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FB Messenger | Facebook Messenger iPhone, iOS, Android app

Social media websites are really very popular. And the most popular website is Facebook. Facebook has grown and grown very very big !! Are you on facebook ?

One feature that I really like about Facebook is its chat. But when I am on the go, what I really require is simpler Facebook chat application. Yeah most people have Facebook installed on their mobile, however the messenger thing is not that good. What you really require is a Facebook Messenger for your smartphone.

Yes, FB Messenger for Android, iPhone, iOS devices works really great. Facebook Messenger app for Android and iPhone is also getting popular and is actually worth installing.

Follow the links below to download FB messenger :
1. Facebook Messenger app for Android.
2. Facebook Messenger app for iPhone/iPad, iPod Touch.

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to friends. With FB Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world or anyone in your mobile contacts list. Facebook messenger is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

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Some of FB Messenger features :
• Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger
• Chat with friends who are on Facebook
• Get free push notifications for incoming messages
• Add location and photos to messages
• Reach friends via text message if they don't have Messenger yet
• Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook
• Create group conversations for making plans on the go
• Add more friends to group conversations at any time
• Control alert and location settings for each conversation

And the best thing : It's FREE !!!

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