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iCall for iPod Touch | iPad | iPhone | Android Mobile

If you have been looking for turning your iPod Touch or iPad to a mobile Phone, then voip is the answer for you. There are so may ways and so many apps that lets you make phone calls from your iOS device, be it iPod Touch or iPad.

Today we will discuss about iCall Mobile. iCall is a very old voip service and we have been discussing about iCall over the years, so this post mostly focuses on its mobile application. iCall is avialable for iOS devices, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. On its website it mentions

"Take iCall with you and say goodbye to roaming charges. Even turn your iPod Touch or iPad into a phone! iCall Mobile gives you premium audio rivaling a traditional phone line.

Enjoy the freedom to call anywhere in the world with free and low-cost calling over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, even when you don't have a cell signal. Regular calls from your mobile can also be switched to a Wi-Fi call, so say goodbye to roaming charges whenever a Wi-Fi network is available. And if the app isn't open or running, continue to receive incoming VoIP calls.

With our low-cost national and international calling plans, talk to anyone, anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and call any number in the U.S. or Canada for free. Do your wallet and everyone you talk to a favor, and try it."

To download iCall application on your iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch, click here.


EcoCaller | Review, Rates : Free $1 Credit

So many voip providers in the market and each one trying to come with best plan and best offers to attract new customers. Well its all good for customers. Today we will be discussing about EcoCaller, its another voip provider which is offering free $1 credit to try it for free.

Before we go into details about EcoCaller, let me tell you that it is giving away Free $1 credit to all new customers. You can use this free credit to call any country for free. Yes, you can this way make Free Calls to India.

To avail free $1 credit from :
1. Visit EcoCaller and Register with them.
2. Your account will be activated once it has been verified by the customer service team. You will be notified by email when your account is active.
3. You will receive your account login details and SIP Username and Password by email and text message.

Some features of EcoCaller :
Good Cheap International Calling Rates.
No Roaming Charges.
Easy Top up options.
No Sim, No Contract Required.
There are no access numbers, no forced advertising and no monthly minimum subscription!
Calls are made using a wifi connection or the phone's internet service. Check your wifi connection with our internet speed test. ECOCALLER uses the latest SIP technology.

EcoCaller can be downloaded to your SmartPhone. EcoCaller is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Mobile, Blackberry Mobiles, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbain Mobiles. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download the app directly from the App Store on their phone, search for ecocaller. Android users can download the app directly from Android Market on their phone, just search for ecocaller.

If you are not having SmartPhone, then still you can use EcoCaller via its online webphone.

Now lets check the EcoCaller com Calling Rates :
Calls to India Mobile at 1.2 cents per minute.
Calls to Pakistan Mobile at 3 cents per minute.

For more info, visit EcoCaller.

FreePhoo App : Free Mobile Calling Application India

Voip has been around for so many years, however many voip provider don't launch their application in India. Freephoo has decided to enter the Indian voip market, which I surely can say that its very very big! FreePhoo has come with its Free Mobile Voip Calling App in India.

A few words about FreePhoo background, its a Swedish based voip provider, which offers free mobile calling application for various mobile platform. FreePhoo application can be download on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or android phones. I have already downloaded FreePhoo app on my iPad and just playing around with it.

FreePhoo application enables users who have to make free calls to other FreePhoo users. Free Calls from your Mobile (using FreePhoo) require people to either use WiFi or 3G network. As now 3G is also available in India, using applications like FreePhoo is getting easier.

Well what if you want to call people do not have FreePhoo in their mobile phone. If you shell out a few bucks, you can make calls to normal mobiles as well. Lets see the FreePhoo calling rates :
With FreePhoo Premium, you will get 100 minutes of calls for 8.9 GBP. I believe the calling rates are on quite a higher side, so just stay away from paid calls.

In my opinion its worth trying FreePhoo in your mobile phones. If you are already used to messengers like Whatsapp or Viber then you will surely like FreePhoo. Its really good to call for free : FreePhoo to FreePhoo Calls are Free.

Koovs Coupon Code | Koovs Discount Coupon

Our Snapdeal coupons offer was a big hit and now we are back with some more coupon codes. This time we are offering Koovs Coupons. is a online shopping portal similar to Snapdeal. You can buy products from Koovs, these includes personal care products, household products etc.

Free Pc to Phone Calls not only brings latest voip offers, free calling offers for its readers, but we also giveaway some coupons, voucher codes of different sites. This time we are giving away two four Koovs Coupons worth Rs 50.

Lets straight get to the Koovs Coupon Codes (Koovs Discount Voucher Code) Details :
1. Koovs Code 1 : FCG4rfz13t
2. Koovs Code 2 : FCGcyjm09
3. Koovs Code 3 : FCGley0pow
4. Koovs Code 4 : FCGuou79f8

The above Koovs Voucher Code is of Rs 50, On purchase of Rs. 100.
Voucher Code Details :
Get Rs. 50 discount on minimum purchase of Rs. 100 or above at Offer valid on Electronics, Fashion, Health, Personal Care, Gaming and many more.

