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Free 100 Minutes to India | LocalPhone Promotion

As you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls Blog, you are sure to save a lot on phone bills. We have been encouraging our readers to follow the blog regularly and just miss out any offer. Well if you have missed the previous Localphone offer, now its time to make it up. Localphone is not a new name on this blog. In the past we have run several promotions with Localphone and all of them have been huge success. The reason is simple : Localphone is one of the best voip providers !! We will soon discuss why !

Before we go into intricacies of why choose Localphone over other, lets first get to the promotion details about the New Localphone Promotional Offer.

Buy $1 Credit and Get $1.5 Credit absolutely Free, in other words : You will get Free 100 Minutes of Call to India when you buy $1 credit. Wait, this does not mean you have to straight away buy the credit : Localphone offers first call free, so if you are satisfied with the calling quality : just buy as low as $1 credit and enjoy this amazing offer.

Yes you heard it right : You will get free $1.5 credit on purchase of $1 credit (This is the best time of year to avail this offer : its festive and holiday time : you would love to talk to your loved ones).

If you are concerned about calling rates : Localphone Calling rate to India is just 1.5 cents per minute. With this offer, your effective calling rate gets to as low as 0.06 cents per minute ($0.006).

That said, what's the way to enjoy this offer. How to avail this amazing offer :

1. Visit this special link for Localphone Free 100 Minutes to India Offer.
2. Click on Try us with Free Call. (Yeah you will first free call as well apart from Free 100 Minutes).
3. Enter all your details.
4. Now you can make your first free call (without even buying credit).
5. Its now time to enjoy the Free 100 Minutes offer : Click go to dashboard.
6. You will see many links for add credit, or add as low as $1 credit. Click any one of these.
7. Here enter the credit as $1.
8. Enter Voucher code as : FPBONUS (this is most important step).
9. You will get total of $2.5 credit : that is free $1.5 credit, as you paid just $1 credit.

If you have not yet tried Localphone, then trust me you are losing a lot. There are plenty of reason's you should try Localphone. I can pen down a list of 100 such reasons but I know it will get boring so I will just stop at 10 :)

1. Rated as number 1 voip provider by many blogs, Localhpone offers very good voice quality.
2. Already cheap international rates which come further down with time to time promotional offers.
3. Once a customer, always a customer : thanks to its excellent customer support.
4. Buy as low as $1 credit : Does not force customer to purchase heavy credit and get bound to them.
5. No connection charges, no hidden fees.
6. Don't miss this : Credit never expires : Keep it for year or ten years. (even your $1 credit)
7. So many ways to make calls using Localphone : Access numbers (like calling cards), Smartphone application for iPhone/Android, Pc applicaton, SIP settings for SIP devices.
8. User interface is very easy and even my mom make Pc to Phone Calls.
9. Everything is at par or even better than Skype. Calling rates are way low than skype : difference of about 90%.
10. The special Free 100 Minutes to India promotion : Just try this out, you have everything to gain.

Want more reasons, try Localphone Free 100 Minutes to India offer and you will be providing us with reasons.

madhur article :

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December 15, 2011 at 8:44 AM

Thnks buddy....i going for it now...

December 17, 2011 at 3:48 PM

I like Localphone because it launch various beneficial promotional offer for its users. 100 minute free calls is a big deal

December 29, 2011 at 10:40 AM

It’s always good to learn tips like your posting about the whom want to buy....

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