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FWCall : Get Free UK Mobile Number

Getting an international phone number is very popular these days. I really like to flaunt my UK numbers among my friends to act kewl! Well offcourse that is one of the popular reasons people love getting international number, however it ain't the sole reason.

Whether you live in the UK and wish to call internationally at a cost of a local UK rate, or even if you are living outside and would like to receive a FREE UK phone number forwarded to your own phone, at NO cost to you, then you have come at the right place.

Now many voip providers are offering Free UK phone number no matter where you are on the globe. Today we are talking about one such service offering you a free uk mobile phone number : FWCall.

No credit card information or any other payment method or personal information is required, NO special equipment or internet connection is needed. Calling international from the UK by dialing this FREE UK phone number is at a cost of a local UK rate, so it is in fact the cheapest, simplest method of calling internationally.

In simple words : FWCall is offering free UK phone number and it can forward the call to any international number. So lets suppose I (in India) apply for this number (entering my mobile number), I will get a free UK number.  When people call this UK number, call will get forwarded to my Indian mobile number.

What is benefit of getting Free UK number. Lets take some examples. 

1. Tom is running a business in UK but is living in United States. So in order for his UK customers to connect to him, requires to dial USA number. That is his customers are paying for international calls.
Now if he gets a UK numbers, his clients in UK can call him for free.

2. Dinesh is living in UK, however his family (dad) is in India. He applies for a UK number for his dad's mobile. Now Dinesh can call his dad UK number at local cost and talk as long as he wants. The call gets forwarded to his dad's number.

3. I want to act cool and get myself a UK number and share among my friends in UK and other countries.

How to get Free UK mobile Number from FWCall

Please follow these simple steps:


Step number 1: Please enter in BOX 1 the country name outside of the UK and type in the phone number outside the UK.
This is the phone number you wish to route the calls to.
For example:  if your family lives in Australia and have a local Australian mobile/landline phone number, all you need to do at this step is to type in their Australian number.

Step number 2:Congratulation! Your new Free UK number will appear in BOX 2 upon the completion of step 1.

That’s it – YOU ARE DONE and now you have a working, active and Free new UK phone number routed to an international number!

Important : FWCall

Please note that the calls to UK number you got may be charged at high rates. This depends what your local telecom provider plan is. Many telecom providers in UK offer cell phone packages having free cap minutes. So before making any call, first check that what is calling rate to this number.

For more information, visit FWCall.

madhur article :

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March 7, 2012 at 2:56 AM

Thanks for the valuable information..

March 12, 2012 at 11:24 PM

this is very good information but many companying in uk doing this.
but alert these are primium numbers they charge us approximatyl 1000% higher price then normal price
visit. check calling cost
(+447937424949) calling Cost per min: 19.9¢ (This number provied by
(+442033000624) calling Cost per min: 1¢ ( this number provided by other online company)

check your self

March 14, 2012 at 1:44 AM

Calls made to land line phones are economical when compared the charges imposed on calls made to mobile phones. Especially when you use internet voice chat applications, you can enjoy amazingly lowest rates when you call a land line phones.

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