Please note that since I am directly posting these coupons on the blog, these may be consumed by readers very fast. So its better if you straight head to Koovs and try these out!

Free Calls to China Mobiles and Landline : Chinese New Year

Its time to celebrate the Chinese new year. If you have friends and family in China then this post is of great relevance to you. This Chinese new year, you can call China for free and wish your loved ones. Localphone is celebrating new year with free calls to China for 4 days!

LocalPhone Free Calls to China Landline and Mobile Promotion Details :

All calls to standard Chinese landlines and mobiles will be free between 16:00 GMT Saturday 21st January until 16:00 GMT Wednesday 25th January, which is midnight to midnight in China. LocalPhone normal cheap rates apply after this promotion ends.

Customers old and new can talk for as long as they want and to as many people as they want and we won't charge them a penny.

Also, Chinese new year is celebrated in not only China but so many other countries as well. It would be more economical to use voip for making calls and will help you save a lot of money.

If you are looking for making calls to other countries, still Localphone is a good option for you as it is currently offering Double your money promotion.

GoOnVoip : Cheap Calling Plans | Low Cost Voip Service

I was just surfing the internet and came across this voip provider : GoonVoip ( Go on Voip). Its a licensed Internet Voice and Data service provider headquartered (HQ) in Singapore. I checked its calling plans and they are real cheap (very much compared to others in the market).

GoOnVoip Calling Rates :
Calling Plans to India : Calling rate is 1 cent per minute.
You can buy credit worth $5, $10 or higher range. The validity of your credit is 1 year!

Calling Plans to China : Similar Plans, however rate is 1.6 cents per minute.
Calling Rate to Bangladesh : 4 cents per minute.
Calling Rate to Pakistan : 4.5 cents per minute.
Calling Rate to Philippines : 11 cents per minute.
Calls to Nepal at 12 cent per minute.

I guess calling rates to countries except India are a bit on higher side, however for India its good.

Lets see how GoOnVoip works :
1. Sign up with Goonvoip.
2. Make the payments.
3. Start calling.

You can make Pc to Phone calls with Goonvoip : download its PC Dialer. It also offers access number. New Access Number for USA : 14087869991.

For more information, visit GoOnVoip.

LocalPhone Free Incoming Numbers : Australia | Mexico | International

When you are living abroad connecting with your loved ones gets really important and it gets costly as well. You have two options, either you make calls to your friends and family (which we have discussed so many times) and other option is to get an incoming number.

Basically, you rent an Incoming Number so that friends and family can call you at local rates.
Then you can forward the Incoming Number to your landline, mobile or computer. Your friend/family can call you on a local number (so your friend pays the local call charges) and you pay for the international leg of the call. If you forward calls to a Internet Phone or VoIP service then it's free to talk.

Incoming numbers are also ideal for business operating in other countries. For example, you are living in India, however you have business in Australia (that is customer's are in Australia). Your customers wants to connect with you however you don't want customers to spend so much money (international calls from Australia to India). However if you get yourself Australia Incoming number and forward it your mobile in India, then your customer just makes a local call to Australia number. If you forward the call to Internet Phone or VoIP service then it’s free to talk.

So which voip provider to choose when buying a Incoming numbers. Well the answer is LocalPhone Incoming Numbers.

How does it work?
1. Buy a number that's local to your friends.
2. Forward it to your landline, mobile or computer.
3. Your friends abroad can call you on a local number.

And why choose Localphone.
For one month LocalPhone has waived the setup fees, which could save you up to 83%. If you buy an Incoming Number between now and 12 noon 6th February you'll only have to pay the monthly fee and the cost of the calls which is really cheap compared to others.

Below is rate list for Localphone Incoming number.

United States: Normal setup fee $3.00, monthly fee $0.99, You save 75%
United Kingdom: Normal setup fee $0.99, monthly fee $0.99, You save 50%
Canada: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $3.00, You save 63%
Spain: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $3.00, You save 63%
Australia: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $5.00, You save 50%
Belgium: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $1.00, You save 83%
Netherlands: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $1.00, You save 83%
Sweden: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $1.00, You save 83%
France: Normal setup fee $5.00, monthly fee $1.00, You save 83%
South Africa: Normal setup fee $2.60, monthly fee $2.60, You save 50%

Please note that currently normal setup fee is waived off, so its free. That means, its ideal time to get yourself Localphone Incoming Numbers.

Unblock Calls on MetroPCS (USA), Rogers, Bell, Telus and Fido (Canada)

If you are a MetroPCS (USA), Rogers, Bell, Telus or Fido (Canada) customer and looking for a solution to unblock those anonymous and unknown number calls on your phone, then your wait is over. Not many such unmasking and unblocking services were available for these mobile operators. And its really very annoying when you get the phone call with private number or no number displayed on your mobile.

Well, you can now easily get rid of those calls at very nominal charges. Trapcall (a well known unmasking call service) has been very successful in doing so and many people have been using Trapcall service. And the good news is that trapcall has added above mobile operators to its list. It can very can easily reveal Caller ID from those anonymous blocked calls or restricted calls. The best part is it works on any phone without need of a software download.

