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How to Make Prank Call for Free without getting caught : PrankDial

Won't you like to tease your friend and play a prank on her. What about a prank call for free and without getting caught. People have asked me how they can play a prank call for free using Skype, but we have a better solution :P. Its the PrankDial : they call themselves original internet Prank Call website! I am already having fun and excited about writing this post!

PrankDial is a service where you can play a prank call on your friend for free. Free users get three free calls a day. That means you can play pranks calls on three of your friends, so play 3 prank on same friend (if he/she is so dump :P). 

What Pranks does this Prank Dial offer 

A call is placed to your friend and a recoding is played. These recording are some real fun.You can choose which prank call you want to make. Some of these are really nice and some can scary as well... I kinda liked these :
Once you decided which prank you want to sent to your friends, you can send it for free. Lets find out how.

How do you use PrankDial

  • You can make a prank call for free using computer (PC)
  • You can make a prank call for free from your mobile (smartphone app for iPhone/Android), or mobile website.
  • Choose the prank which you want to sent.
  • Enter the number of the person you want to prank
  • Enter the number you want to be appear on the screen when the prank call goes through. If left blank, call will be placed from unknown number. 
  • Choose to listen live and even record the prank call. This is a AWESOME feature.
For every prank you place, you will be charged one token. You get three free tokens a day. So as I said before you get three free prank calls daily. Free tokens are recycled after 24 hours. 

How to get more PrankDial Tokens for Free

  • You can fill out some surveys and get free tokens. Check this link.
  • Prankdial offers free tokens on facebook and twitter pages as well. Follow them on facebook.


Can to make Prank Calls International (Outside USA)

You can use PrankDial to send prank calls to friends outside US as well, however for that you need to buy tokens. We will soon review more such websites which offer prank calls outside USA (like Prank Calls to India).

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