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How to Block Calls on iPhone | iPhone4 : Blocking Unwanted Calls

I always thought that this is inbuilt feature of iPhone, THE iPhone4. Well turns out that blocking calls on iPhone or the latest iPhone4 is not something provided by Apple. I guess, I was having this call blocking feature even on my Nokia mobile (few years I have Android :P). So I started searching internet about blocking unwanted calls on iPhone, as well blocking text messages on iPhone.

I would just love to have this blocking unwanted SMS feature on my phone. It is really annoying when you receive these random text messages. According to some people (as I am not sure here) : the call blocking feature is a service provided by telecom providers. Anyhow, neither Verizon nor AT&T offer this feature (free). I guess AT&T used to offer the call blocking facility at $5 per month (not sure whether it is available now and it works for iPhone). But why should I pay money to block these unwanted calls. What we want is a iPhone Service or iPhone App to block calls.

How can we block these unwanted calls on iPhone | iPhone4 | iPhone3GS

iBlackList : iPhone App to block Calls

There is an app called iBlacklist which can help you block calls on your iPhone Mobile. This app is not free and is available at one time price of $12. So at least this is better than paying monthly charges. However, iBlacklist not available at Apple Store. Only those who have jailbreak their iPhone can get this app. iBlackList can be downloaded only via Cydia. iBlacklist works on iOS5.
  • Easy to setup and operate.
  • Protect privacy.
  • Parental Control.
The list of features of iBlacklist is very large, so better check it on iBlacklist itself.

Silent Ringtone Method to Block Calls on iPhone / Any other mobile

Well it is not exactly blocking the calls, however these unwanted calls won't disturb you anymore. Whats annoying is the ring and disturbance these unwanted calls cause. So just do a selective silent ringtone for these numbers.
  • First you need a silent ringtone. (Google it : over 1000 free mp3 available).
  • Then download this silent ringtone to your mobile (simply transfer it via iTunes).
  • Make a list of numbers whose calls you don't want to attend (make a blocked number list). Assign this list the silent ringtone. 
  • You have to keep on building this spam list of unwanted contacts.
Whenever these people call you, you won't get disturbed.

Google Voice : Blocking Unwanted Calls

Move your mobile number to a new Google Voice Number. Calls can be easily blocked on Google Voice with just touch of a button.

What we covered in this post is to block the calls, if someone is troubling you with masked calls (where caller id does not appear), then we have a another tutorial for you : "How to unmask calls on iPhone".

How to make Free Calls from Australia to India : USA : OziCall

One of our facebook followers asked us about making Free calls from Australia to India. Well it turns out it is a very common question as a lot of Indian students are there in Australia who want to call their family in India for free. Many other people want to make free international calls from Australia. Lets see how can you make free calls to 70 countries from Australia.
OziCall Talk up
We will today discuss about OziCall Talk Up, which is a new way to make free international calls using a free virtual calling card. Use your landline to create an account and add free Talk Up credit, then use any phone (land or mobile) to make free international calls.

How to get Free 30 Minutes : Create Free OziCall Talk up Account

  • Call 1300 721 478 from a landline you have frequent access to. (A home, work, or school phone for instance).
  • A free Talk Up account will be created over the phone. Your account number will be the phone number you are calling from.
  • Write down your account number, and hang up. (Make sure to store this number).

How to use these 30 Free minutes to make Free International Calls from Australia

  • Call local access numbers Sydney 02 8015 5870 or Melbourne 03 8820 5027 from ANY phone. Need not to be the number you registered.
  • Enter your account number (which you stored in previous step), and then international number you want to call.

How to add more credit to your OziCall Talk up account

  • Dial 1300 721 478 from the landline you created your account with.
  • Select the Add More Credit option, and hang up after you hear confirmation.
  • Each Top Up call will add 7 additional minutes to your Talk Up balance.
You can even transfer your free minutes from one account to other account. You can create new Talk Up accounts with 100 or 250 minutes of talk time by transferring a part of your existing Talk Up balance to the new account. To do this, dial 1300 721 478 and select option 8 or 9 in the menu.


Don't get shocked if your landline phone bill tossed up too high! So just read this before you go heading making free calls.

OziCall does not charge you anything for using talk up, HOWEVER to charge and manage your Talk Up account, you need to dial 1300 numbers from a landline phone. Depending on your landline phone plan, you may be charged a per call fee to dial our 1300 numbers. Some landline plans have unlimited 1300 access in them, and others charge you for each 1300 call you make. You should be fully aware of any charges associated with calling 1300 numbers before dialing our Talk Up 1300 numbers. To avoid bill shock, do not charge up hundreds of Talk Up minutes if you get charged per call to 1300 numbers.

For more information, visit OziCall.

How to Make Prank Call for Free without getting caught : PrankDial

Won't you like to tease your friend and play a prank on her. What about a prank call for free and without getting caught. People have asked me how they can play a prank call for free using Skype, but we have a better solution :P. Its the PrankDial : they call themselves original internet Prank Call website! I am already having fun and excited about writing this post!

PrankDial is a service where you can play a prank call on your friend for free. Free users get three free calls a day. That means you can play pranks calls on three of your friends, so play 3 prank on same friend (if he/she is so dump :P). 

What Pranks does this Prank Dial offer 

A call is placed to your friend and a recoding is played. These recording are some real fun.You can choose which prank call you want to make. Some of these are really nice and some can scary as well... I kinda liked these :
Once you decided which prank you want to sent to your friends, you can send it for free. Lets find out how.

How do you use PrankDial

  • You can make a prank call for free using computer (PC)
  • You can make a prank call for free from your mobile (smartphone app for iPhone/Android), or mobile website.
  • Choose the prank which you want to sent.
  • Enter the number of the person you want to prank
  • Enter the number you want to be appear on the screen when the prank call goes through. If left blank, call will be placed from unknown number. 
  • Choose to listen live and even record the prank call. This is a AWESOME feature.
For every prank you place, you will be charged one token. You get three free tokens a day. So as I said before you get three free prank calls daily. Free tokens are recycled after 24 hours. 

How to get more PrankDial Tokens for Free

  • You can fill out some surveys and get free tokens. Check this link.
  • Prankdial offers free tokens on facebook and twitter pages as well. Follow them on facebook.


Can to make Prank Calls International (Outside USA)

You can use PrankDial to send prank calls to friends outside US as well, however for that you need to buy tokens. We will soon review more such websites which offer prank calls outside USA (like Prank Calls to India).

Free Calls to Hong Kong Mobile | Call HongKong for Free

If you were not happy with Free Calls to Portugal, well Localphone has Free calls to HongKong offer lined up for you. This is a weekly promotion by Localphone, where you just need to be a localphone customer and you can make calls to Hong Kong mobile for free!

