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MyWebCalls SIP Settings | MyWebCalls SIP Calls

Few days back we posted about MyWebcalls and how you can make cheap calls using Mywebcalls. Well the calling rates offered by MyWebCalls are really very cheap like calls to India at just 0.9 cents per minute.

We also discussed that you can make PC to Phone Calls using Mywebcalls, however more people now prefer Phone to Phone Calls. You can use MyWebCalls SIP Settings to make mobile calls.

Making SIP calls is another very useful way to make phone calls. Mywebcalls supports the SIP protocol, so most SIP devices will work with Mywebcalls.

Mywebcalls no longer support H323 devices. The settings for most SIP devices will include these 3 common fields:

Username - this will be your Mywebcalls username.
Password - enter your Mywebcalls password
SIP proxy - enter enter

Your device (mobile) will automatically be enabled to make voip calls using Mywebcalls (SIP Calls). I would suggest to try Fring or Nimbuzz.

As with any other international call, you need to dial 00 (or 011 in some countries) before international numbers. For example, to call a number in London, UK, you would dial 00442072346710.

You can also make calls to other Mywebcalls, which are are free. Simply dial 699, then their Mywebcalls ID. For example if their user ID is 123456, you would dial 699123456.

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