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So many voip providers around so if you are still using your telecom provider then you are losing a lot of money. Today we will discuss about another voip provider names iTellvoip.

iTellVoip is a cheap voip provider offering cheap voip calls and multiple ways people can make calls.
Lets first check the iTellVoip calling rates before we discuss how can you make calls using iTellVoip.

iTellVoip Rates | iTellVoip Calling Rates
  • You need to buy minimum credit worth 7 Euros.
  • You can call India mobile at less than one cent for $0.008 (0.8 cent per min).
  • Call India Landline at just 1 cent per min.
  • iTellVoip also good option to call Pakistan. 
  • For 7 Euros get 800 Minutes to Pakistan Landline
  • For 7 Euros get 700 Minutes to Pakistan Mobile (1 Eurocent per min)
  • Call Bangladesh Mobile 305 Minutes for 7 Euros
So iTellVoip Rates are very competitive and can be option to make cheap international calls.

iTellVoip Works in UAE
  • PC Phone for UAE : Embedded VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology for making and receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades country.
  • Mobile Dialer for UAE : Works for Nokia Phone. Download SIS file free.
  • iTellVoip Standard UAE : Multifunctional client with Embedded VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology for making and receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades country.
Well we cannot confirm whether these actually works in UAE or not. I think our readers can confirm this!  

iTellVoip for PC | iTellVoip for Android | iTellVoip for iPhone | iTellVoip for Nokia | iTellVoip for Mobiles.

You can download free iTellVoip application for PC and install it on your computer. iTellVoip PC app is free to download. You just not create an account with iTellVoip and buy credit to make calls.

Mobile Dialer : If you have Nokia mobile then download the sis file and install on your phone.

As I said earlier, iTellvoip service works well in middle east countries, like UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. This service uses special proprietary technology which goes through firewalls and voip blockages, allows people to make calls.

For Android, iPhone, Blackberry users : use iTellVoip SIP settings on Nimbuzz or Fring and make cheap calls.

iTellVoip SIP Settings

Nimbuzz example
  • User Name :
  • Password : 123123
  • Proxy :
Fring example
  • User Name : A3062
  • Password : 123123
  • Proxy :
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