The free calls to Hong Kong mobile offer is valid for both old and new customers. I just love localphone for this, it has something for everyone.

Localphone Free Calls to Hong Kong Promotion

    Free Calls to HongKong
  • Localphone customers can make free calls to mobiles in Hong Kong for a whole week. 
  • From 27th March - 3rd April calls to mobiles in Hong Kong will be completely free. 
  • There are no limits on how long customers can talk for or how many numbers they call. 
  • The offer is available to all Localphone customers old or new. 
So if you are living in USA, Canada, India or any other country and have family or friends living in HongKong then it is right time to join Localphone.

Ways to make calls to Hong Kong mobile :

  • Calls from PC : Use Localphone PC application to make Free PC to mobile calls to Hong Kong.
  • Calls from SmartPhone (iPhone/Android) using Localphone Voip application. 
  • Calls from landline : Get a local access number and start making free calls. 
  • Localphone SIP Calls : Get localphone details and configure SIP in any device or your mobile itself. You can also configure SIP in tablets viz. iPad.
Well just like before we also checked the prices of other voip providers to check which is best option to make calls to HongKong mobiles and landline phones.

Calling Rates to HongKong Mobiles

  • Localphone : 1 cent per min
  • Rebtel : 1.8 cents per min
  • Pingo : 2.25 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : Free (you have to buy minimum credit)

Calling Rates to Hong Kong Landlines Phones

  • Localphone : 1.5 cents per min
  • Rebtel : 1.8 cents per min
  • Pingo : 2.25 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : Free


If you are ok with using betamax services (many people have complaints about them) then certainly a good option to call Hongkong mobile and landlines as these are free (Free Calls to Hong Kong mobiles and landlines). Otherwise Localphone is a good option at 1 cent per min (during this promotional week : free calls to Hong Kong mobile).
So if you are a localphone customer then voilla, quite clear start making free calls to Hong Kong mobile for one whole week. If you are still not a localphone customer, then why are you waiting : Join Localphone using voucher code "MARCH2012" to get 10% discount on your first purchase.

Viber for Blackberry Download : Viber Blackberry app release date

The wait for viber blackberry application finally seems to be getting over (soon). The viber forums and facebook page is full of questions about viber blackberry application. All blackberry users just want to download viber for blackberry application and start making free calls. If blackberry messenger is one hot thing on blackberry, then viber for blackberry will surely prove to be the hottest :P. Viber for blackberry application is getting so hot that people have even switched to android and iPhone mobiles.

Viber has proved to be a great success on iPhone, Android mobile phones. Not only you can use Viber just on your mobile, but you can use Viber on iPod Touch, iPad and even Viber on PC!

UPDATE (8th May 2012) : We are exited to announce that Viber for Blackberry is finally released.
Here is an update from Viber team.
Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that Viber for BlackBerry Beta and Windows Phone 7 have both been released today! These milestone lets BlackBerry and WP7 users connect freely with our 60 million Viber users, and is a major step towards the full versions, which will have our free HD-voice calling. Get it, you’ll like it.

We are here to collect your feedbacks, questions and ideas - feel free to let us know your thoughts at any time :)

Best regards
the Viber Team.
So many of our readers have posted about switching to android or iphone just because viber for blackberry was not available. Now Viber Blackberry application has been finally released, so no need to switch to any other phone. This is a great move by Viber. Now you can make viber free chat from blackberry to android, and soon free calls from blackberry to iphone!

Unfortunately, the new viber blackberry beta application do not support voice calls (which is not good!). The current viber blackberry application supports messaging :  users can send message, which does include sending photos, texts and exchanging location information. 

Also this Viber Blackberry app is of beta quality. So if you find a issue with viber blackberry application, just report it to the support or report it here itself. Its better to get all the bugz fixed for a better viber free calling experience.

Viber application allows you to make calls to other viber users for free. What that means, simply install Viber on your blackberry mobile and make call to a friend who is using Viber on his iPad. Its a multi platform free calling application : Free iPad to mobile calls, Free PC to mobile calls, Free android to iPhone calls, Viber Blackberry to Viber Android calls : the are possibilities are endless.

According to Viber team, the Viber blackberry application is in the hands of Blackberry officials (Research in Motion : RIM) people. Once the blackberry approves the application, the viber for blackberry app will be available for all blackberry users, yup all viber for blackberry curve, bold, torch, bold 9780, 8250 ... basically all blackberry phones! I would suggest people that as you have waited for so much time, just wait for just few more days, Viber for Blackberry will be launched very soon.

The good thing about blackberry phones is : internet and blackberry are always together. There is no use of having blackberry mobiles without internet connection. So viber for blackberry will be always working. That is you can effectively making blackberry to blackberry calling free (viber to viber calls).

Viber for Blackberry 

Lets check some details about Viber for Blackberry. We will keep on updating this page with more details about Viber blackberry application. So better bookmark this page for latest updates on viber blackberry!


Viber for Blackberry Release Date 

Update : Well Viber blackberry app is launched now. The app is released just today (8th May) and people have already posted so many reviews. The app is proving to be a great success.

As we said viber blackberry app is almost ready to be released, you will be able to download viber blackberry application very very soon (within few days)! So if you were thinking to switch to android mobile just because Viber was not there on blackberry : no need! Just wait for few more days.

Viber Blackberry Application First Look

We have some pictures to show you how Viber for Blackberry is going to work. The first look.

Viber for Blackberry Download

Though the pictures are nice, but as Viber people have kept people in waiting mode for more than an year so we expect one great Viber Blackberry application. It should be better than Blackberry messenger.


Viber Blackberry App Features


  • Cost : Just like Viber for iPhone and Viber for Android, viber for blackberry is expected to be free of cost. Free download of Viber Blackberry application. 
  • Free Calls : Make free calls to other viber users on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPod Touch, PC.
  • Free Text : Works like blackberry messenger (but no BB Pin :P)
  • Compatibility : Expected to work with all blackberry mobiles. Blackberry torch, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry 9700 etc. 


Viber For Blackberry Download

Viber blackberry application can be downloaded from the app store. Just click the link below (image) to download the viber blackberry app.

If you have any feedback, any comment or any concerns/questions just post them in the comment section. We will try to answers your queries or will ask Viber Team itself to solve all your concerns about Viber Blackberry application.

OoVoO for Android | Mac | PC | Blackberry | Download OoVoo Mobile

Video calling is getting really very popular. Almost all my friends and family do video calling either on their PC or their smartphone. Most of them are familiar with Skype and to my surprise many are aware of ooVoo voip app as well. Infact, some of them mailed me praising its video calling (rather video conferencing service). They are just in love with it. And why not, ooVoo allows free video conference calls with multiple people at same time which allows all of friends to video chat with each other. Trust me the video calling and conferencing experience  is just amazing.

