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Octro SIP Calls on iPad | Octro for iPad | Video Calls iPad

Few days back we posted about Octro (Octrotalk). Its a multi platform application available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Pc and many other devices. Today I decided to install Octro on my iPad and myself try out the SIP Calling feature of Octro.

Lets see how it proceeded, my experience of making SIP calls on iPad using Octro. I would like to place SIP calls (call mobile phone) from my iPad. I would be calling a mobile phone in India.

1. I started by downloading Octro app on my iPad. It can be found here.
2. After downloading the app when I opened the app, it asked for registration. Choose a username and password. Select Register with Octro in the dropdown menu.

Below is the image screen shot :

3. Now I need to add SIP settings in Octro. I will add my localphone sip settings.

If you are yet to register with voip provider to get a SIP account, I would suggest you to try Localphone. It is one of the best voip providers (very cheap calls). Currently we are running a promotion with Localphone double your money offer.

4. Select the phone icon. Click Add. Select configure your own SIP.

Below is the screen shot :

5. Enter your localphone sip settings here.
Enter username : your localphone SIP username.
Enter password : localhpone SIP password.
Proxy/Realm/Domain : enter

6. Select and sip account added and click connect.

7. You can now see the dialer and you are ready to make calls. See the screenshot.

Well I was able to place calls to a mobile phone from my iPad using the sip configures octro. The call quality was good and there was very less delay in the call. I would suggest people to try out Octro (atleast it worked great with Localphone SIP settings).

PS: One of the problem I faced this, call got discontinued after a minute saying that I ran out of octro credit. However as I am using my localphone credit for making calls, I couldn't understand this stupid message! I will figure this out and will update you all.

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