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MagicJack App for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch Application

Magicjack device needs no introduction, it was announced 2008 product of the year. Also named as Skype killer it enables you to make Free Calls to US and Canada. Following the first version of the device, the more advanced version was also launched named "MagicJack Plus". It was also a great success as many people preferred a device without the need of a computer. It should not be a much surprise that Magicjack has launched iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application and this app allows you to make free calls to US and Canada for free.

In this post we will be discussing about the MagicJack Application for iOS devices, which allows you to make unlimited free calls to the U.S. and Canada. Yes, no strings attached and no credit card required. As long as you are having internet in your mobile (or lets call it free data plan in your iPhone), you can theoretically make unlimited voice calls to US for free. As Magicjack app works on iPod Touch and iPad, so you can turn your iPod/iPad to iPhone and make free calls. MagicJack app does not use your mobile minutes and does not require a voice plan. All you need is internet on your phone (wifi or 3G).

MagicJack App : Free Download on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

- The app is free for download. Check this link.

If you do not have a magicJack account, you have two options with magicJack APP
- Test drive it. No account needed. Make outgoing calls to U.S. and Canadian landlines and cell numbers and any magicJack number.
- Receive a free magicNumber phone number to make and receive FREE calls and receive FREE Voicemail.

If you already have a MagicJack account
- Simply use that account (sign in) to make calls, you can use your existing number, and access all of your associated contacts.

The benefit of having a MagicJack Account (or a device) is that you will get a free US number, otherwise the calls will be placed from any random number (and everytime a new number).

Some of MagicJack Alternatives
- netTalkDuo : Highly Popular Device 

Where can you use MagicJack App

You can be anywhere in the world (be it India, Dubai, UAE, USA or any other country), as long as you have internet on your mobile and can download the MagicJack app, you can call US and Canada numbers for free. All it requires is internet on mobile.

Receiving Calls
You can also receive calls on your magicjack phone number, which is a US number. This provides flexibility to your friends in US to call you at their local rates. A magicjack number starts and ends with an asterisk/star, like so: *0123456777* and can be dialed directly from any magicJack.

You can use this number for magicJack to magicJack calls or have others call you from anywhere, like so:
- First dialing the access number:
1-305-848-TALK (1-305-848-8255).
- After the prompt, enter the magicNumber
including the asterisks/stars, like so: *01234567*


Snapdeal Promo Code and Discount Coupon Codes Giveaway

This post is specially for Indian readers of this blog, and yeah this post if off topic. We have lately seen lot of e-commerce websites booming up in India. The online store market is really getting big. Many people have stopped going to the market and purchase everything online. The prices on these online stores are itself very low and on top of it if you can manage additional discount coupons, then its a great deal.

We have decided that we will maintain a few pages with the working promo codes (or discount coupons) for these online stores. This page is dedicated to Snapdeal. Its one of the major online shopping website in India. I am myself a big spender on this websites. Not only it has wide range of products, but the prices are damn cheap. In the past, we have managed to use some discount coupons and buy items for as low as Rs 1.

We have decided that we will keep this page updated with latest Snapdeal Bonus Codes aka discount coupons. Just make sure you use them whenever you are using Snapdeal.

How to avail Snapdeal Discount/Promo Codes

We have given you the coupons but the question is how will you make use of them. Well it is not at all difficult. Just follow the steps.

Step1 : Visit Snapdeal with this special link
Step2 : Select an item you want to purchase. (You can select an already discount product)
Step3 : Click on Buy
Step4 : It will added to cart. Click Proceed to payment.
Step5 : Login to your account or create a new one.
Step6 : Proceed to payment page.

Step7 : At the payment page, you will an option "Do you have a promo code". Click here.
Step8 : Enter the Promo Code. Click Apply.

The amount will get reduced and you can now make the payment for remaining amount.