Do you know that you can use OoVoo on your Mobile devices, that is Oovoo for Android, iPhone, Blackberry mobiles, Samsung Android and every other phone. It is a complete multi platform video chat software. It is a great solution for making video calls on mobile.

OoVoo Mobile Applications

  • Make Video Calls from Oovoo on Android Mobile to other Android Mobile
  • Make Video Calls from Oovoo on Android Mobile to OoVoo on PC
  • Make Video Calls from Oovoo on Blackberry to Oovoo on Mac.
  • Make Video Calls from Pc to Mobiles (Android/iPhone)
  • Make Video Calls from tablets to PC or PC to tablets like Galaxy tab etc. 
  • Enjoy Video Chat on the go! All you require is internet.
  • Every other combination is possible.
Download and Try Oovoo Now!
ooVoo works on any wireless network - 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, LTE or WiMAX. In general if you have a good WiFi connection or strong WiMAX coverage, you will have the best experience of video calling. 

OoVoo lets you make video calls from your mobile to friends and family on their mobile phones, or from your mobile phone to friends on a computer, as well as over the web. ooVoo mobile features free 6 way video chat, instant messaging, and free voice calls to your ooVoo contacts. The good thing is Oovoo is supported for a lot many devices. If you would like to video chat with more than 6 friends at same time, than you can consider buying the cheap premium service which will allow you to video chat with 12 people at same time.

OoVoo Supported Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPhone4
  • Apple iPhone3GS
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad2
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Android mobiles (List Below)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Sidekick 4G
  • Lenovo Thinkpad
  • Lenovo K1
  • Xoom MZ600
  • Dell Streak7

OoVoo Android Mobiles | Download OoVoo on Android

Make free 6-way group video calls with ooVoo's video chat app for Android. Make video call to your ooVoo friends that are on Android, iPhone, PC and Mac. Make video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wifi for FREE.

- FREE video calls mobile to mobile, mobile to computer - Video chat anytime, anywhere.
- FREE multi-party video chats – invite up to 5 friends
- FREE unlimited ooVoo to ooVoo voice calls
- Call landline and mobile phone numbers at the lowest rates.

Oovoo is supported on almost all Android Mobiles. This long list can be found in the Google Play (Android Market). Download Ooovoo on Android mobiles and start making video calls!

OoVoo for PC | OoVoo for Mac OS | Oovoo for Windows

  • OoVoo PC : Free Video Conference upto 12 people.
  • HD and High Resolution Video Chat.
  • Full Screen Mode.
  • Video Call Recording
  • Video Chat Room : A simple way to embed a video chat in any website, blog or social network. 

Windows System Requirements

  • Pentium 4 1Ghz with 256MB of RAM
  • 20MB Hard disk space
  • Webcam and Headset
  • Broadband connection (Cable, DSL etc..)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7  

Mac System Requirements

  • Intel Macs with 256 MB of RAM or more
  • 20 MB Hard disk space
  • Mac-compatible Webcam and Headset
  • Broadband connection (Cable, DSL, etc.)
  • Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x) and later

Download OoVoo for Blackberry

I don't know the reason, but many voip applications are not available for blackberry mobiles. Most of these are under construction and will be launched soon, same seems to be the case with Oovoo for Blackberry mobiles. These voip companies work last on application for blackberry (may be because of complexity of blackberry devices).

Following is a quote from ooVoo team (found somewhere on the web) :
Devices running Blackberry, Symbian, Windows OS or HP WebOS are not supported
Please note that we are always testing and releasing more devices. And we do communicate all device requests to our product team!
So, if you want to do Video Chat with your friend, OoVoo is a must try for you. We highly recommend this video calling service!

Difference between Magicjack and Magicjack plus

MagicJack is a extremely popular device, simply because it offers free international calls to USA and Canada. The numbers also reflect the same, according to VocalTec 15 million people have been using MagicJack. Its been quite a time when first version of device was launched and the time has come for its newer version (a more advanced device). "MagicJack Plus" has now been released with noticeable differences from its predecessor Magicjack.

The plan is capture the remaining market with the new device as it has some remarkable improvements. Many people are also expecting that the one already using the older version will switch to MagicJack Plus. Same scenario is seen with Apple device as well (when people sell of old iPhone and buy a new one). MagicJack old device is outdated in regards to its functionality and call quality so it was time for an update. Lets see how is MagicJack Plus different from Magicjack.

Differences between MagicJack Plus and MagicJack

No Computer Required with Magicjack Plus
You do not need a computer anymore, so magicjack service is just like your regular home phone service. Or may be a better service than your regular home phone does. No need to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone - be it corded, cordless, portable, DECT.
Simply plug it into your new phone jack in the magicJack PLUS which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the magicJack PLUS when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, at a second house, at your business or even your home. Now you have a choice, and magicJack is the only one who gives you these choices.

Magicjack Plus Setup
Plug the ethernet cord into the magicJack Plus unit and then into a high speed modem or router. The USB extender is then plugged into the power supply, and into the magicJack Plus. Any telephone can be plugged into the magicJack Plus, and users can immediately begin placing and receiving calls. No software installation is required.

Better Call Quality : On Board CPU
MagicJack Plus includes an on-board CPU. The reason MagicJack Plus is able to work as a stand-alone device, and why it doesn't need to be connected to a computer in order to make calls. Having an on-board CPU makes the MagicJack Plus so much better than the original magic Jack because it eliminates the need to include another device that can cause complications. The call quality is also better.

Magicjack Plus is expensive than Magicjack
Magicjack Plus is tagged with an initial purchase of $69.95.
What comes with it :
  • MagicJack Plus unit
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB extender cable
  • Power supply that is used when the device is being used as a stand-alone unit.
This price also includes the user’s first year of service, which allows for free and long distance calls, as well as calls to Canada. International calls can be completed for an additional per minute cost, which varies from country to country.

Magicjack Plus works with Wifi
The original MagicJack Device could only work by being plugged into a PC that was connected to the internet. No computer, then no calls with Magicjack.

With the MagicJack Plus, the device works without a PC, instead using an existing Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can hook the new magicJack directly into your current landline telephone and you will be up and running in just a few seconds.

MagicJack Plus : Take anywhere (No computer means calls from anywhere)
You can take the magicJack Plus with you when you travel outside of the USA country and you will have free calls back to the U.S. and Canada. No matter where you are in the world all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free. You can also consider buying magicJack PLUS for someone you know that lives overseas and give the gift of free calls to U.S. and Canadian Phone Numbers.

So if you are in USA and have family in India, then it is time you gift them Magicjack Plus so that they can call you for free!

Use your Existing Number with Magicjack Plus
Setup your old phone number to the new magicJackPLUS by setting up the porting procedure. Easy procedure. If you want to get a new Phone Number anywhere in the country, you can do that and even get a vanity number too.

