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Free Calls to Poland | Call Poland For Free

If you have friends or family in Poland and make lots of international calls to Poland then we have some good news for you. Well we are talking about the latest promotion by Localphone : "Free Calls to Poland Landlines". Though some would say that calls to Poland landlines are already very cheap, however FREE is Free!

Localphone Promotion : Free Calls to Poland Landlines | Call Poland for Free

Localphone is offering free calls to Poland Landlines for a whole week from 12pm (noon) GMT Wednesday 29th February until 12pm (noon) GMT Thursday 8th March.

There's no catch, calls to all Polish landlines will be free for all Localphone customers new and old. After the promotion ends, calls to landlines will return to the normal rate from 0.4p a minute.

I really liked this promotion by Localphone as it is not restricted to just new customers but is available to all new and old customers.So if you have your loved ones in Poland it is the right time to make unlimited calls to Poland using Localphone and talk endlessly! Isn't it great!!

Well I checked the calling rates to Poland offered by various voip providers. Some facts :

Calls to Poland Landlines
  • Rebtel : 1 cent per min
  • Localphone : Currently Free!
  • Pingo : 1.4 cents per min
  • Skype : 1.9 cents per min
Calls to Poland Mobile
  • Rebtel : 14.9 cents per min
  • Localphone : 6.4 cents per min
  • Skype : Amazingly same rate as landlines : 1.9 cents per min
If you are a Free Pc to Phone Calls reader then I believe you may be already using Localphone customer.  However if you have not yet joined Localphone, then take benefit of its current offer as well.

You can signup with Localphone for free. However when you buy credit,

If you join Localphone before 1st March : Use coupon code FREEPC100 while buying credit. This will get you 100% bonus credit.

If you join after 1st March (ends 31st Mar), then use coupon code "MARCH2012" while buying credit to get 10% bonus credit.

Voice Text App iPhone/iPod Touch | Voice Text SMS Messaging

It is not in the law to talk or send SMS while driving and definitely it is not safe as well. It is not advisable to send sms or call when you are driving. What you require is a app in your mobile which can automatically send text sms on your voice instructions. It is like, you tell your phone to send "I'll be reaching home in 10 mins" sms to your wife and it send the sms. That's it. This new thing is Voice Text SMS Messaging service.

Today we will look at one such voice text app for iPhone or iPod Touch : Voice Text Pro. According to them, they are the first and only such voice activated SMS / Text messaging app on the App Store.

Before we go in details about this app, Voice text app comes with many "pre-loaded" messages but you can create new unlimited custom messages by hitting the + sign or edit/delete existing ones. Nothing is off limit.

Voice Text Pro does not use any server, the entire app runs all on the device. That means on 3G, EDGE, or Wifi you always get consistently fast voice texting and all message and contact data is also secured.

Voice Text Pro sends text messages free using carrier Email-SMS gateways. Messages are sent via email but are received as text messages. The receiver can reply via text (message will be received as email) or use voice text pro to send a message FREE in reply. You'll need to do a one-time assignment of carrier to the contact. Most US carriers are supported.

Features of this app :
  • Hands Free Operation : uses a 100% hands free voice interface. No buttons, just talking.
  • Send unlimited text messages : It uses internet to send SMS. Voice Text Pro don't charge subscriptions or anything, once you buy the app you get free texting for LIFE!
  • Create new custom messages or edit.
  • Combine multiple messages using "Say More" feature.
  • Edit carrier of contact - auto save.
  • Browse and edit pronunciation of contact.
  • Create nickname.
  • Display contact picture.
  • Toggle noise cancellation.
  • Shake to cancel a text
  • Vibrate when ready
  • Auto texting (5 second countdown)
  • Turn features on/off by voice
  • Say Google SMS to auto-load text message to Google SMS service
  • Fully embedded - no server, all contact data & text content 100% secure 
How to use Voice Text Pro to send voice text sms.
  1. Say Contact Name
  2. Say Text Message
  3. Text will auto-load, just hit send!
 Still confused about this app, check the video below :

To download the app, visit Voice Text Pro in appstore. The cost of Voice Text Pro : $4.99 !!

Facetime for Android | Facetime Alternative for Android

Its the year of smartphones and almost all have access to internet on mobile. And the most popular thing which we all do on smartphones is video calling. If you have iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any Apple device and still not tried Facetime for video calls then its time to do so. Facetime works really great with amazing video call clarity. I am a regular user of Facetime on my iPad and have been its Fan from day 1. The easy to use user interface coupled with excellent quality makes Facetime number #1 video calling app (atleast for me).

But what about our Android users. The number of android users is probably lot more than iPhone users, simple reason is that Android is an open source and so many mobile companies are using this operating system. Infact large number of our blog readers are using Android mobile phones. So what about making video calls on Android mobile. Though there are many video calling apps for android as well (like Tango), which people do use. But the question is what about Facetime for Android.

Apple was earlier planning to make Facetime available for all the operating systems (including windows mobile and android), however till date we do not have any official Facetime application for android mobiles. It would have been great if Apple would have launched it officially for android users, this way we would have been able to seamlessly make video calls between iPhone to Android and vice versa.

Now since, we do not have Facetime client for Android, this does not mean that we do not make video calls between Android and iOS Device. So, the question now is "Do we have any Facetime alternatives for Android Mobiles".

Obvious answer to this question is "Yes".

Facetime Alternatives

Facetime Alternatives for Android Mobiles

ooVoo : I would say it is one of the best video calling application in terms of quality. Highly recommended for video calling on android devices, it works great!

