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Free Calls to Hong Kong Mobile | Call HongKong for Free

If you were not happy with Free Calls to Portugal, well Localphone has Free calls to HongKong offer lined up for you. This is a weekly promotion by Localphone, where you just need to be a localphone customer and you can make calls to Hong Kong mobile for free!

The free calls to Hong Kong mobile offer is valid for both old and new customers. I just love localphone for this, it has something for everyone.

Localphone Free Calls to Hong Kong Promotion

    Free Calls to HongKong
  • Localphone customers can make free calls to mobiles in Hong Kong for a whole week. 
  • From 27th March - 3rd April calls to mobiles in Hong Kong will be completely free. 
  • There are no limits on how long customers can talk for or how many numbers they call. 
  • The offer is available to all Localphone customers old or new. 
So if you are living in USA, Canada, India or any other country and have family or friends living in HongKong then it is right time to join Localphone.

Ways to make calls to Hong Kong mobile :

  • Calls from PC : Use Localphone PC application to make Free PC to mobile calls to Hong Kong.
  • Calls from SmartPhone (iPhone/Android) using Localphone Voip application. 
  • Calls from landline : Get a local access number and start making free calls. 
  • Localphone SIP Calls : Get localphone details and configure SIP in any device or your mobile itself. You can also configure SIP in tablets viz. iPad.
Well just like before we also checked the prices of other voip providers to check which is best option to make calls to HongKong mobiles and landline phones.

Calling Rates to HongKong Mobiles

  • Localphone : 1 cent per min
  • Rebtel : 1.8 cents per min
  • Pingo : 2.25 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : Free (you have to buy minimum credit)

Calling Rates to Hong Kong Landlines Phones

  • Localphone : 1.5 cents per min
  • Rebtel : 1.8 cents per min
  • Pingo : 2.25 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : Free


If you are ok with using betamax services (many people have complaints about them) then certainly a good option to call Hongkong mobile and landlines as these are free (Free Calls to Hong Kong mobiles and landlines). Otherwise Localphone is a good option at 1 cent per min (during this promotional week : free calls to Hong Kong mobile).
So if you are a localphone customer then voilla, quite clear start making free calls to Hong Kong mobile for one whole week. If you are still not a localphone customer, then why are you waiting : Join Localphone using voucher code "MARCH2012" to get 10% discount on your first purchase.

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