Snapdeal Mobile and Tablets Coupon Codes [Working]

Description: Rs 300 OFF on all tablets at Snapdeal.
Code: Use "TAB300" at checkout

Description: Rs 400 OFF on Mobile Phones above Rs 4,000 but less than Rs 20,000 at Snapdeal Coupon Code: "MOB400"

Promotion: Rs 1,000 OFF on Mobile Phones above Rs 20,000 at Snapdeal
Coupon Code: "MOB1000"

Snapdeal Discount Coupons for April 2012 [Expired]

This time we managed to get four exclusive voucher codes for our blog readers, each worth Rs 100. Lets see how many of you manage to make use of them.
April 2012 Snapdeal Codes

Snapdeal Vouchers for January 2012 [Expired]

We are back again with more Rs 100 discount codes, valid on on minimum purchases worth Rs. 399 and more. This voucher code is valid till 15th Feb.

Discount Coupons
- FCESD45C6447E

December 2011 [Expired]

Please find below details of two Snapdeal voucher code of Rs 100 each.
Please note that since I am directly posting these coupons on the blog, these may be consumed by readers very fast. So its better if you straight head to Snapdeal and try these out!

Snapdeal Voucher Code (Rs 100 each)
- FC35F4AA4B

These coupons are valid for Rs 100 discount on minimum purchase of Rs 200. You can buy any product as well. So a deal or a product worth Rs 200 will costs you just Rs 100.

We hope this post was helpful to you. We have similar pages for other online shopping portals. If you want to do more shopping, then you can check them as well. 

Get Call from Santa Claus this Christmas

Christmas is near and every child eagerly waits for a personalized gift from Santa Claus. Well, what you can certainly gift your child this christmas is a phone calls from Santa Claus. So today we will discuss how can you get call from Santa Claus. We have compiled a small list of these service (personally I have not tried these). If you have tried these service, then please share some user review. No one will like to miss this call J.

1. Santa Calls from Gmail : As mentioned on Google Blog "If you or your family members have a special request for Santa, you can call Sanata from Gmail and leave him a message at his Google Voice number: 855-34-SANTA. Santa won't be able to return messages himself — it’s a busy time of year for him—but he's promised to keep us up to date on happenings in the North Pole day by day."

2. Send a call from Santa : is a service by Google itself. You ca create a unique and customized message and send it from Santa to anyone you know, from your nieces and nephews to old college friends, over the phone (to U.S. numbers only). SendacallfromSanta (by Gmail) looks like a great service to me. If you are in US then, this is a must try!

3. Christmas Dialer : is also offering a free call from North Pole. You can make this holiday special for any child with a merry phone call from Santa!

4. Santa Dial : is also offering similar service. You can send 3 santa calls per day.

Please share your Santa Claus user experience.

Nymgo Voucher Code | Nymgo Free Credit Coupon

Nymgo is back. And this time Nymgo is much bigger, much better and it still hold its old promise of providing cheapest international calling rates, excellent voice quality and good customer support. BAck in 2009, Nymgo was one of the most trusted voip provider offering cheapest calling rate to India and to many other destinations. It was rated as number one voip providers by many blogs and was widely used was large number of people. It was most popular Pc to Phone Calling service on this blog and lot of our readers as well were using Nymgo service to call India.

Nymgo has now completely re-developed its networking infrastructure and is accordingly re-launching its product, website and brand with a completely new look and set of functions. And that is not all, it is back with cheapest calling rates once again. To add to the excitement, with its re-launch Nymgo has straight away started off with some exciting promotions : Nymgo Free Calling Credit offer.

Nymgo Free Coupon Code

Nymgo is offering free promo codes to get you started calling anywhere for FREE! Lets first get down with details of this promotion : Nymgo is giving away free $3 credit to all new customers.

1. Visit this Nymgo Facebook Page.
2. Click on "Claim Your Voucher". You need to be logged on to your Facebook account to get enjoy this promotion.
3. You will get a Unique voucher code, which you need to enter at the time of sign up.
4. I believe you can also claim this voucher code once you sign up with Nymgo : In the voucher code section.

