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CallnRoam : Get Free Phone Calls Credit worth $1

Calling card services have been popular for very long now. A large number of calling cards offers very cheap international calls and some of them are really worth trying. If you are using your normal telecom provider to make international calls then you have good scope to save money, just switch to voip services of calling cards. Many calling cards services offer free credit to try their offer. Today we will discuss about one such calling card offering free trial calls : CallnRoam.
CallnRoam is offering try before you buy offer.

CallnRoam has many plans like Pay as you go, monthly plans, unlimited plans etc. However in this post, we are concerned with free credit offer : try before you buy!

CallnRoam is offering $1 free trial CallnRoam credit without any purchase.

Lets see how can you get this free credit by CallnRoam :
1.Visit CallnRoam trial page.
2. Enter your Name, Email ID, Phone number (US number).
3. CallnRoam will send you an activation link in the mail. Just confirm/verify your mail address.
4. Select any plan.
5. Click continue. You will soon receive confirmation mail from callnroam.

How to make calls using CallnRoam :
Dial the Access number from Your Phone Number. Click here to get list of access numbers.
For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number followed by # sign.

Some FAQs/Imp points about this CallnRoam offer :
1. Available to new customers.
2. No hidden charges, no credit card required.
3. This offer available ONLINE only.
4. You can start making free International calls, as soon as you verify your e-mail address. For this reason, please ensure to provide your valid e-mail address.
5. This offer is for USA only.
6. You can use the Free Trial Offer to call anywhere in the world. However, the minutes will vary based upon the number & destination called.

madhur article :

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December 7, 2011 at 11:50 AM

I am a callnroam representative...Just one correction that the point 4-says that select plan...actually there is nothing to select...Ones the email is verified ,then the free trial is immediately provisioned...So may be you can edit it...Just in case you want to know...the free trial uses the PAYG- global calling plan which comes in several denominations.

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