Some people have complained that they are having some issues in getting the device up and running. Sometimes the devices gives error codes while installation or when using. We have compiled a list of common error codes and solutions to them. Just follow the steps and get your device up and running.

iTellvoip for Android | iPhone | iTellVoip Download

So many voip providers around so if you are still using your telecom provider then you are losing a lot of money. Today we will discuss about another voip provider names iTellvoip.

iTellVoip is a cheap voip provider offering cheap voip calls and multiple ways people can make calls.
Lets first check the iTellVoip calling rates before we discuss how can you make calls using iTellVoip.

iTellVoip Rates | iTellVoip Calling Rates
  • You need to buy minimum credit worth 7 Euros.
  • You can call India mobile at less than one cent for $0.008 (0.8 cent per min).
  • Call India Landline at just 1 cent per min.
  • iTellVoip also good option to call Pakistan. 
  • For 7 Euros get 800 Minutes to Pakistan Landline
  • For 7 Euros get 700 Minutes to Pakistan Mobile (1 Eurocent per min)
  • Call Bangladesh Mobile 305 Minutes for 7 Euros
So iTellVoip Rates are very competitive and can be option to make cheap international calls.

iTellVoip Works in UAE
  • PC Phone for UAE : Embedded VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology for making and receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades country.
  • Mobile Dialer for UAE : Works for Nokia Phone. Download SIS file free.
  • iTellVoip Standard UAE : Multifunctional client with Embedded VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology for making and receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades country.
Well we cannot confirm whether these actually works in UAE or not. I think our readers can confirm this!  

iTellVoip for PC | iTellVoip for Android | iTellVoip for iPhone | iTellVoip for Nokia | iTellVoip for Mobiles.

You can download free iTellVoip application for PC and install it on your computer. iTellVoip PC app is free to download. You just not create an account with iTellVoip and buy credit to make calls.

Mobile Dialer : If you have Nokia mobile then download the sis file and install on your phone.

As I said earlier, iTellvoip service works well in middle east countries, like UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. This service uses special proprietary technology which goes through firewalls and voip blockages, allows people to make calls.

For Android, iPhone, Blackberry users : use iTellVoip SIP settings on Nimbuzz or Fring and make cheap calls.

iTellVoip SIP Settings

Nimbuzz example
  • User Name :
  • Password : 123123
  • Proxy :
Fring example
  • User Name : A3062
  • Password : 123123
  • Proxy :
iTellVoip Download Links :

Free Home Phone Using Google Voice and MagicJack : GVJack

Google Voice is already a very very popular voip service and the best thing about it is "Free". It is not the first time we are talking about Google Voice voip service, we have been covering it from Grandcentral times. So we can assume that many of our readers are already using Google Voice. Many of you may not be aware that you will be able to setup Google Voice service for your home phone and replace your landline phone.

With Google Voice Service what you are getting is unlimited free calls to USA and Canada, unlimited free text message for USA and Canada. You can also make cheap international calls using Google Voice. But it still does replace your landline or home phone. But today we will be discussing a procedure by which you can replace your home phone completely with Google Voice. has launched a new app "GVJack" and with a magicJack phone adapter (even if it is expired), you can use Google Voice as your home phone.

I found this on internet "the number of expired MagicJack units alone that can be reused with the calling services from Google Voice by installing the "GVJack" App should already be well in excess of 1 million units." This number is pretty high.

GVJack Features : You can reuse a MagicJack dongle for Google Voice calling even if the magicjack dongle was owned by a different person or has an expired subscription. Google Voice continues to offer free phone numbers, long distance calling, texting and voice mail.

The "GVJack" App is designed to be used with a physical phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling experience. All users need to do to start making phone calls is to download and install the "GVJack" App and then plug a magicJack into a USB port on a computer and sign in using any Gmail e-mail address and password.

Before we go into detail, GVJack is free for first 7 days. After that you can buy it for one time cost of $19.95. As there are other methods as well which can be used to have free home phone solution using Google Voice, so first try GVJack before buying.

Now gets into the detail how can you use Google Voice as your home landline phone solution.

Free Home Phone Using Google Voice and MagicJack  : GVJack App

  1. Install the GVJackApp on your Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/7 computer (min. spec 1 Ghz CPU and 1 Gig RAM).
  2. Plug a MagicJack dongle into a USB port on your computer.
  3. Once the GVJackApp has initialized a window will automatically open for you to sign in. Sign in using any Gmail e-mail account (Google Voice Account)
  4. Once you have signed in and the website has initialized, the GVJackApp traybar icon will turn red. Your phone will also ring once to confirm that it is ready for placing calls.
  5. To sign out, right mouse click on the GVJackApp traybar icon and select "Sign In / Sign Out" from the menu that appears. Click the "Sign Out" button.
  6. To change feature settings, right mouse click on the GVJackApp traybar icon and select "Features Dashboard" from the menu that appears.
  7. You may also use the same phone with online voice/voice chat services by going offhook and waiting 5 seconds for dialtone to automatically stop.

After placing at least one outgoing phone call you can sign up for an incoming phone number from Google Voice (if you are a North American user) .
  • Right mouse click on the GVJackApp traybar icon and select "Phone Account" from the menu that appears. 
  • On the Google Voice webpage that opens follow the online instructions to sign up for a phone number. 
  • Click on the GVJackApp traybar icon again and select "Phone Account" once more. 
  • On the Google Voice webpage that opens check the box that has the words "Google Chat" and your Gmail e-mail address next to it to forward your phone number to your Gmail e-mail account. You are now set up to receive incoming phone calls.
For more details on how to setup GVJack to use MagicJack and Google Voice, visit PCPhoneSoft.

Free Video Conference Multiple People : OoVoo Group Chat

Technology is changing very fast. Gone are the days when we used to rely on text messages or voice calls. With broadband and internet on mobile being so fast, people are getting used to video calls. We have already covered so many post on making video calls. Making Video Calls on PC or mobile is already very popular and most of our readers have tried video calls. If you have not yet tried video calling on your smartphone or your mobile, it is high time you do so. The video calling experience is awesome!

So, I was wondering what about making video calls with multiple people at same time. Yes, I am referring to Free Video Conference between multiple people. And the best answer for this is not Skype but OoVoo. I have spent last one hour surfing the net looking for an software to making free video conference calls, Skype was one of the solution (which does not offer video conferencing on iPad), however the clear winner to me was OoVoo.

With ooVoo, you can connect with anyone, anytime, with video calls, video messages, phone calls, text and more. Use ooVoo to get in touch with people you can't meet in person (and save travel time and money). ooVoo surely makes life easier and more fun.