Skype App for Android Mobiles : I use this all the time for video calling with my friends and family. It the oldest and biggest voip service and most people use this.

Tango on Android : As I said earlier in the post, it is one of the best apps for android phones.

Fring : Amazingly they also have a video calling solution and it also works on android.

Vtok for Android: Also popular as google talk atlernative (vtok for gtok/gtalk) and it make use of your gmail login for voice and video chat. One of very good app for android.

These are just few, the list of facetime alternatives is pretty long (Rebtel, Ficall etc..). Almost all the video calling apps for Android Mobiles can be considered as another option apart from Facetime!

Google Own Video Calling Solution for Android Users

What about a video calling solution from Google itself. Last year, Google announced an updated version of Google Talk that will bring voice and video chat to Android phones, starting with the Nexus S. With the 4G technology and high end phones (quad core/dual core processors), it will be easy to support the Google Video Calling (Gtalk Video) on android mobiles. The quality is also expected to be good. 

It is expected that the new version of Gtalk for android mobiles will allow users to voice or video chat with Google Talk users on Android tablets, as well as on computers using Google Talk with Gmail, over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connections. Please note that Facetime works with Wifi and not 3G.

As you can see in the video below, this Google Talk video chat feature seems better than Facetime in many ways (who know Apple may launch upgraded version of Facetime soon). So, Google Talk will also overlay text sent via instant messaging on top of your video chat screen, so you can conceivably follow links sent during chat.

I am a fan of video calling and prefer it over voice calls or text messages. I believe the video calling technology has not really kicked off, may be because not any cheap mobiles phones are available having video calling feature, technology is still progressing (not many video calling apps for 3G).

Check the video below about Google Talk Video Calling!


Is anyone aware about this official video calling feature of Gtalk for Android. Is anyone using it ?
Please share with us in the comment section.

Samsung Video Calling Mobiles Phone in India

Video Calling is getting really popular. Many people have got their phone upgraded to 3G mobiles and people have started making video calls. About an year back we posted about 3G video calling mobile phones in India. At that time, there were very less 3G video calling mobiles phones available in the market. The ones which were available were very costly. However things have changed in the past year with many video calling mobile phones available now.

Today we will look at a list of Samsung Video Calling Mobile phones in India. This lists also includes the Samsung 3G video Calling mobiles phones in India. Please note that we will try to update this list with time to time. If we have missed any phone which you are aware of, please let us know. We would love to share that as well.

Some of the phones may not have direct video calling facility, however with voip you can still use video calling on these mobiles. All you require is secondary camera and internet connection.

Additionally, we will soon update our previous post on 3G Video Calling mobile phones posts with including the latest dual camera mobiles available now.

Samsung Video Calling Mobile Phone in India | Samsung 3G Video Calling Mobile Phone in India Prices

1. Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003 :
  • Android v2.2 OS
  • 4-inch Touchscreen
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • Secondary camera for video calls
  • Price : Rs 18440

2. Samsung Galaxy Note N-7000 :
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Android v2.3 OS
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • video calls
  • Price : Rs 32700

3. Samsung Omnia W I8350 :
  • Windows Phone 7.5 OS
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Cam
  • Video Calls
  • Price : Rs 15200

4. Samsung S3770 :
  • 2 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Cam for video calls
  • 2G and 3G Network Su...
  • Price : Rs 5490

5. Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Android v2.3 OS
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera for Video calls
  • Price : Rs 30900

6. Samsung Primo S5610
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 2G and 3G Network Su...
  • 2.4-inch Screen
  • Price : Rs 5490

7. Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
  • Android v2.3 OS
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Cam...
  • Price : Rs 22560

8. Samsung S5620
  • 3G Network Support
  • 3-inch Touchscreen
  • 3.2 MP Primary Camera
  • Price : Rs 7190

9. Samsung Wave III S8600
  • Bada v2.0 OS
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Cam...
  • Price : Rs 18280

Samsung Chaton Download | Bada | Blackberry | iPhone | Android

Samsung Chaton messenger is in news these days. Many people have asked me to review Samsung Chaton Messenger highlighting its features. Well Samsung ChatON is a global mobile communication service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies or groups of buddies. Samsung ChatON brings together all of the new methods of communication, expression, and sharing in one place. Samsung Chaton Messenger can be downloaded on multiple devices, its a multi platform application. I have tried Chaton messenger on my Android mobile and it works great. Smartphone application like Viber, Tango, Whatsapp and now ChatON have just taken over the mobile voip market! If you are having a smartphone and not using these voip apps then you are surely losing a lot. You should seriously consider using Samsung Chaton.

First lets see the Samsung Chaton supported devices :

Samsung Chaton for Android Mobiles

  • Samsung Chaton is supported on all Android 2.2 Froyo and upper OS devices.
  • (Galaxy S series, Galaxy Tab(7"), and other android phones etc.).
  • Samsung Chaton Download for Android : Download from Android Market

Samsung Chaton for Blackberry Mobiles

  • Samsung Chaton is currently supported for Torch 9800, but Samsung Chaton is expected to be soon launched for other blackberry mobiles and devices
  • Samsung Chaton Download for Blackberry : Please visit "" on internet browser of Torch 9800 to download ChatON.

Samsung Chaton for Bada  Mobiles

  • Samsung Chaton is launched for Bada Mobiles as well.
  • Samsung ChatOn Download for Bada : Download Link.