Earlier the service of Trapcall was available to people of USA. Soon after trapcall started its service in Canada and it was a instant hit. Though it was supported for most of the mobile operators, however it was not working for some of the operators.

Trapcall has now expanded its domain. I recently received a mail from Trapcall that following additions have been made to its domain, i.e Trapcalls now also works great for :

- MetroPCS in the US
- Rogers, Bell, Telus and Fido in Canada
- TrapCall is also now available in Hawaii

How to avail the TrapCall Service

- First you need to register with Trapcall and choose a suitable plan for yourself.
- Now you need to program your phone (mobile, landline etc). You’ll simply key in a few numbers into your phone.
- When you receive a blocked or restricted call, reject it. You don’t want to answer an unknown number anyway right. In a matter of seconds, the blocked call is sent to Trapcall servers, where it is instantly unmasked and sent back to your phone.
- All the while the caller hears a normal ring tone, oblivious to the fact that you know exactly who they are.
- Now if you don't want to pick up his call (no anonymity anymore) then reject it for second time. But if you want to accept the call, simple answer the call.
- If you have a smartphone (say an android mobile), then you can directly use the Trapcall application on your smartphone and unmask the anonymous calls. 

Its time to register with Trapcall and start unmasking your phone calls.

Stop DND to 1909 | Start DND to 1909 : For unwanted Calls

Still getting those unwanted calls or want to stop these. Well it is now well known that you can easily stop these unwanted calls by registering on DND. I am not very sure but I think everyone is by default now registered with DND service. Yeah I have not yet registered with the service (wth NDNC) and I still receive a lot of calls from those Car helpline, people claiming to be from some NGOs, Unwanted insurance companies, credit cards : the list is very long.

The NDNC Registry is a database having the list of all telephone numbers of the subscribers who do not want to receive UCC "Unsolicited Commercial Communication". Telephone subscriber (Landline or mobile) who does not wish to receive UCC, can register their telephone number with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the NDNC.

Well if you are still getting those unwanted calls then you can register your number in NDNC registry by calling or sending SMS to toll-free 1909 saying ‘START DND’. The registration will become effective within 45 days from the date of registration.

What if you want the opposite. You have changed your mind and want to deregister yourself with NDNC (DND) service. You can de-register your phone number from NDNC by calling or sending SMS to toll-free 1909 saying ‘STOP DND‘. It will be removed from the National Do Not Call Registry within next 45 days.

What if you have registered with DND service, however you are still receiving those calls. If its been more than 45 days that you registered with DND and you receive a call from a telemarketer, you can file a complaint within 15 days from the receipt of UCC Calls/SMS with full details to your service provider. The details must include the call originating number, date/time of the call and type of commercial message. The complainant should insist for the complaint No. which should be kept for further reference. When you complaint to your service provider, it has to give you a complaint number for future reference. If the telemarketer belongs to its company it has to check whether the telemarketer is registered in NDNC Registry or not. After that he has to handle the complaint as per the UCC Regulation 2007 as amended from time to time.

Activating NDNC service is totally Free of Cost and you can unsubscribe with the service anytime by sending an SMS to 1909 with keyword 'STOP DND'.

If you are also a victim of such unwanted calls then please share your experience. Have to registered with DND ? Lets get rid of these unwanted phone calls!!

Voipalot Free Download | Voipalot Rates | Android | Blackberry | iPhone

There are lot of cheap voip services which are widely used all over world. In 2012, we will try our best to bring forward these new voip services, and will let you know about how to make very cheap international calls. Todat we will discuss about one such widely used voip provider : Voipalot.

Lets first discuss about Voipalot Rates :

1. Calls to India Mobiles at just 1 cent per minute.
2. Calls to Pakistan Fixed landline at 1.5 cents per miute.

Voipalot offers cheap calls to many countries, just check the rates on its website.
Please note that all VoipAlot calls are subject to a 0.039 USD connection fee. So if your calls are of longer duration, then only it make sense to use Voipalot. If your calls are of short duration, then Voipalot is not suggested.

How to join Voipalot for free :
1. Visit Voipalot and register with them.
2. Join Voipalot. Buy some credit to make calls.

Voipalot SIP Settings :
  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar:
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your VoipAlot username
  • Password : your VoipAlot password
Voipalot for Android :
VoipAlot offers a simple tool for Android mobile phone users to make Cheap phone calls.

There are 2 easy ways to download the VoipAlot application for Android on your mobile phone: From Android Market:
- Start the Market application on your phone
- Search for VoipAlot and install

Voipalot for iPhone :

VoipAlot offers a simple tool for Apple iPhone users to make Cheap phone calls.
There are 2 easy ways to install the VoipAlot application for iPhone on your mobile phone: Either search in App store, or use QR code.

Similarly, voipalot can be installed on
VoipAlot Symbian Client
VoipAlot Windows Client
VoipAlot Mac OS X Client
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