The list of OoVoo features is pretty long and we have already covered a post on it. So let me just cover some of the most exciting Oovoo feature, that is Video Calling.

ooVoo Video Multiple People Chat

OoVoo Video Conference Calls

  • OoVoo Mobile : Free Video Chat, Voip, IM on your mobile phone.
  • OoVoo Desktop : Free Video Conference upto 12 people.
  • HD and High Resolution Video Chat.
  • Full Screen Mode.
  • Video Call Recording
  • Video Chat Room : A simple way to embed a video chat in any website, blog or social network.
OoVoo offers Free Video Conference for Multiple People
 - OoVoo 6 way video is always FREE!

Good thing is that you can video chat with people who are also using ooVoo or you can send them a web video call link and they can also join you in the video chat. They need not to download anything and still video call.

Video Chat between 6 people is always free

I was so looking for a perfect solution for free video conference calls, and it seems OoVoo is right choice for me. It offers video chat in HD and high resolution. ooVoo video calls using HD video is so amazing, you have to see it to believe the clarity and quality. Don't have an HD camera but one that supports 640x480 resolution, then use High Resolution video and get super video clarity!

- Use ooVoo on your SmartPhone : Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

When you're in a 1 on 1 video call, both participants can send in HD or High Resolution. In multi-party calls, only one participant can display video in HD or High Resolution at any time.

Lets see what we have in store with OoVoo Free version (I don't wanna pay anything for video calls).
  • Unlimited 6-way video chat on web, desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • HD quality video chat.
  • Your own web chat room.
I guess, I am happy with OoVoo free version. If you want more of these awesome features, you can go for OoVoo premium.

Nokia 808 Pureview 41Mp Mobile Price in India

Nokia 808 Pureview is one mobile phone which has already made a lot of hype. This 41 Mp camera mobile phone by Nokia was recently launched in 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nokia Pureview is the world's first mobile to have a camera of 41Mp. Nokia Pureview is sure to give a tough competition to other similar phones, but it seems to be a clear winner.

Nokia is trying every way to again capture the mobile market which it lost to Samsung and HTC (and off course Apple iPhone). Today lets look at this Nokia 808 Pureview Mobile, its features, its expected date of launch in India, and its expected price in India.

Features of Nokia Pureview 808 : 41 Mp Phone 
  • High speed processor 1.3 GHz ARM processor. 
  • 512 Ram, 16 GB internal memory (expandable)
  • Web browsing, SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email etc
  • Stereo FM with RDS; Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic; Wi-Fi support; Voice command/dial; Document viewer; Video/photo editor; Predictive text input; 
  • Talk time (3G network) 6.5 hours, standby time up to 540 hours.
  • AMOLED capacitive touch screen
  • Offcourse 41 Mp Camera, VGA Camera @30fps video recording;
  • Capture image data from 7 adjacent pixels compressed in to one ‘pure’ pixel by using 41 megapixel sensor, plus excluding the visual noise present in other normal mobile phone cameras. Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash supports the devise.
Nokia 808 Pureview 41 Mp Camera Mobile Expected Release Date in India

The Nokia 808 Pureview mobile is expected to get released in May 2012. This mobile should be available in India at the same time.

Nokia 808 Pureview Price in India

In Europe it is expected to be at around 450 Euros, in USA at $600.
Nokia Pureview is expected to be priced in India at around Rs 30000.

Are you waiting for this amazing phone : 41 Mp Nokia Pureview (Lets see how pure it turns out to be!).

Viber for iPad/iPod Touch | How to setup viber on iPad

Viber is one smartphone application which is really popular. If you have iPhone or Android mobile, then it is a must for you. Using Viber you can call your buddies (which also have viber) for free. Viber is yet to launch its PC application, iPad and iPod Touch Application. However in this post, we will look at how you can still use Viber for iPod Touch or Viber for iPad.

An year back, we posted how can you use Viber on PC. Today we have put together a tutorial on "How to setup Viber on iPad/ Viber on iPad 2". Please note that the same steps can be followed to install Viber on iPod Touch.

We have also covered any viber setup error that you may face while installing viber on iPad. So follow the simple steps and Install Viber on iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch ! Please let us know if you face any problems in installing Viber on your iPad.

How to setup Viber on iPad | How to setup Viber on iPod Touch

1. Search Viber in the apple store. You will see Viber in iPhone app section (and not in iPad section). Click on install and install Viber app on iPad. Same applies to Viber for iPod Touch.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

2. Once the Viber app has been installed on your iPad, open it.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

3. One of the Viber Setup Error on iPad/iPod Touch : Enable Push Notification for Viber.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

To solve this problem. Go to settings -- Notification -- Select Viber.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

Enable everything in these settings, as in the image below.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

4. Go back to Viber application, and click retry. You should see the following verification screen.
Enter your phone number. Please note that since you are using iPad, you need to enter your mobile number here (on which you have not installed Viber). Just try entering your own number, verification sms will be sent to this number.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

5. You will get SMS on your mobile, it has a verification code. Enter this viber access code in the viber setup on iPad.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

6. That's it, you should be able to see the keypad, messages :that is Viber is now installed on your iPad. To make call to your buddy, enter his number in keypad and dial.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

I would suggest you to sync up your address book with Viber (it will ask you to do so, just click yes). This will bring all your address book contacts in viber contacts, and you will be easily able to make calls. I tried calling on Viber installed on my iPad and it works great. Viber messages also works great! With Viber messages you can send free sms from viber on iPad to Viber on mobile.

With Viber installed on your iPad/iPod Touch, you can convert iPad to Phone (or iPod touch to Phone). Using this viber app on iPad, you can make calls from iPad to any mobile which also has viber installed on it.

Viber has also launched its application for blackberry mobiles, so you can now also make calls and send sms from iPad / iPod Touch to blackberry mobiles. Viber is a great multi platform application to make free voip calls and send messages. So do use it!

If you face any problems in your Viber setup on iPad or Viber setup on iPod Touch, please post in comments. We will try our best to help you solve your issue. Happy Viber Free Calling!

Free Calls to Nigeria | Call Nigeria for Free

If you are looking for Free Calls to Nigeria, then we have a solution for you. But you have to act fast, as this is a promotional offer by Rebtel to make free calls to Nigeria and the offer won't last for long.

Rebtel has launched a new series of “Happy Hour contests”. And this weekend, Rebtel has selected Nigeria as the destination that will get 60 Free minutes. You can use this free 60 minutes on calls to Nigeria between Friday 16th 16.00 GMT to Sunday 18th 9.00 GMT .

Rebtel Free Calls to Nigeria offer is valid for both new and current users calling Nigeria, so spread the word!

The best part about this offer is that it is available for both new and old customers, and for the new customers we have another promotion which makes this offer irresistible.