Some other details about this Nymgo Promotion :
  1. Limit of one voucher per Facebook account user.
  2. Vouchers are redeemable only on the registration page or in the members area for current customers.
  3. Only one voucher code may be used with each user registration.
  4. Each voucher is valid for a limited time only, effective December 8, 2011 and expires on March 8, 2012 or until supplies of the voucher run out, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Voucher codes are generated upon completing the sign-up form on the Nymgo Facebook page.
Nymgo Calling rates to India are just 1.1 cent per minute. So your free $3 credit will lasts for about 272 minutes. To make calls using Nymgo use Pc to Phone calls using softphone or make calls straight from your mobile using Nymgo SIP Settings. As Nymgo is back, we will be soon covering more posts about it explaining methods of making calls using Nymgo and some other important FAQs about it.

Free 100 Minutes to India | LocalPhone Promotion

As you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls Blog, you are sure to save a lot on phone bills. We have been encouraging our readers to follow the blog regularly and just miss out any offer. Well if you have missed the previous Localphone offer, now its time to make it up. Localphone is not a new name on this blog. In the past we have run several promotions with Localphone and all of them have been huge success. The reason is simple : Localphone is one of the best voip providers !! We will soon discuss why !

Before we go into intricacies of why choose Localphone over other, lets first get to the promotion details about the New Localphone Promotional Offer.

Buy $1 Credit and Get $1.5 Credit absolutely Free, in other words : You will get Free 100 Minutes of Call to India when you buy $1 credit. Wait, this does not mean you have to straight away buy the credit : Localphone offers first call free, so if you are satisfied with the calling quality : just buy as low as $1 credit and enjoy this amazing offer.

Yes you heard it right : You will get free $1.5 credit on purchase of $1 credit (This is the best time of year to avail this offer : its festive and holiday time : you would love to talk to your loved ones).

If you are concerned about calling rates : Localphone Calling rate to India is just 1.5 cents per minute. With this offer, your effective calling rate gets to as low as 0.06 cents per minute ($0.006).

That said, what's the way to enjoy this offer. How to avail this amazing offer :

1. Visit this special link for Localphone Free 100 Minutes to India Offer.
2. Click on Try us with Free Call. (Yeah you will first free call as well apart from Free 100 Minutes).
3. Enter all your details.
4. Now you can make your first free call (without even buying credit).
5. Its now time to enjoy the Free 100 Minutes offer : Click go to dashboard.
6. You will see many links for add credit, or add as low as $1 credit. Click any one of these.
7. Here enter the credit as $1.
8. Enter Voucher code as : FPBONUS (this is most important step).
9. You will get total of $2.5 credit : that is free $1.5 credit, as you paid just $1 credit.

If you have not yet tried Localphone, then trust me you are losing a lot. There are plenty of reason's you should try Localphone. I can pen down a list of 100 such reasons but I know it will get boring so I will just stop at 10 :)

1. Rated as number 1 voip provider by many blogs, Localhpone offers very good voice quality.
2. Already cheap international rates which come further down with time to time promotional offers.
3. Once a customer, always a customer : thanks to its excellent customer support.
4. Buy as low as $1 credit : Does not force customer to purchase heavy credit and get bound to them.
5. No connection charges, no hidden fees.
6. Don't miss this : Credit never expires : Keep it for year or ten years. (even your $1 credit)
7. So many ways to make calls using Localphone : Access numbers (like calling cards), Smartphone application for iPhone/Android, Pc applicaton, SIP settings for SIP devices.
8. User interface is very easy and even my mom make Pc to Phone Calls.
9. Everything is at par or even better than Skype. Calling rates are way low than skype : difference of about 90%.
10. The special Free 100 Minutes to India promotion : Just try this out, you have everything to gain.

Want more reasons, try Localphone Free 100 Minutes to India offer and you will be providing us with reasons.

Voip Apps for iPad 2 | Free SIP Client for iPad 2

Tablet market is really getting hot. iPad is one gadget which has received some highly positive reviews and many people have started using it. There are so many tasks that you can do on your tablet (iPad 2) and these eliminate the need for laptop or PC. So once you are using your iPad, you would not like to switch to phone for making calls. Making phone calls directly from your iPad device is what you need.

With Facetime already installed on your iPad device, you can very easily enjoy video calls with your friends. But for that, your friends also have to have an apple device, either iPhone or iPad itself. Probably what you are looking for, is an iPad voip application which turn your iPad to a Phone and you should be able to place calls to regular mobiles.

