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Bobsled iPad | Android | Blackberry | iPod Touch | iPhone Free Calls

Few months back we posted about Bobsled T Mobile voip service. Bobsled started as a competition to the voip giant Skype and it has now proved so. It was initially more of a facebook calling app, where people were using Bobsled facebook app for making calls to other facebook friends. However bobsled apps for browser, PC, iPhone, Android mobiles soon took over and large number of people started using them for making free calls to USA and Canada. In this post we will see the features of Bobsled Smartphone apps, and how bobsled can be used on these smartphones for free calls.

What is Bobsled 

Bobsled is an application available for PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android Mobiles, Blackberry. It uses your internet connection and can be used to make free calls.

Bobsled Calling gives you UNLIMITED FREE CALLING to all your friends and family - talk to any of your Facebook friends and make free calls to any phone in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Bobsled users can easily message or call for free across devices, countries, social networks, operating system - and all mobile carriers.

Bobsled is a new way to communicate, centered around your social circle. It is one-touch calls with or without phone numbers. Simply tap on a friend to call them. Bobsled will find them on Facebook or their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android/Blackberry, and connect the call. If they are not there, send chat messages right from the app. Always stay connected with your friends. Your friends can reach you anywhere with Bobsled, in your browser or on your phone or tablet. 

Bobsled is really getting popular these days! The simple reason it is centered around social circle and combines the two most used means to communicate : Pc and Mobiles!

** NOTE : Bobsled can be used to make FREE CALLS TO USA and CANADA (from anywhere in world)

Bobsled Features

Apart from basic features like calling, Bobsled has now many other features :

Bobsled has now expanded messaging and enhanced calling functionality for Bobsled™ by T-Mobile, providing consumers with effortless communication for free across devices, countries, social networks and mobile carriers.

With Bobsled, now people can not only make free voice calls from an iPad or tablet, but can also send free one-to-one and group messages anywhere in the world, and access their phone’s contacts and text messages from their tablet or computer.

You can now send send free, rich media messages including photos, videos and locations to Bobsled users anywhere in the world where they have an open data connection from any Android-powered smartphone, tablet or Web-connected device, using their existing mobile number.

Bobsled for iPhone | Bobsled for iPod Touch | Bobsled for iPad 

Bobsled is available for iOS devices. However it requires facebook login to use bobsled.

  • Sign into Facebook to communicate with all your friend
  • Free calls to to any landlines and mobile phones in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Facebook friends Receive calls from your Facebook friends
  • Chat with your Facebook friends 
  • High definition audio for Bobsled-to-Bobsled calls 
Download Bobsled for iOS Devices

Bobsled for Android 
  • Expect great things in future releases, including video calling, inbound calls from any phones, login with email, Honeycomb app, and much more! 
  • Data rates may apply. Calls to landline and mobile phones are currently limited to 75 minutes/call. 
 Download Bobsled for Android Mobiles

Bobsled for Browser | Free Pc to Phone Calls using Bobsled | Call USA Mobile from PC for FREE 

Bobsled for PC

Bobsled for Blackberry

Not yet launched. Will be launched soon. Keep checking for latest update on this.

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