Samsung Chaton for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


Samsung Chaton for Windows Mobile | Samsung Chaton for PC 

  • Will be coming soon! We will update here itself 

Samsung Chaton Features

  • Connect with all friends having Chaton messenger installed. ChatON supports many platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON. 
  • Samsung ChatON multi platform app and multiple ways to communicate!
  • Features : Chat, group chat, broadcasts, animation messages, pictures, videos, audio, location info, contacts, calendar.
  • Using ChatON, create your own unique animated message by drawing.
  • ChatON provides group management features for easy group chats.
  • ChatON provides an interaction rank which tells you how often you chat with your buddies
  • In every chat room, you can easily see all sent images and videos in a trunk

I really liked the feature of Animated messages, where you can create your custom messages.

Check out the video tutorial on Samsung Chaton Messenger below. Its a nice video on various Samsung Chaton features.

When you start ChatON for the very first time, you will be asked your name and phone number for registration. Enter your name and phone number in international format.
e.g. for USA, use +1777222222.

Once registered you can start ChatON by simply selecting the ChatON icon on your mobile or tablet. You are ready to chat with your buddies on ChatON.

Group Chat on Samsung ChatON

Group chat can be started by Selecting Group chat menu from buddy list or chat list. Select buddies to invite to group chat. Now you can enjoy chatting with a group of buddies. Or, you can start a group chat by inviting other buddies to an existing chat window.

ChatON will use your internet data or Wi-Fi. There is no additional cost when you send or receive messages via Wi-Fi.

If you are using Samsung Chaton on your mobile then please share your views in the comments section. If you are any doubts or concerns please share those as well, we will try to answer all your queries. Time to download ChatON!

Call USA Canda Free : Chirp Unlimited Calls to US Canada

You can user Chirp to make unlimited free calls to the US and Canada from any part of the world using Gmail call phone feature. With Google integrated application, you will get good sound quality and reliable service.

What you require is just a desktop or a laptop with n internet connection and gmail ID, and you should be able to enjoy unlimited calls to your loved ones or business partners in US and Canada!

Chirp is supported on all major Windows platforms, it is easy to install and costs pennies a day for unlimited calls to the USA and Canada. A 3 day trial period of Chirp is available during promotional period to make Unlimited calls to the USA and Canada.

Please note that Chirp is not affiliated to Google and it's not responsible for google services.

I believe Google already allows you to make free calls to USA and Canada for free using the Goolge Voice Service.

Chirp one month license costs $1.49, 2 months at $2.99 and 6 months at $4.99.

What I would suggest you is to try Chirp for free with 3 days trial license. If you like the service and satisfied with it then you can purchase the paid license. The prices are too low for making unlimited calls.

For more info, visit Chirp.

MyWebCalls SIP Settings | MyWebCalls SIP Calls

Few days back we posted about MyWebcalls and how you can make cheap calls using Mywebcalls. Well the calling rates offered by MyWebCalls are really very cheap like calls to India at just 0.9 cents per minute.

We also discussed that you can make PC to Phone Calls using Mywebcalls, however more people now prefer Phone to Phone Calls. You can use MyWebCalls SIP Settings to make mobile calls.

Making SIP calls is another very useful way to make phone calls. Mywebcalls supports the SIP protocol, so most SIP devices will work with Mywebcalls.

Mywebcalls no longer support H323 devices. The settings for most SIP devices will include these 3 common fields:

Username - this will be your Mywebcalls username.
Password - enter your Mywebcalls password
SIP proxy - enter enter

Your device (mobile) will automatically be enabled to make voip calls using Mywebcalls (SIP Calls). I would suggest to try Fring or Nimbuzz.

As with any other international call, you need to dial 00 (or 011 in some countries) before international numbers. For example, to call a number in London, UK, you would dial 00442072346710.

You can also make calls to other Mywebcalls, which are are free. Simply dial 699, then their Mywebcalls ID. For example if their user ID is 123456, you would dial 699123456.

Free Pc to Phone Calls on Google Plus

After a long wait, finally we decided to get ourself a Google Plus page. Yes, Free Pc to Phone Calls is on Google Plus and we promise that we will keep your updated with latest deals on calling cards, voip offers.

To follow us : just +1 us.

We kinda liked the our Google Plus account. Also to bring to your notice, we also started being active on our Facebook page. What we really liked is being connected to our readers on these social networking sites is so easy.

If you have any query just ping us and we will be more than happy to help. We will be time to time posting some new exclusive deals, promo codes, some free voucher codes (snapdeals, koovs, ebay etc) on our Google plus page.

Octro SIP Calls on iPad | Octro for iPad | Video Calls iPad

Few days back we posted about Octro (Octrotalk). Its a multi platform application available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Pc and many other devices. Today I decided to install Octro on my iPad and myself try out the SIP Calling feature of Octro.

Lets see how it proceeded, my experience of making SIP calls on iPad using Octro. I would like to place SIP calls (call mobile phone) from my iPad. I would be calling a mobile phone in India.

1. I started by downloading Octro app on my iPad. It can be found here.
2. After downloading the app when I opened the app, it asked for registration. Choose a username and password. Select Register with Octro in the dropdown menu.

Below is the image screen shot :

3. Now I need to add SIP settings in Octro. I will add my localphone sip settings.

If you are yet to register with voip provider to get a SIP account, I would suggest you to try Localphone. It is one of the best voip providers (very cheap calls). Currently we are running a promotion with Localphone double your money offer.

