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How to Block Calls on iPhone | iPhone4 : Blocking Unwanted Calls

I always thought that this is inbuilt feature of iPhone, THE iPhone4. Well turns out that blocking calls on iPhone or the latest iPhone4 is not something provided by Apple. I guess, I was having this call blocking feature even on my Nokia mobile (few years I have Android :P). So I started searching internet about blocking unwanted calls on iPhone, as well blocking text messages on iPhone.

I would just love to have this blocking unwanted SMS feature on my phone. It is really annoying when you receive these random text messages. According to some people (as I am not sure here) : the call blocking feature is a service provided by telecom providers. Anyhow, neither Verizon nor AT&T offer this feature (free). I guess AT&T used to offer the call blocking facility at $5 per month (not sure whether it is available now and it works for iPhone). But why should I pay money to block these unwanted calls. What we want is a iPhone Service or iPhone App to block calls.

How can we block these unwanted calls on iPhone | iPhone4 | iPhone3GS

iBlackList : iPhone App to block Calls

There is an app called iBlacklist which can help you block calls on your iPhone Mobile. This app is not free and is available at one time price of $12. So at least this is better than paying monthly charges. However, iBlacklist not available at Apple Store. Only those who have jailbreak their iPhone can get this app. iBlackList can be downloaded only via Cydia. iBlacklist works on iOS5.
  • Easy to setup and operate.
  • Protect privacy.
  • Parental Control.
The list of features of iBlacklist is very large, so better check it on iBlacklist itself.

Silent Ringtone Method to Block Calls on iPhone / Any other mobile

Well it is not exactly blocking the calls, however these unwanted calls won't disturb you anymore. Whats annoying is the ring and disturbance these unwanted calls cause. So just do a selective silent ringtone for these numbers.
  • First you need a silent ringtone. (Google it : over 1000 free mp3 available).
  • Then download this silent ringtone to your mobile (simply transfer it via iTunes).
  • Make a list of numbers whose calls you don't want to attend (make a blocked number list). Assign this list the silent ringtone. 
  • You have to keep on building this spam list of unwanted contacts.
Whenever these people call you, you won't get disturbed.

Google Voice : Blocking Unwanted Calls

Move your mobile number to a new Google Voice Number. Calls can be easily blocked on Google Voice with just touch of a button.

What we covered in this post is to block the calls, if someone is troubling you with masked calls (where caller id does not appear), then we have a another tutorial for you : "How to unmask calls on iPhone".

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