How to Call Nigeria For Free | Free Calls to Nigeria

New Users : You will get additional bonus $10 for free. Old users skip this step.
  1. Visit this special link and sign up with Rebtel.
  2. Enter the voucher code "100%BONUS" in the “Got a voucher code?”
  3. Sign up with just $10, and you will get free $10. So that's buy one get one offer for you. 
 So you are a Rebtel customer now. Lets see how to get Free 60 Minutes to Nigeria.

Old Users :
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on “Add Credit”
  3. Under “other payment options” click on “Rebtel voucher”
  4. Enter the voucher code “NigeriaHappyHour”
  5. Click on “Redeem now"

Rebtel "Free Calls to Nigeria Offer" Terms and Conditions
  1. Open to both new and current Rebtel customers.
  2. The offer starts March 16th at 16.00 GMT and expires March 18th at 9.00 GMT.
  3. The free minutes are valid for calls to Nigeria only.
  4. The redeemed code will expire on March 18th at 9.00 GMT and remaining bonus minutes you have not used will be removed.
  5. The offer is limited to 10,000 packages of 60 Free minutes on Calls to Nigeria.
  6. To be eligible for the offer the voucher code “NigeriaHappyHour”.
  7. Rebtel has the right to exclude a subscriber from the offer or bar a subscriber's account in the case of misuse or fraudulent behavior.

Free Calls to Portugal | Call Portugal Free

Localphone France promotion was a big hit where it was offering free calls to france. Now Localphone is back with Free Calls to Portugal offer. You can make free calls to Portugal under this localphone promotion which requires you to be just a localphone customer. Well that's it!

This is one thing I just love about Localphone : it keeps on bringing new offers again and again.

Free Calls to Portugal | Call Portugal for Free | Localphone

Localphone customers can make unlimited calls to landlines in Portugal from 12noon GMT Monday 19th March until 12noon Monday 26th March and after that calls return to the normal price from 1¢ per minute. There are no limits on how long you can call for or how many calls each customer can make.

So if you have friends or family in Portugal it is the time you can talk and express your love for as long as you want because all your calls are free! You can can call Portugal landlines using your PC, or using your mobile (local access, smartphone apps etc). Localphone offers so many different ways you can make calls.

To make free calls to Portugal using Localphone, visit LocalPhone Portugal Special Page.

I also checked the calling rates of other voip providers for making calls to Portugal.

Calls to Portugal Landline at :
Rebtel : 1.9 cents per min
Localphone : 1 cent per min
Pingo : 3 cents per min

Calls to Portugal Mobile at :
Rebtel : 21.9 cents per min
Localphone : 9.9 cents per min
Pingo : (Not sure what's the rate)!

Clearly Localphone is the best choice among three.

If you are already Localphone customer, enjoy free calls to Portugal. If not, then Free PC to Phone Calls is running another exclusive promotion with Localphone. You have a chance to win year worth of phone call. Check this page "LocalPhone Year Free Calls" for details on this contest. (What it requires is just sign up and you will be automatically entered into the promotion).

That's not all :  you will get first call free when you sign up with Localphone.

So when you decide to add some credit to your account (buy credit with Localphone) make sure to use voucher code "MARCH2012", this will get you additional 10% discount!

How to Make Free International Calls from USA

As you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog, you don't have spend on your phone bills. Voip is very popular in USA, I have seen that every other person is using Skype (atleast for chat) and many people use voip services for international calls from USA. Today we will look at how you can make free international calls from USA to anywhere in world. Well, not everywhere but for to most of the countries, and yes India is included (Free International calls from USA to India).

About an year back, we posted about FreePhone2Phone voip service. FreePhone2Phone started offering free international calls from USA and we discovered a way to make calls from anywhere in world. By following some tips, we were able to make free calls from any country to any country! And by the way these were Free Pc to Phone Calls and Free Mobile to Mobile Calls. Soon the service started giving problems and many people were not able to place calls.

Recently I figured that the service is again working great and they have been more active that people don't abuse the service. So currently it works for people making calls from USA (and are able to detect and stop any trick calls).

Before we go into the details, FreePhone2Phone is an AD-Based voip service. These types of services get very popular as you just have to listen to small advertisement and then make free call to your destination. The voip provider makes money from advertisement, and you get to make the free call. And of course if you like the advertisement product and you may purchase it. So its positive for all!

FreePhone2Phone : Free International calls from USA to India or Anywhere in World
  • The call recipient receives a normal call from you (no ad on their side).
  • Call duration : upto 10 minutes to any phone number anytime.
  • Listen for short beeps at 10 minutes, then enjoy 30 seconds extra to wind up your conversation
  • Freephone2phonehas a strict privacy policy, does not listen to your calls and will not divulge your personal information to third parties.
  • To prevent abuse :If you make a call lasting between 5 and 10 minutes during a day, every subsequent call to that particular number on that day is limited to 5 minutes each. 
How to make Free International calls from USA
  • Dial a local access number, FreePhone2Phone offers local numbers in many cities. 
  • Visit FreePhone2Phone to find your local access number.
  • You will hear a short ad 10 secs.
  • Dial the destination number : 
    • US, Canada -- dial 1 + area code + number 
    • Other international destinations -- dial 011 + country code + number.

Countries where you can make free calls from USA

Andorra    Argentina    Australia    Austria    Belgium    Brazil*    Brunei    Canada    Chile    China*    Colombia*    Costa Rica    Croatia    Cyprus    Czech Republic    Denmark    Estonia    France    Germany    Georgia    Greece    Guadeloupe    Guam    Hong Kong    Hungary    Iceland    India*    Indonesia    (Jakarta only)    Ireland    Israel    Italy    Kazakhsta    Latvia    Lithuania    Luxembourg    Malaysia    Malta    Martinique    Mexico*    Monaco    Netherlands    Norway    Peru*    Poland    Portugal    Puerto Rico    Romania    Russia    (Moscow / St. Petersburg only)    Singapore    Slovakia    Slovenia    South Korea    Spain    Sweden    Switzerland    Taiwan    Thailand    Turkey    United Kingdom    United States    US Virgin Is.    Vatican City    Venezuela*

Watch live TV on iPad Free | TV Apps for iPad

Tablets are really popular these days. iPad3 has been launched and a lot other tablets were also introduced this mobile world congress. I am having iPad2 and I just love the gadget! What makes it more amazing are the apps which I run on it. The app store provide wide variety of applications for iPad and iPhones!

So are you using TV on mobile..Are you able to watch your favorites shows and films on your iPad. Today we will review the TV streaming apps for iPad. Please note that many of these apps can be used on your iPhone and iPod as well. So apart from turning your iPad to Phone, you can turn iPad to TV as well!