4. Select the phone icon. Click Add. Select configure your own SIP.

Below is the screen shot :

5. Enter your localphone sip settings here.
Enter username : your localphone SIP username.
Enter password : localhpone SIP password.
Proxy/Realm/Domain : enter

6. Select and sip account added and click connect.

7. You can now see the dialer and you are ready to make calls. See the screenshot.

Well I was able to place calls to a mobile phone from my iPad using the sip configures octro. The call quality was good and there was very less delay in the call. I would suggest people to try out Octro (atleast it worked great with Localphone SIP settings).

PS: One of the problem I faced this, call got discontinued after a minute saying that I ran out of octro credit. However as I am using my localphone credit for making calls, I couldn't understand this stupid message! I will figure this out and will update you all.

Octro | OctroTalk | Octro Video | Octro Android iPhone Blackberry

While looking for some voip softwares for my android mobile, I came across Octro (or Octrotalk). Its a multi platform mobile voip application founded by Octro Inc. The company was founded in 2006 with a mission to create productivity applications for Mobile Devices. Octro has corporate office in Cupertino, California and an offshore development facility in Delhi, India.

OctroTalk is a Jabber/XMPP/GoogleTalk client. It supports audio calling to your Jabber or Google Talk contacts. OctroTalk also supports calling to phone numbers using a SIP provider of your choice.

OctroTalk provides application for all devices : Apple devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Mac OS), Android devices, Blackberry mobiles, Windows PC etc.

Octro for iPhone | Octro for iPod Touch | Octro for Mac OS
1 ) Connect securely to GTalk/Jabber
2) P2P Audio/Video Calling
3) Complete VOIP product. Access to PSTN via configurable SIP provider
4) Supports Low Bandwidth Codec
5) Gmail/GoogleTalk compatible Video and Audio Calls
6) Group Chat

Download Link for Octro for iPhone

Octro for Android Mobile

Some of the positive reviews I found in android market : "Best voip app available Stable...running fr days Kudos to coders....", "Excellent software ever I used - having some problems of echoing - hope it will be fixed in the next updation".

Download link for Octro for Android

Octro for Blackberry
It supports Octro Chat and SIP calls.

Download Link for Octro for Blackberry

Octo for Nokia | Octro for Symbian Mobiles
Check out details about Octro for Nokia here.

Octro for Windows Mobile | Octro for PC | Octro for Windows PC
It also provides Octro app for above devices. Check out details here.

Some of the features that Octro voip app provides :

1. Octro Chat : Free Chat with other Octro Users.
2. Octro Audio Call : Free Calls with other octro users. Paid calls to mobiles.
3. Octro Video Calls : It also offers video calls on some of the devices like iPhone. Video calls to other Octro users.
4. Octro SIP Calls : Configure SIP of any voip provider on your Octro and start making calls.

If you have tried Octro then please let us know your reviews in the comments. If you face any problem installing or using Octro then please let us know, we will try our best to solve your problem.

Localphone Double your Money Offer : Special Promotion

Localphone needs no introduction on this blog, if you have been following free pc to phone calls blog you must be then aware about Localphone. If you have used calling cards or are familiar with Voip then Localphone should not be new name for you. Its one of the most trusted and most widely used voip provider.

Valid till 29th Feb 2012

In simple words, if you have not tried Localphone before, its high time that you give Localphone a try. Now coming straight to the point : This new year, Localphone has teamed up with Free PC to Phone Calls blog to bring all time great promotion : Doubler your money offer.

We would like thank Localphone for arranging this promotion for our blog readers, as this promotional offer provides lots of flexibility and is one of the best in recent times!

All of our blog readers will get 100% bonus credit on 1st orders to a maximum of $5. What that means is :
1. If you buy $1 credit you will get additional $1 credit free : total of $2 for just $1.
2. If you add $4 you will get $4 free, it goes till $5.

Wait, there's more to this deal :
This promotion will work for Euro's and GBP too. So if you buy €5 or £5 you will get €5 or £5 free respectively.

Please note that this offer (double money) is valid to a maximum of $5/€5/£5. So, please buy credit max to this range.

How to get this Localphone Promotion :
1. Visit this special localphone page.
2. At the time of checkout, enter voucher code FREEPC100. - Very important step.

Wait, there's still some more to this deal :
All users get a 5 minute free call irrespective you buy credit and get free bonus or not.
Plus Localphone offers so many ways to make calls : Local access, Smartphone apps, Pc to Phone, Webcalls etc.

If you have any doubts about Localphone or this promotion, please feel free to ask.

MyWebCall Rates | Dialer | Review | Low Cost Calls

While surfing the internet I came across this new voip provider "MyWebCalls" and interestingly the calling rates offered by Mywebcalls are very competitive. Before we go into much details about MyWebCalls, first check its calling rates.

MywebCall Calling Rates | MyWebCalls Rates

The image above clearly shows that the calls to India are real cheap at just 0.9 cents per minute. Calls to Pakistan are also cheap at just 4 cents per minute.

Now lets check Mywebcalls features :
1. Call Phones and Mobiles : Call people all over the world on their phone or mobile from just 0.7p per minute (0.8p incl. VAT) using MyWebCalls.
2. Per Second Billing : Charge by the second, to help save you money.
3. Low-Cost Calls
4. Use MyWebCalls on the move : Life doesn't stop so why should you. At MyWebCalls offer software for you iphone or android device
5. No need to download With MyWebCalls you don't have to download anything, you can call people straight out of your internet browser. Just sign in and start calling. simple.
6. Call Back : Continue to make savings where ever you are in the world with MyWebCalls, you can call people straight out of your internet browser. Just sign in and start calling.

