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Pingo $10 Bonus Credit (Limited Time Offer)

Some of our surveys have shown that most people are looking for some exclusive deals and promotions so that they can make cheap international calls. Free Pc to Phone Calls is already running some of the promotions with Localphone and Rebtel, and today we bring to you another bonus deal.

This time Pingo is offering free $10 bonus credit to all new customers. So if you have not yet joined Pingo calling cards, then its time to do so and avail this golden offer. If you have already registered with Pingo then you can create another account (by registering with different number) to get this great deal.

Pingo is just a calling card service, so just like your usual calling cards you can make calls. Its a pinless calling service, offering local access numbers!

So its better we don't discuss how to make calls using Pingo and just concentrate on this deal.

$10 Bonus on $20 Signup Pingo $10 Bonus Credit Promotion

You can get free $10 credit by following these simple steps :
  1. Visit Pingo's Free Credit Promotion Page.
  2. Enter your details and click submit. 
  3. Enter your information and redeem your $10 free credit.
  4. No coupon code required.
  5. You need to signup with minimum $20 credit to get free $10 credit. 
  6. Thank Us. 
Note : $10.00 call bonus amount will be added to new customer accounts only on a minimum $20.00 signup. This should not be a problem as you are getting total of $30 credit by buying $20. That's like 50% signup bonus.

That's all about the promotion, lets see for calling which countries should you use Pingo.
Or Pingo most famous calling destinations Or Pingo offers cheap calls to following countries.

Pingo Cheap Calls to India             1.75 cents/minute  | Free Minutes :   571
Pingo Cheap Calls to Ethiopia         20 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   50
Pingo Cheap Calls to Ghana           18.5 cents/minute  | Free Minutes :   54
Pingo Cheap Calls to Kenya           7.5 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   133   
Pingo Cheap Calls to Morocco       2.8 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   345   
Pingo Cheap Calls to Nigeria          7.8 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   127
Pingo Cheap Calls to Tanzania       23.2 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   43
Pingo Cheap Calls to Senegal         35.7 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   28
Pingo Cheap Calls to Uganda         12.5 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   80
Pingo Cheap Calls to South Africa  5.0 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   200
Pingo Cheap Calls to Togo            30.0 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   33
Pingo Cheap Calls to Poland          1.4 cents/minute    | Free Minutes :   714
Pingo Cheap Calls to Cameroon     10 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   100
Pingo Cheap Calls to Guinea          19 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   52
Pingo Cheap Calls to Oman           10 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   100
Pingo Cheap Calls to Somalia         40 cents/minute     | Free Minutes :   25
Pingo Cheap Calls to Saudi Arabia  12.5 cents/minute   | Free Minutes :   210

Its time to join Pingo!

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