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February 2012 Free Calling Offers | Popular Posts

Free Pc to Phone Calls blog has grown big. We have increased our social presence, we are on facebook, google plus, twitter. We bring to you latest free calling offer, best voip deals, tutorials to make calls, review the latest voip apps (smartphones and PC), however as the number of offers are increasing people are finding it difficult to search the best offer for them. We have posted large numbers of ways to make free calls. so if you are still looking for a way to call your destination for free, we would suggest try searching on our blog.

Alternatively we have decided to do a monthly round up of the posts and categorize them, so people can easily read the best offer or post for them.

February 2012 Free Pc to Phone Calls Popular Posts

Free Calling Offers | Voip Providers | Cheap Calls

  • Free Calls to Poland : Localphone offered free calls to Poland Landlines for a whole week from 12pm (noon) GMT Wednesday 29th February until 12pm (noon) GMT Thursday 8th March. The Poland calling rates of Localphone are also cheap as compared to other providers. We did a small comparison as well. 
  • Free Calls to USA and Canada using Chirp : One more way to make free calls to USA and Canada.
  • MyWebCall : Use MyWebCall to make cheap and free international calls.
  • Cheap Calls to Ethiopia : Rebtel offers very cheap calls to Ethiopia
  • Reliance Net Call : Reliance Net Calls to make cheap calls to India
  • Cheap Calls to Bangladesh : By Rebtel.
  • Unlimited Calls to Philippines : Localphone offers unlimited calls to Philippines package. Best offer to call Philippines.
  • LowPriceCall : Low Price Call voip provider review offering cheap international calls.You can use this voip provider to make cheap calls to many Asian countries.
  • Spokn : Spokn collect call feature explained. Free Calls again!
  • Cheap Calls to Nigeria : Localphone offers very cheap calls to Nigeria.

SmartPhone Apps

Mobile Phones

  • Samsung Video Calling Mobile Phones : We have talked about video calling on mobiles but what mobiles are available for video calling. Samsung Video calling mobile phones list.


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