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Evaphone for Android | iPhone | iPad : EvaPhone SIP Settings

Evaphone is a highly popular voip provider which offers free international calls everyday. Lot of our blog readers use it regularly to make calls daily. Basically it offers limited duration two free calls everyday (per IP address). It may not be very useful for calling India (where the calling rate is low), however it is very useful for calling countries where cost is too high.

EvaPhone has a web based phone, where you can just visit the website and start making calls. You can very easily make calls, just turn on headphones and microphone and phone free and without registration to mobile and fixed phones. But the bad thing is it requires you to log on to your computer. What we are looking for is Evaphone on mobile, which enables you to make Free calls from Mobile.

EvaPhone SIP Calling

Evaphone can be used on your mobile phone using its SIP Settings. With SIP software on your smartphone (or tablet), you can use EvaPhone on your mobile.

To use Evaphone on your mobile
1. Register with Evaphone. Choose username, enter mail and password.
2. Verify your mail address.
3. Register SIP settings of Evaphone in any mobile SIP client like Fring!

Evaphone SIP Settings
"Domain" - sip-server address is:
"Username" - your login user on Evaphone
"Password" - your password in Evaphone
"Caller Id Name" - Your nickname (optional)

Evaphone for Android Mobiles and Tablets

They have recently launched the application for Android Mobiles. Now directly download the android app to your mobile and start making free and cheap international calls. Operator code is 12345.

EvaPhone for Android Mobiles

- Download the app from Google Play. Search for "EvaPhone".
- Run up the Android app on your phone. Enter Brand pin: 12345, User ID, SIP password.
- Call your contacts paying way less than you pay to your regular mobile provider.

EvaPhone App works in Blocked Areas :  No user names or extra contact lists - Just use your phone’s regular address book. Call from your phone's built in dialer and Evaphone automatically connects your international calls. It works in UAE.

You will get free 3 Minutes Test Call.
- EvaPhone Alternative : GlobFone

EvaPhone for iPhone and iPad

It offers an application for iPhone and iPad as well, use it for free and cheap international calls.
- Register for a Evaphone account, download it from the App Store and install on your iPhone.
- Run up the iPhone app on your iPhone. Enter Routing Number: 12345, User ID, SIP password.
- Call your contacts paying way less than you pay to your regular mobile provider.

EvaPhone for iPhone and iPad

Earn Free Credit : Tell friends about us and earn free credit if they join Evaphone and top-up. Earn $1 free credit.

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