details, check out this video :

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