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LocalPhone Android App | Localphone on Android Mobile

Localphone is one such voip provider which offer so many ways to make voip phone calls. I am also using localphone for making international calls. Till now I have been using Localphone SIP settings on my android mobile to make international calls. But the good news is Localphone has launched its Android mobile app.

So what you should do to get this Localphone android app working on your Android Mobile.
1. Search Localphone in Android Market. Or just click this link.
2. Just download this app on your android mobile.
3. You will see contact list, just click any number and your call will be placed via Localphone.

The Localphone app dials local numbers that connect internationally. That means you won’t use up your data allowance, and the quality is always great.

Some of the other Localphone Android app features :
  1. See all your existing contacts on your phone and make cheap international calls in one click
  2. Add, edit and delete your contacts from wherever you are
  3. Look up our worldwide call rates and get a price in seconds
  4. Check your real time balance and see exactly how much credit you have
  5. Call or text your existing contacts through the Localphone app and save a fortune.

To add a contact to your Localphone account. Tap on the menu button and select “add contact”. If your friend’s number is not saved in an international format you will be prompted to add the international dialing prefix and country code to the number before it is added to your Localphone contacts list.

Please note that this version of the Localphone Android app will only work in countries where it can assign local access numbers. Unfortunately the app is not available in certain countries at the current time.

If you are not a Localphone customer, then trust me you are losing a lot! Localphone is currently running a promotional offer (Localphone Special Voucher Code).

Localphone Voucher Code Details (Cheapest calls to India).

If you purchase $1 credit (yes as low as $1) you will get additional $1.5 credit (total of $2.5 credit). This offer is valid till 31st Dec, so hurry!!
Use this voucher code while sign up and your first purchase of $1 : FPBONUS

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