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Free Calls to Poland | Call Poland For Free

If you have friends or family in Poland and make lots of international calls to Poland then we have some good news for you. Well we are talking about the latest promotion by Localphone : "Free Calls to Poland Landlines". Though some would say that calls to Poland landlines are already very cheap, however FREE is Free!

Localphone Promotion : Free Calls to Poland Landlines | Call Poland for Free

Localphone is offering free calls to Poland Landlines for a whole week from 12pm (noon) GMT Wednesday 29th February until 12pm (noon) GMT Thursday 8th March.

There's no catch, calls to all Polish landlines will be free for all Localphone customers new and old. After the promotion ends, calls to landlines will return to the normal rate from 0.4p a minute.

I really liked this promotion by Localphone as it is not restricted to just new customers but is available to all new and old customers.So if you have your loved ones in Poland it is the right time to make unlimited calls to Poland using Localphone and talk endlessly! Isn't it great!!

Well I checked the calling rates to Poland offered by various voip providers. Some facts :

Calls to Poland Landlines
  • Rebtel : 1 cent per min
  • Localphone : Currently Free!
  • Pingo : 1.4 cents per min
  • Skype : 1.9 cents per min
Calls to Poland Mobile
  • Rebtel : 14.9 cents per min
  • Localphone : 6.4 cents per min
  • Skype : Amazingly same rate as landlines : 1.9 cents per min
If you are a Free Pc to Phone Calls reader then I believe you may be already using Localphone customer.  However if you have not yet joined Localphone, then take benefit of its current offer as well.

You can signup with Localphone for free. However when you buy credit,

If you join Localphone before 1st March : Use coupon code FREEPC100 while buying credit. This will get you 100% bonus credit.

If you join after 1st March (ends 31st Mar), then use coupon code "MARCH2012" while buying credit to get 10% bonus credit.

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