Some of informative FAQ's

Q. How much does it cost?
You can sign up for $5, $10 or $30 accounts by using your credit card online.

Q. Which countries can I call from?
You can call from any country in the world. All you need is a PC with internet connection, microphone and speakers (or ideally headset or handset). The rates are the same, wherever you call from in the world!

Q. Which countries can I call to?
You can call to any country in the world.

Q. Are there any other fees?
No! There are no signup fees and no monthly fees. You only pay for the calls you make.

Q. Does my account credit expire?
Yes. If a call is not made for a continous period of 3 months, credit may be removed from your account without refund.

If you have any other query about Mywebcalls then please let us know! For more details on MyWebCalls, visit its website.

Reliance Net Call | Free Reliance India Calls

Reliance is a big name in Indian telecom industry. We have posted about Reliance India Call few years back (RelianceGlobalCall) and today we are back with a post on Reliance Net Call : and its Free 100 Minutes offer. or Reliance Net Call is offering all new users free 100 minuets on sign up. Please note that this free voip calls gift by Reliance is valid only when you sign with atleast minimum credit worth $5. You can use this to make Free Calls to India.

Additionally you have to make sure to tick Call Phones option when you sign up. When you have added the money in your account (that is purchased $5 credit) then you will see additional credit worth 100 minutes of free calls in your account. It may take upto 48 hours before additional credit show up in your account.

Reliance Net Call Caller of day Promotion.
This is another promotion that reliance net call is running, where highest caller of the day will get free 300 minutes of voip calls.

If you are looking for some cheap option to call India, then you can surely consider Reliance Net call as the calling rates are very competitive. They are offering calls to India at just 1.25 cents per minute.

How to make calls using Reliance Net Calls.
Well you need to make PC to Phone Calls using Reliance Net Calls. You can make free PC to PC calls along with affordable PC to Phone and Phone to PC calls with immediate access to value added services like instant messaging, audio conferencing and many other multimedia features.

Minimum system requirements for using Reliance Net Call are:
Operating Systems:
  1. Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT or 2000 (We do not support Windows 95/98/Me and Linux systems)
  2. MAC OS X version Leopard 10.5.X and above.
I am wondering why Reliance Net Call is only offering PC app. What Reliance Net Call Android, iPhone, Blackberry app still not out in the market. They are gonna loose a lot of customers because of that.

I am heading onto Reliance Net Call to try their Pc app, are you ?

Download Rebtel PC App on your Laptop : Pc to Mobile Calls

We at FreePctoPhoneCalls Blog essentially started out by informing our readers new ways to make Pc to Phone Calls. At that time, smartphones were not very popular and most people used internet only on their computer. Now things have changed with more people using internet on their mobile. Voip apps on smartphones are very popular now. However that said, some people still prefer (and fine it more easy) softphones for calling mobiles directly from their PC. Today we will be discussing about Rebtel's PC Application which will allow you to use Rebtel from anywhere in the world.

Rebtel is not only the world's second largest voip provider, it is the most famous voip service among our blog readers. A lot of people from USA/Canada/Europe already use this service for all their international calls. People from India/Pakistan/Middle East found it difficult to use their service as it didn't offer local numbers in these countries. If you have a smartphone, good enough you can use apps on your mobile phone. But what about the people living in India, without Smartphones and looking for way to make cheap international calls.

With the launch of PC application, people from anywhere in the world can use Rebtel service. Yes you heard it right, you can use it from India, Pakistan, UAE or any other country in the world (as long your laptop is connected to internet).

Download Rebtel Computer Application

- Register with Rebtel Voip Service
- Download the Softphone to your PC or laptop
- Login to your account
- Making calls is so simple. Either add contacts or call them or simply make use of dial pad and call them.

Rebtel PC App Features

The Rebtel PC app is just like a phone on your compute.
- Make Free Calls : You can call other Rebtel users for free. You can use Rebtel on your Pc and your friend may be using Rebtel on his iPhone, you both can talk for free. Rebtel's new desktop app for PC allows you to make free calls to Rebtel friends that use PC, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app
- Super Cheap International calls to any mobile or landline phone.
- Highly cheap international sms just like a regular phone.
- Filter your contacts : You can also filter your contacts by “Show all”, “All I can call” or “All I can call for free”. All calls are now shown in the recent call list, not just your last call per contact. The call is displayed: “Free” if it was a free call, or the rate of the call if it was a cheap call.
- Old method of using Rebtel on your computer is still valid.
- Making Calls from PC app is cheaper and more convenient.

Here is a video showing the Rebtel app for PC.

After the launch of its computer application, I would say Rebtel has taken a big step and now everyone should atleast try them. With the availability of so many different voucher codes, you can effective make international calls at less than one cent per min (that like under Rs 1 per minute). 

Unlimited Calls Monthly Package for Philippines Landlines

Philippines is one of the most called countries in the world. So many people have asked about cheap calling solutions for Philippines. Calling rates are very high for this country as most telecom provider are charging way to high for international calls. Using voip services to make calls to Philippines is the only solution. However the voip providers also charge high. Whatever free calls offers we have got for Philippines are limited to short duration.

What people actually want is either cheap pay as you go option (which cost them max 5 cents per minute) or they want any unlimited plan (monthly calling plans). We asked many people about their requirements (people who are living in USA and are making calls to Philippines). What we found was pretty interesting, that you guys generally call few particular phone (and not just too many).

This is because you generally make calls to either a friend or family in Philippines and these are limited in number. So the hunt goes for a monthly unlimited package for calling one/two particular Philippine mobile or landline. Though Air4 offers such unlimited plans (which are infact great), but they are capped with 20 minutes duration for each call (and max number of calls). Plus they have temporarily suspended the signups.