In the past we have discussed about various apps which allow you to make calls using your iPad device, however today we will be looking at a consolidated list. I will first try out these application on my iPad and will let you know if it works or not. Hence we will try to grow this list of Voip applications for iPad 2.

Voip Apps for iPad 2 | SIP Clients for iPad 2 | Voip on iPad

1. TruPhone Voip application for iPad : Recently, Truphone launched its voip application for iPad device. You just need to install this app from the app store and straight away make calls.

Pros :
  • Well it works!
  • Free Wi-Fi calls to other Truphone and Google Talk users
  • Free to download.
  • Cheap international calls and some unlimited plans as well.
Cons :
  • International calls are not that cheap. Calling cards and some other voip apps provide cheaper calls (however these are non iPad things).
  • You are bound with Truphone. It is not a generic SIP app, and you are restricted to use TruPhone.
For more info, visit TruPhone for iPad2.

2. Skype Voip Application for iPad : This is a multi purpose application. I believe you all are already member of Skype and have been using on your laptop or mobile. You have a lot of buddies on Skype with whom you like to Chat and talk. So, once you have switched to iPad : Skype for iPad is a must have application.

Pros :
  • Your Skype friends added on laptop/phone directly show up on Skype iPad.
  • You can chat with your friends, you can talk to your Skype friends, you can video chat with your friends : and all this for free.
  • Yes, with Skypeout, you can even make calls to normal mobiles. It works!
Cons :
  • If you are new to Skype and have very less friends, then free feature ain't for you. You can talk/video chat free but only with your Skype friends (Skype to Skype).
  • Calling rates are again at higher side. (Try some unlimited plan).
Overall, I would give a high rating to Skype iPad application as it works great. Quality is not like Facetime but not bad either. Skype iPad application is free to download.

3. Whistle Phone Voip Application for iPad 2 : WhistlePhone voip application is a SIP client for iPad2. You can configure SIP settings of any voip provider and start making phone calls from iPad. I tried Localphone SIP settings on WhistlePhone.

Pros :
  • SIP client. Configure SIP settings of any voip provider.
  • Localphone SIP settings can be configures easily.
  • User interface is clean and making calls is very easy.
  • Conference calls allowed.
Cons :
  • It didn't work for me. I was able to place a call, the destination mobile rang. However there was no voice on both sides. I have tried multiple times, same problem : no voice! I will again give a try and see if I am able to make it work.
If WhistlePhone iPad application works for you, then please let us know. May be I am missing something!

4. Fring Voip Application for iPad : Fring iPad application is similar to Skype, however with lot more features. It is again a must try for all.

Pros :
  • You can ad your Gmail account, and all your buddies directly show up.
  • You can chat/talk/Video chat with your buddies on Fring.
  • You can make calls to regular mobiles (Non Fring friends) using Fringout.
  • Above features work great.
Cons :
  • SIP calls not allowed on Fring for iPad (this is allowed on iPhone/Android Mobiles).
  • Fringout calls are bit costly!

5. Yahoo Messenger Application for iPad : Yahoo Messenger always has been more than a messenger. Yahoo Messenger on Pc is quite old and I believe a lot of people have switched to Gtalk. Well but the Yahoo Messenger for iPad is very similar to Skype. The user interface of Yahoo Messenger for iPad is way better than many other apps. I have tried Yahoo Messenger on my iPad and it works great! Apart from the usual chat, you can call your buddy on his phone, you can have a video chat with your friend as well.

Pros :

  • Native Chat application works really good.
  • You can chat/talk/Video chat with your friends.
  • You can share photos/videos etc.
  • Send SMS to mobile
  • Above features work great.
Cons :
  • Still trying to figure out : how to call normal mobile phone.
  • Calling rates are high! I would rather prefer using voip apps on mobile for calls!

Well the list of voip application for iPad (which I have tried) is very long. I will soon update this post to include other as well. I hope this answer's the big question : How to turn iPad to Phone (Make Phone Calls from iPad).