TV Apps for iPad | Live Streaming TV Apps for iPad | Watch Live TV on iPad Free

  • Yupp TV : It has been the #1 choice for all Indians living abroad to watch their favorite Indian TV Channels, live across the world, on internet. I tried this app on my iPad2 and any Hindi, English channels are available. I tried watching NDTV and it worked great! The quality was also good. Currently the app is free! Good to have TV app on iPad.
  • Yap.TV : It  is your personal, social TV show guide. Discover your friends' favorite shows on Facebook and see what you have in common. See what fans and stars are saying on Twitter, and jump in. We make surfing for stuff to watch on TV fun, and make it easy for you to mingle with friends and fans around any show on TV. Get your gossip on and be entertained by the most smoking-hot TV show guide available! I have not yet tried this app!
  • SPB TV : Want to watch news, sports, entertainment and live TV shows FREE right on your iPad ? There is an app for that! With SPB TV you can use a 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection to get access to more than 100 channels from 17+ countries. No sign-up, just watch and enjoy!
  • Real Magic TV : Real Magic TV is NOT a 24/7 TV channel. It is a single show with a vast library of archived episodes and artist profiles, made available to users for free through this application and the show's official site and partners.
  • NBA.TV : is the official mobile app of the NBA. It features 50+ new video highlights per day and access to live and on-demand games through League Pass or Team Pass (blackouts may apply).
  • Fashion TV HD : It's now possible to keep yourself updated with latest trends, news about famous fashion designers, the fashion shows all around the globe, news about Haute Couture and parties around the world. The FashionTV iPhone App entertains and inspires the audience by providing an insiders view of the fashion industry in a highly desired clip-based content. 
  • Bloomberg TV+ : Bloomberg Television is a 24-hour global business & financial news network that is watched by the most affluent and influential viewers in the world.
  • Tap TV : Stream hundreds of classic movies, cartoons, documentaries and more to your iPhone, iPod or iPad for FREE. Easily find what you're looking for with our great selection of channels. From Movies, Cartoons, Documentaries, App TV, Audiobooks, Magic TV, Best of YouTube™, Silent Classics - there is something for everyone
  • TV India (Paid $1.99) : With "TV INDIA" you can now watch live online TV directly from your iPhone & iPad from various Indian and International channels. It has large numbers of tv channels, so your money is well worth.
  • munduTV : mundu TV is Television on your iPad. Go mobile through Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity and watch your favourite channels live. Independent of your network provider and with an array of relevant, popular Indian TV content it's Television freedom to the informed user.
This complies a short list of TV apps for iPad. Well there are actually more than 1000 tv apps in iTunes. We have just compiled this list of the apps which seemed more interesting (and some of the ones we have tried ourself).

Please let us know if you want us to include any other app. Its time to watch TV on your iPad.

February 2012 Free Calling Offers | Popular Posts

Free Pc to Phone Calls blog has grown big. We have increased our social presence, we are on facebook, google plus, twitter. We bring to you latest free calling offer, best voip deals, tutorials to make calls, review the latest voip apps (smartphones and PC), however as the number of offers are increasing people are finding it difficult to search the best offer for them. We have posted large numbers of ways to make free calls. so if you are still looking for a way to call your destination for free, we would suggest try searching on our blog.

Alternatively we have decided to do a monthly round up of the posts and categorize them, so people can easily read the best offer or post for them.

February 2012 Free Pc to Phone Calls Popular Posts

Free Calling Offers | Voip Providers | Cheap Calls

  • Free Calls to Poland : Localphone offered free calls to Poland Landlines for a whole week from 12pm (noon) GMT Wednesday 29th February until 12pm (noon) GMT Thursday 8th March. The Poland calling rates of Localphone are also cheap as compared to other providers. We did a small comparison as well. 
  • Free Calls to USA and Canada using Chirp : One more way to make free calls to USA and Canada.
  • MyWebCall : Use MyWebCall to make cheap and free international calls.
  • Cheap Calls to Ethiopia : Rebtel offers very cheap calls to Ethiopia
  • Reliance Net Call : Reliance Net Calls to make cheap calls to India
  • Cheap Calls to Bangladesh : By Rebtel.
  • Unlimited Calls to Philippines : Localphone offers unlimited calls to Philippines package. Best offer to call Philippines.
  • LowPriceCall : Low Price Call voip provider review offering cheap international calls.You can use this voip provider to make cheap calls to many Asian countries.
  • Spokn : Spokn collect call feature explained. Free Calls again!
  • Cheap Calls to Nigeria : Localphone offers very cheap calls to Nigeria.

SmartPhone Apps

Mobile Phones

  • Samsung Video Calling Mobile Phones : We have talked about video calling on mobiles but what mobiles are available for video calling. Samsung Video calling mobile phones list.



Bobsled iPad | Android | Blackberry | iPod Touch | iPhone Free Calls

Few months back we posted about Bobsled T Mobile voip service. Bobsled started as a competition to the voip giant Skype and it has now proved so. It was initially more of a facebook calling app, where people were using Bobsled facebook app for making calls to other facebook friends. However bobsled apps for browser, PC, iPhone, Android mobiles soon took over and large number of people started using them for making free calls to USA and Canada. In this post we will see the features of Bobsled Smartphone apps, and how bobsled can be used on these smartphones for free calls.

What is Bobsled 

Bobsled is an application available for PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android Mobiles, Blackberry. It uses your internet connection and can be used to make free calls.

Bobsled Calling gives you UNLIMITED FREE CALLING to all your friends and family - talk to any of your Facebook friends and make free calls to any phone in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Bobsled users can easily message or call for free across devices, countries, social networks, operating system - and all mobile carriers.

Bobsled is a new way to communicate, centered around your social circle. It is one-touch calls with or without phone numbers. Simply tap on a friend to call them. Bobsled will find them on Facebook or their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android/Blackberry, and connect the call. If they are not there, send chat messages right from the app. Always stay connected with your friends. Your friends can reach you anywhere with Bobsled, in your browser or on your phone or tablet. 

Bobsled is really getting popular these days! The simple reason it is centered around social circle and combines the two most used means to communicate : Pc and Mobiles!

** NOTE : Bobsled can be used to make FREE CALLS TO USA and CANADA (from anywhere in world)

Bobsled Features

Apart from basic features like calling, Bobsled has now many other features :

Bobsled has now expanded messaging and enhanced calling functionality for Bobsled™ by T-Mobile, providing consumers with effortless communication for free across devices, countries, social networks and mobile carriers.

With Bobsled, now people can not only make free voice calls from an iPad or tablet, but can also send free one-to-one and group messages anywhere in the world, and access their phone’s contacts and text messages from their tablet or computer.

You can now send send free, rich media messages including photos, videos and locations to Bobsled users anywhere in the world where they have an open data connection from any Android-powered smartphone, tablet or Web-connected device, using their existing mobile number.

Bobsled for iPhone | Bobsled for iPod Touch | Bobsled for iPad 

Bobsled is available for iOS devices. However it requires facebook login to use bobsled.