To our surprise, Localphone offers such exclusive packages. That is, "Unlimited Calls to One Philippine Landline".

Localphone recently launched this new product where customers can make unlimited calls to a friend in the Philippines for £24.99 / $39.99 a month. The package applies to one PLDT landline and customers will pay £24.99 a month plus a one off activation fee of £24.99.

Call Philippine

High quality calls connected through PLDT, the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. You can call PLDT landline and Landline Plus numbers. Tell your friends and family to get a Landline Plus number to make their landline portable. Good thing about this offer is no daily limits (make as many calls as you like and talk for as long as you like).

Benefits of Localphone Philippines Unlimited Plan:
  • No replacement SIM or adapters needed
  • Call from your phone or computer (as long as you have internet wifi or 3G)
  • No daily call limits
  • Get connected straight through
  • New customers get a 5 minute free call to try before they pay

How to make unlimited calls using Localphone :

  • Call from your computer
  • Call from your VoIP device
  • No daily call limits
  • Call from anywhere in the World using your WiFi or 3G connection so you can call no matter where you are in the World.
Please note that if you frequently call a friend or relative who has a PLDT landline this plan is perfect for you. There's no contract so you can cancel the plan at any point by contacting us. If you have already made a monthly payment you will still be able to make unlimited calls until the end of the month.

As the plan is a bit costly just make sure you are clear about everything you need to know. Once you have made up your mind, just go ahead with the monthly calling packages. If you have any questions, shoot them to us in the comment section.

LowPriceCall : Low Price Calls to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Few days back one of readers posted about this new voip service which is offering cheap international calls to many countries. We are talking about the new entry : LowPriceCall.

LowPriceCall is offering cheap international calls specially to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Bangladesh,Pakistan and African countries.

Features of Low Price Call :
  • No contract or minimum commitment
  • We provide 24x7 customer service.
  • Easy online account management.
  • You can view your call log online.
  • Pinless Dialing.
  • Call Back Facility.
  • PC 2 Phone. From computer to landlines & mobiles
  • Web Phone - Softphone - on desktop.
  • Application - APP - for your Smartphone.
  • Price; Minimum purchase US$ 10.00

Low Price Calls to India :

Cheap calls to india and call from India.
India (Landline) 0.014 US$
India (Mobile) 0.011 US$

Low Price Calls to Australia :

Australia (Landline) 0.013 US$
Australia (Mobile) 0.084 US$
To Make calls to Australia using lowpricecall :
1. Dial any Australian phone number whether it is landline or mobile phone from your computer desktop through our Softphone. Get low priced uninterrupted crystal clear calls.
2. Get the mobile call Apps to install in your Smartphone and start to dial your families and friends instantly.

Low Price Calls to Pakistan :
Pakistan (Landline) 0.030 US$
Pakistan (Mobile) 0.029 US$

Low Price Calls to Philippines :
Philippines (Landline) 0.103
Philippines (Mobile) 0.12

For more info, visit LowPriceCall

Dell Fongo : Free Voip Calling App | Reduce Mobile bills

I just read an article about Dell and Fongo offering Free voip calling app to reduce the mobile phone bills. It is offering free Canadian phone number for unlimited free incoming calls. This include free local and long distance calls in Canada.

The app available on Android and iOS devices : iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad features free voicemail, caller id, call waiting service.

Dell Canada and Fongo launched their mobile app two days back. Its a free to download full feature VoIP phone alternative that may help Canadians save money on their mobile phone bills. Dell Voice uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to receive and place calls with users existing data connection1 (i.e. 3G, 4G or WiFi) on the Fibernetics network. Fongo enjoys privileged access to Fibernetics, a Canadian CLEC that owns and operates its own coast-to-coast network in Canada.

"Dell and Fongo want to tilt the competitive playing field by offering smartphone users everything we believe they need in a mobile phone service - for free," says John Stix, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Fongo.

Dell voice is currently available for Android and iPhone devices, and is expected to be launched for Blackberry as well in March 2012.

Fongo is a next generation digital communication platform that can potentially deliver the end of Voice costs for smartphones in Canada.

Fongo's application works on any iPhone, Android based phone and soon BlackBerry. Users receive a brand new Canadian telephone number, free long distance calling to most Canadian cities, unlimited airtime, Voice mail, caller ID and many more free features included.

Vonage Mobile App for iPhone, Android | Free app to app calls

Now every other voip provider, telecom provider is trying to capture the market by offering its mobile calling app. This is simply because a large number of people have switched to smartphone and like making voip calls : which are free. Vonage is now trying to attract skype customers and it has announced the launch of its new calling app for Android and iOS devices.

Vonage Mobile calling app features free app-to-app calling and cheap international calling rates. It is being said that on average the calling rates are 70 percent less than major mobile carriers and 30 percent less than Skype. That's a big difference I guess. The good feature about Vonage app and other such applications is that is allows you to talk and text to other people who are using the same app.

Vonage Mobile Calling app for iPhone, Android
Vonage also allows Free app to app calls as well as free text messaging between vonage app users. It also has wideband HD audio for better audio quality.

One more good feature about Vonage mobile app is that you can use your existing address book and there is no need to leave the app. The app works on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Calls made from Vonage app uses your mobile number as your caller ID. This feature is not available on many other applications, so its a plus for Vonage.

Also, in order to know which of your contacts have Vonage app installed, just check your contact list. Your contacts with a Vonage are shown with "V" logo next to contacts and are a free phone call away!