LocalPhone Android App | Localphone on Android Mobile

Localphone is one such voip provider which offer so many ways to make voip phone calls. I am also using localphone for making international calls. Till now I have been using Localphone SIP settings on my android mobile to make international calls. But the good news is Localphone has launched its Android mobile app.

So what you should do to get this Localphone android app working on your Android Mobile.
1. Search Localphone in Android Market. Or just click this link.
2. Just download this app on your android mobile.
3. You will see contact list, just click any number and your call will be placed via Localphone.

The Localphone app dials local numbers that connect internationally. That means you won’t use up your data allowance, and the quality is always great.

Some of the other Localphone Android app features :
  1. See all your existing contacts on your phone and make cheap international calls in one click
  2. Add, edit and delete your contacts from wherever you are
  3. Look up our worldwide call rates and get a price in seconds
  4. Check your real time balance and see exactly how much credit you have
  5. Call or text your existing contacts through the Localphone app and save a fortune.

To add a contact to your Localphone account. Tap on the menu button and select “add contact”. If your friend’s number is not saved in an international format you will be prompted to add the international dialing prefix and country code to the number before it is added to your Localphone contacts list.

Please note that this version of the Localphone Android app will only work in countries where it can assign local access numbers. Unfortunately the app is not available in certain countries at the current time.

If you are not a Localphone customer, then trust me you are losing a lot! Localphone is currently running a promotional offer (Localphone Special Voucher Code).

Localphone Voucher Code Details (Cheapest calls to India).

If you purchase $1 credit (yes as low as $1) you will get additional $1.5 credit (total of $2.5 credit). This offer is valid till 31st Dec, so hurry!!
Use this voucher code while sign up and your first purchase of $1 : FPBONUS


Chattime : Free International Calls on iPhone | iPod Touch | iPad

We have already discussed about Chattime on this blog. Chattime iPhone voip application is similar to having a calling card on your mobile itself. Chattime does not require any Wifi or 3G connections to work. In our previous post about Chattime we have already discussed about how to make cheap international calls on iPhone and iPad (iOS devices). Well the Chattime application now allows to make Free international calls on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Lets discuss in detail how can you use Chattime to make free international calls on iPad.

You may be wondering how can we make free calls and it does not even require Wifi or 3G, well that's all about Chattime. Chattime application calls a local phone number and connects the call to the other person (who also has to be a Chattime user).So, the local carrier airtime rates may apply for the caller and the recipient of the call. The call is completely FREE of charges from ChatTime.

As it eliminates the internet connection, chattime provides crystal clear quality that you expect from local calls.

To make free international calls between Chattime user : You and your friends have to be in any of the 53 countries (check link) and you both use ChatTime, then only you can talk for free over the cellular network.

Another good feature : You will get $1 in free credit included with each new account so you can call any phone in the world.

Here are some of the important FAQs about Chattime :
1. How to use Chattime on iPad and iPod Touch.
Ans : Currently ChatTime is only available for the iPhone, however I believe you try using iPhone app on iPad.

2. How to make free calls using Chattime.

Ans : Go to the Contacts tab in ChatTime and select the name of the person you want to call and then press the ‘Free call’ button. ChatTime will automatically check to see if the number you select belongs to a ChatTime user. After the first successful Free Call to that contact, then you can call them for FREE by selecting their name from your Contacts list, Favorites list or Recents list.

For more information, visit Chattime. We will soon discuss about various Chattime calling plans, some of them are really good for making cheap international calls.

Onebox iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android App

If you have not heard about Onebox, then let me tell you about it. It is the all-in-one virtual phone solution featuring an auto-attendant, professional greetings, voicemail, online faxing, and conference calling allowing you to easily manage all business communications. Your calls are answered with a professionally recorded custom greeting and can be directed to any employee, in any location around the world. It includes auto-attendant with easy-to-use menu options for call routing, voicemail, faxing, and conferencing.

Onebox offers various plans like 2000, 3000, 5000 minutes plans charged at 50-200$ per month rate. Onebox has launched its new version of iPhone/iPad apps which allows Onebox customers to make and receive VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone calls via a WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network.

