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Few days back we posted about Maaii voip app which can be used on your iPhone to make free calls. Well it turns out that the app works really great on iPad as well. I have been using Maaii on my iPad for making unlimited free calls for past few days and everything is working good with Maaii.

Lets see how you can use Maaii on your iPad to make free calls. Firstly, Maaii is offering Free 1.9$ credit everyday. If your credit goes below $1.9 on any day, your account will be automatically recharged and your balance will go to $1.9. $1.9 credit is worth 100 Free minutes to India.

So what does it mean.
With Maaii you can make free 100 minutes of calls everyday. Your account will be recharged everyday automatically.

Now lets see how to make Free Calls on your iPad!
1. Visit App store on your iPad. Search for "Maaii".
2. You will see iPhone Maaii application which works on your iPad as well.
3. Install Maaii app on your iPad.
4. It will ask for a Phone number. Enter your mobile number.
5. Maaii will send SMS code to verify your mobile number. Enter this number on your iPad Maaii app.

Please note that it will take about a day for your account to get verified and you will see the $1.9 a day after your registration. I have been using Maaii on iPad, the call quality is also good.

All and any minutes given away as part of this Free Minutes Promotion will be forfeited (if not already used) 3 months after registration.

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February 4, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Seems like this year is going to see lot of VOIP apps. I have started using and its absolutely wonderful. the clarity is awesome and the app is so nice to use. All calls to users are free and available on iOS and Android. its a quality product!

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