Any one can install this app. Calls to any Vonage number are also free. To encourage usage of this new app for a limited time any phone number in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico from will be free.

So, if you are outside US and want to make free calls to your family or friend in USA, install Vonage app and make free calls to USA.

Download Links for Vonage Mobile Apps :
Vonage Mobile app for iPhone.
Vonage Mobile app for Android.

FB Messenger | Facebook Messenger iPhone, iOS, Android app

Social media websites are really very popular. And the most popular website is Facebook. Facebook has grown and grown very very big !! Are you on facebook ?

One feature that I really like about Facebook is its chat. But when I am on the go, what I really require is simpler Facebook chat application. Yeah most people have Facebook installed on their mobile, however the messenger thing is not that good. What you really require is a Facebook Messenger for your smartphone.

Yes, FB Messenger for Android, iPhone, iOS devices works really great. Facebook Messenger app for Android and iPhone is also getting popular and is actually worth installing.

Follow the links below to download FB messenger :
1. Facebook Messenger app for Android.
2. Facebook Messenger app for iPhone/iPad, iPod Touch.

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to friends. With FB Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world or anyone in your mobile contacts list. Facebook messenger is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Have you been following us on Facebook. Follow us on facebook and stay updated to all offers and best deals.

Some of FB Messenger features :
• Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger
• Chat with friends who are on Facebook
• Get free push notifications for incoming messages
• Add location and photos to messages
• Reach friends via text message if they don't have Messenger yet
• Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook
• Create group conversations for making plans on the go
• Add more friends to group conversations at any time
• Control alert and location settings for each conversation

And the best thing : It's FREE !!!

Evaphone for Android | iPhone | iPad : EvaPhone SIP Settings

Evaphone is a highly popular voip provider which offers free international calls everyday. Lot of our blog readers use it regularly to make calls daily. Basically it offers limited duration two free calls everyday (per IP address). It may not be very useful for calling India (where the calling rate is low), however it is very useful for calling countries where cost is too high.

EvaPhone has a web based phone, where you can just visit the website and start making calls. You can very easily make calls, just turn on headphones and microphone and phone free and without registration to mobile and fixed phones. But the bad thing is it requires you to log on to your computer. What we are looking for is Evaphone on mobile, which enables you to make Free calls from Mobile.

EvaPhone SIP Calling

Evaphone can be used on your mobile phone using its SIP Settings. With SIP software on your smartphone (or tablet), you can use EvaPhone on your mobile.

To use Evaphone on your mobile
1. Register with Evaphone. Choose username, enter mail and password.
2. Verify your mail address.
3. Register SIP settings of Evaphone in any mobile SIP client like Fring!

Evaphone SIP Settings
"Domain" - sip-server address is:
"Username" - your login user on Evaphone
"Password" - your password in Evaphone
"Caller Id Name" - Your nickname (optional)

Evaphone for Android Mobiles and Tablets

They have recently launched the application for Android Mobiles. Now directly download the android app to your mobile and start making free and cheap international calls. Operator code is 12345.

EvaPhone for Android Mobiles

- Download the app from Google Play. Search for "EvaPhone".
- Run up the Android app on your phone. Enter Brand pin: 12345, User ID, SIP password.
- Call your contacts paying way less than you pay to your regular mobile provider.

EvaPhone App works in Blocked Areas :  No user names or extra contact lists - Just use your phone’s regular address book. Call from your phone's built in dialer and Evaphone automatically connects your international calls. It works in UAE.

You will get free 3 Minutes Test Call.
- EvaPhone Alternative : GlobFone

EvaPhone for iPhone and iPad

It offers an application for iPhone and iPad as well, use it for free and cheap international calls.
- Register for a Evaphone account, download it from the App Store and install on your iPhone.
- Run up the iPhone app on your iPhone. Enter Routing Number: 12345, User ID, SIP password.
- Call your contacts paying way less than you pay to your regular mobile provider.

EvaPhone for iPhone and iPad

Earn Free Credit : Tell friends about us and earn free credit if they join Evaphone and top-up. Earn $1 free credit.

Facetime for PC | Download Facetime App for Windows and Mac

If you are having an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then I am sure you are enjoying the free video calling feature, that is the ultra cool app Facetime. I have been using it on my iPad and in my opinion its one of the best software in terms of quality for making video calls. I would certainly rate it higher than Skype and ooVoo in terms of call quality. It even gets better if you use the primary back camera.

The only disadvantage with Facetime is that very less of my friends and family have an iOS device (iPod/iPad/iPhone) and thus I am not able to use this app much. In order to video chat with, I have to rely on other apps which are accessible to them. It would have been great if somehow my friends were also able download Facetime on PC and then we can video chat for free! The question is "Can anyone use Facetime on computer" ?

facetime for pc

Facetime for Mac

Well FaceTime client for the Mac OS is available for download absolutely free of cost, thus allowing users to make video calls between any iOS devices or Macs running FaceTime. So, if you are having a Macbook then also you can use Facetime on Macintosh laptop.  You can easily download Facetime on your Mac from "Mac store" and directly start making video calls. Here is a video presentation by steve jobs about the Facetime client for MAC PCs.

But what about most of people who have windows (On your PC which can be Laptops/Desktop). What's with Facetime for Windows (Facetime for PC).

Facetime for PC | Facetime for Windows

As of today, there is no official way to use Facetime on Windows PC, that's bad news for windows users. Apple has this tendency to encapsulate every cool app and provide it to only Apple user's. No official Apple Facetime app is available for windows. In the past, Apple has discussed about making Facetime an open software and then it will work for windows as well. However till date this has not been the case. So for the time being, there's no way for someone using Windows to make a FaceTime call to someone using, for instance, an iOS device via the Facetime app. We have discussed in the past about how you can install the android based apps on your PC using the android emulator for PC.

