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Free Calls to Portugal | Call Portugal Free

Localphone France promotion was a big hit where it was offering free calls to france. Now Localphone is back with Free Calls to Portugal offer. You can make free calls to Portugal under this localphone promotion which requires you to be just a localphone customer. Well that's it!

This is one thing I just love about Localphone : it keeps on bringing new offers again and again.

Free Calls to Portugal | Call Portugal for Free | Localphone

Localphone customers can make unlimited calls to landlines in Portugal from 12noon GMT Monday 19th March until 12noon Monday 26th March and after that calls return to the normal price from 1¢ per minute. There are no limits on how long you can call for or how many calls each customer can make.

So if you have friends or family in Portugal it is the time you can talk and express your love for as long as you want because all your calls are free! You can can call Portugal landlines using your PC, or using your mobile (local access, smartphone apps etc). Localphone offers so many different ways you can make calls.

To make free calls to Portugal using Localphone, visit LocalPhone Portugal Special Page.

I also checked the calling rates of other voip providers for making calls to Portugal.

Calls to Portugal Landline at :
Rebtel : 1.9 cents per min
Localphone : 1 cent per min
Pingo : 3 cents per min

Calls to Portugal Mobile at :
Rebtel : 21.9 cents per min
Localphone : 9.9 cents per min
Pingo : (Not sure what's the rate)!

Clearly Localphone is the best choice among three.

If you are already Localphone customer, enjoy free calls to Portugal. If not, then Free PC to Phone Calls is running another exclusive promotion with Localphone. You have a chance to win year worth of phone call. Check this page "LocalPhone Year Free Calls" for details on this contest. (What it requires is just sign up and you will be automatically entered into the promotion).

That's not all :  you will get first call free when you sign up with Localphone.

So when you decide to add some credit to your account (buy credit with Localphone) make sure to use voucher code "MARCH2012", this will get you additional 10% discount!

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