Now, Onebox customers can stay reliably connected to their business from anywhere in the world -- all without using expensive cell phone minutes or worrying about dropped phone calls.
It converts your iPhone/iPad to a complete communication hub. It allows
24/7 auto attendant to answer your iPhone calls and route inbound calls professionally.

With Onebox for iPhone, you can r
educe their cell phone minutes (and resulting bills) for domestic and international calls. On your iPad, make high quality calls from an iPhone via WiFi or a 3G/4G network, even in areas with poor or no mobile coverage. This way you can turn your iPad to a phone.

If you are already a customer of Onebox then Onebox iPhone/iPad app is a must try for you.

CallnRoam : Get Free Phone Calls Credit worth $1

Calling card services have been popular for very long now. A large number of calling cards offers very cheap international calls and some of them are really worth trying. If you are using your normal telecom provider to make international calls then you have good scope to save money, just switch to voip services of calling cards. Many calling cards services offer free credit to try their offer. Today we will discuss about one such calling card offering free trial calls : CallnRoam.
CallnRoam is offering try before you buy offer.

CallnRoam has many plans like Pay as you go, monthly plans, unlimited plans etc. However in this post, we are concerned with free credit offer : try before you buy!

CallnRoam is offering $1 free trial CallnRoam credit without any purchase.

Lets see how can you get this free credit by CallnRoam :
1.Visit CallnRoam trial page.
2. Enter your Name, Email ID, Phone number (US number).
3. CallnRoam will send you an activation link in the mail. Just confirm/verify your mail address.
4. Select any plan.
5. Click continue. You will soon receive confirmation mail from callnroam.

How to make calls using CallnRoam :
Dial the Access number from Your Phone Number. Click here to get list of access numbers.
For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number followed by # sign.

Some FAQs/Imp points about this CallnRoam offer :
1. Available to new customers.
2. No hidden charges, no credit card required.
3. This offer available ONLINE only.
4. You can start making free International calls, as soon as you verify your e-mail address. For this reason, please ensure to provide your valid e-mail address.
5. This offer is for USA only.
6. You can use the Free Trial Offer to call anywhere in the world. However, the minutes will vary based upon the number & destination called.

Call Pakistan at just 2cents per min by Localphone

With the advancements in telecom industry and yeah with voip around in many countries, international calling rates have come down to a great extent. Calling India is already very cheap with rates between 0.5 cents to 2 cents per min, however calling rates to Pakistan are at a bit higher side.

I remember few years back, calls to Pakistan were free : Free Calls to Pakistan offered by lowratevoip, however these rates soon increased to 4-5 cents per min with restrictions from government. Well the good old days are coming back. Its time when you will be able to make cheap calls to Pakistan, and soon we will be noticing free calls to Pakistan.

Lets come straight to the point : Localphone has reduced its calling rates to Pakistan. Localphone has reduced call rates to Pakistan by up to 50%! Rates are reduced until the end of the year.

New Calling rates by Localphone to Pakistan : You can call all landlines and mobiles in Pakistan for just 2¢ throughout December. Please note that these calling rates to Pakistan will return to 3.4¢ at 12:00pm GMT on 3rd Jan.

Wait before you jump to join Localphone, we have another offer for you. Localphone is giving 10% bonus credit on 1st orders until 31st December 2011. This is valid for new customers on their 1st top up. The code to use at the checkout is DECBONUS. With this offer, your effective rate to Pakistan will be just 1.8 cents per min.

But since you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog, we have already one great offer running. If you purchase $1 credit you will get additional $1.5 credit (total of $2.5 credit). This offer is valid till 31st Dec, so just club this offer with cheap rates to Pakistan and your effective rate will be very very low!

Voucher Code Details :
You get $1.5 credit on your first purchase. That is, if you buy just $1 credit you will get $2.5 credit. That's like 150% extra bonus credit.
Use this voucher code while sign up and your first purchase of $1 : FPBONUS

Some features about Localphone :
Top up from just $1.
No contracts, connection fees, or other hidden charges.

Now its time to try Localphone and start making cheap calls to Pakistan! (It already offers cheap calls to India).
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