So, one conceptual way of getting facetime up and running on windows would be to install iOS based emulator on your windows laptop and then use Facetime client on it. I have digged a bit into this, though I found some tutorials and article on getting iOS emulator on PC, but most of them are quite complex and they failed to run Facetime client. In other words, I have still not found a working iOS emulator for windows which can run Facetime client.

Is that all, No Facetime for PC. Well, what we currently have is Facetime alternative for PC and Windows.

Facetime Alternatives for PC | Facetime Alternatives for Windows

The second best software which I feel for making video calls between PC and iPhone/iPad is OoVoo. But lets look at other options as well :

1. Skype : Its a very well known, and widely used voip application. Skype works on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and many other platforms. Skype has been popular for so long, its one application which everyone joins when trying voip!

2. Oovoo : It is also very good application, slowly and steadily getting more and more customers. It is also very widely used for video calls and video conference calls. Apart from normal video calling (quality is also good), it has features like Free Group Video Calling (which is just awesome, video chat with multiple people at same time). I just love this cool application! It works great on PC, iPhone, Android, iPad!

3. Yahoo Messenger : Yahoo application, works great on iPad/iPhone and PC users. I am sure many of you already might have used this app.

4. Tango : Tango offer video calling facility on smartphones like Android, iPhone, and on PC. People can use Tango on their Pc to make video call to your friend using Tango on his mobile. Call quality is average.

5. Qik : Another video calling application for PC, and smartphones. It can also be used for making PC to Mobile Video Calls.

6. Voxox : Its again one of the best video calling application. It works pretty good for PC. One of good Facetime alternatives for PC. It offers Free Video Conferencing on PC.

7. Tango : This app has created a lot of buzz in the market from the time it was released. Its a multi platform application having apps for almost all platforms (Blackberry is the only pending item in their list). Its one of the best Facetime Alternatives!

The list of Facetime for PC alternatives is quite large, so many video calling applications are in the market. I have not listed every option, but if you want any particular video call provider then please post it in the comments. We will include that in this list!

Also, we will be keeping an eye on "Facetime PC Client for Windows Computer" official launch, so stay tuned for updates on it!

iPad as a Phone | iPad Phone App | Free Calls from iPad

Few days back we posted about Maaii voip app which can be used on your iPhone to make free calls. Well it turns out that the app works really great on iPad as well. I have been using Maaii on my iPad for making unlimited free calls for past few days and everything is working good with Maaii.

Lets see how you can use Maaii on your iPad to make free calls. Firstly, Maaii is offering Free 1.9$ credit everyday. If your credit goes below $1.9 on any day, your account will be automatically recharged and your balance will go to $1.9. $1.9 credit is worth 100 Free minutes to India.

So what does it mean.
With Maaii you can make free 100 minutes of calls everyday. Your account will be recharged everyday automatically.

Now lets see how to make Free Calls on your iPad!
1. Visit App store on your iPad. Search for "Maaii".
2. You will see iPhone Maaii application which works on your iPad as well.
3. Install Maaii app on your iPad.
4. It will ask for a Phone number. Enter your mobile number.
5. Maaii will send SMS code to verify your mobile number. Enter this number on your iPad Maaii app.

Please note that it will take about a day for your account to get verified and you will see the $1.9 a day after your registration. I have been using Maaii on iPad, the call quality is also good.

All and any minutes given away as part of this Free Minutes Promotion will be forfeited (if not already used) 3 months after registration.

Spokn Collect Calls | Unblock Calls in UAE, Middle East

Living in middle east and paying high for your international calling needs, then we have some answer for you. Many voip providers are banned in middle east : UAE, Dubai etc, however we have found some solution for you : Spokn Collect Calls are supposed to work even in middle east.

Firstly in order to use this service, you need to register with Spokn and buy some credit. Now lets see what is this Spokn collect calls and how does this work.

Spokn Collect Calls

When you call your favourite contacts, Spokn displays a unique USA phone number as your caller ID. Whenever they want to call you back, they just give a missed call to this USA phone number and Spokn automatically calls them back and connects them to you.

Lets explain this in detail : You live in Dubai and you have your family in India.
1. Register with Spokn and enable Collect call feature.
2. You provide up to 5 phone numbers of your family members in India. Spokn allocates a USA phone number for each of these contacts.
3. When you call these contacts using Spokn, they see a call from a USA (+1 country code) phone number. You ask them to save this number. Each of your 5 contacts will see a different USA phone number, so they will each need to save it separately.
4. Now you ask your family in India to call this USA number they just saved.
5. Spokn sees a call coming from your contact’s phone number and disconnects the call immediately without answering it. Your contact is NOT CHARGED by their operator for this international call.
6. Spokn then initiates a call to your contact’s phone number and once the call is answered, initiates another call to your Spokn ID, which rings on your Spokn dialer / device. Please note that you can use Spokn dialer on your PC, or your mobile phone.
7. You can simple answer the call and talk for as long as you like. You will be charged for a call to your contact’s phone number.

This Spokn Collect call feature currently works for all middle east countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Spokn has also dropped rates across some of very popular destinations -

India – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)
Pakistan – Now 4 cents / min (reduced 50%)
China – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)
Singapore – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)

So, if you are living in Dubai, UAE or any other middle east country then Spokn is just the answer for you. You will be saving a lot on your phone bills.
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