  • Sign into Facebook to communicate with all your friend
  • Free calls to to any landlines and mobile phones in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Facebook friends Receive calls from your Facebook friends
  • Chat with your Facebook friends 
  • High definition audio for Bobsled-to-Bobsled calls 
Download Bobsled for iOS Devices

Bobsled for Android 
  • Expect great things in future releases, including video calling, inbound calls from any phones, login with email, Honeycomb app, and much more! 
  • Data rates may apply. Calls to landline and mobile phones are currently limited to 75 minutes/call. 
 Download Bobsled for Android Mobiles

Bobsled for Browser | Free Pc to Phone Calls using Bobsled | Call USA Mobile from PC for FREE 

Bobsled for PC

Bobsled for Blackberry

Not yet launched. Will be launched soon. Keep checking for latest update on this.

Free Calls to France | Call France Free

Few days back someone was asking me about making free calls to France and today we have an update about it! Well turns out that our favorite voip provider Localphone has a deal for him (and offcourse for others as well). Localphone has launched Free Calls to France promotion.

It will be quite strange if you have not heard about Localphone, it is one of the best voip providers offering cheap international rates and excellent voice quality!

Free Calls to France | How to call France for Free

Localphone customers can get unlimited free calls to France. All calls to French landlines will be free for a whole week from 12pm (noon) GMT Friday 9th March until 12pm (noon) GMT Friday 16th March. Calls to all French landlines will be free for all Localphone customers new and old. After the promotion ends, calls to landlines will return to the normal rate from 0.4p a minute.

Few days back, Localphone offered Free Calls to Poland and now it has come up with Free Calls to France.

Hold on that's not all, Free PC to Phone Calls is running another exclusive promotion with Localphone. You have a chance to win year worth of phone call. Check this page "LocalPhone Year Free Calls" for details on this contest. (What it requires is just sign up and you will be automatically entered into the promotion).

Again hold on that's not all :  you will get first call free when you sign up with Localphone.

So when you decide to add some credit to your account (buy credit with Localphone) make sure to use voucher code "MARCH2012", this will get you additional 10% discount! many offers, well that's Localphone for you!

What are you waiting for, join Localphone and start making free calls to France!

Pingo $10 Bonus Credit (Limited Time Offer)

Some of our surveys have shown that most people are looking for some exclusive deals and promotions so that they can make cheap international calls. Free Pc to Phone Calls is already running some of the promotions with Localphone and Rebtel, and today we bring to you another bonus deal.

This time Pingo is offering free $10 bonus credit to all new customers. So if you have not yet joined Pingo calling cards, then its time to do so and avail this golden offer. If you have already registered with Pingo then you can create another account (by registering with different number) to get this great deal.

Pingo is just a calling card service, so just like your usual calling cards you can make calls. Its a pinless calling service, offering local access numbers!

So its better we don't discuss how to make calls using Pingo and just concentrate on this deal.

$10 Bonus on $20 Signup Pingo $10 Bonus Credit Promotion

You can get free $10 credit by following these simple steps :
  1. Visit Pingo's Free Credit Promotion Page.
  2. Enter your details and click submit. 
  3. Enter your information and redeem your $10 free credit.
  4. No coupon code required.
  5. You need to signup with minimum $20 credit to get free $10 credit. 
  6. Thank Us. 
Note : $10.00 call bonus amount will be added to new customer accounts only on a minimum $20.00 signup. This should not be a problem as you are getting total of $30 credit by buying $20. That's like 50% signup bonus.

That's all about the promotion, lets see for calling which countries should you use Pingo.
Or Pingo most famous calling destinations Or Pingo offers cheap calls to following countries.

Pingo Cheap Calls to India             1.75 cents/minute  | Free Minutes :   571
Pingo Cheap Calls to Ethiopia         20 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   50
Pingo Cheap Calls to Ghana           18.5 cents/minute  | Free Minutes :   54
Pingo Cheap Calls to Kenya           7.5 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   133   
Pingo Cheap Calls to Morocco       2.8 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   345   
Pingo Cheap Calls to Nigeria          7.8 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   127
Pingo Cheap Calls to Tanzania       23.2 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   43
Pingo Cheap Calls to Senegal         35.7 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   28
Pingo Cheap Calls to Uganda         12.5 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   80
Pingo Cheap Calls to South Africa  5.0 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   200
Pingo Cheap Calls to Togo            30.0 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   33
Pingo Cheap Calls to Poland          1.4 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   714
Pingo Cheap Calls to Cameroon     10 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   100
Pingo Cheap Calls to Guinea          19 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   52
Pingo Cheap Calls to Oman           10 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   100
Pingo Cheap Calls to Somalia         40 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   25
Pingo Cheap Calls to Saudi Arabia  12.5 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   210

Its time to join Pingo!

Facebook Video Chat Not Working | Video Calling Not Working

Few months back, we posted on Facebook Video Calling and how to enable this service and start making video calls on Facebook. Well the tutorial came out really well and many people started making video calls on Facebook.

However a lot of people are still deprived of video calling feature of facebook because of certain issue they faced. In this post we will cover the common issues that people have faced.

Facebook Video Chat not working ? Facebook Video Calling not working ?

1. Facebook Video Chat requires a one time setup, however just to ensure that it is enabled in your account : follow tutorial in this post. Make sure that you have done the one time setup properly.

2. Video calling works best with the latest versions of the following browsers: Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.
Note that video calling for Linux is not currently supported. You will need to use one of these browsers in a Mac or Windows operating system.

3. Check your webcam : Make sure it is working properly and any other program is not using it.

4. Restart your browser : make sure it is up to date. Also some antivirus can cause problems. Try updating it.

5. I am assuming that your hardware is compatible. Facebook video calls use Skype.

Some other common questions

Q1. I do not want some people to call me : video call.
Ans : When you are available for chat, you are also available for video calling. Keep in mind that only confirmed friends can call you on Facebook, and you always have the option to ignore any call you receive.

Q2. Can I block specific friends from calling me?
Ans : Create a friend list that includes the people you’d like to prevent from chatting with you. Now change the availability option and make yourself invisible for them.

Q3. Make Video Calls on Facebook without Webcam.
Ans : You can still use video calling even if you don’t have a webcam. You will be able to see and hear your friends, but they will only be able to hear you.

Facebook Video Calling Plugin won't Install ?

Use this link to reinstall video calling.
You can also take the following steps to remove video calling from your computer:
Go to the Control Panel. Select Programs and Features.
Choose “Facebook Video Calling Plugin” from the list of programs and click Uninstall.
Then again follow the steps we mentioned in the tutorial about Facebook Video Calling.

If you still face any problem then contact us. Either a drop a comment here itself or contact us on Facebook!
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