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Viber for iPad/iPod Touch | How to setup viber on iPad

Viber is one smartphone application which is really popular. If you have iPhone or Android mobile, then it is a must for you. Using Viber you can call your buddies (which also have viber) for free. Viber is yet to launch its PC application, iPad and iPod Touch Application. However in this post, we will look at how you can still use Viber for iPod Touch or Viber for iPad.

An year back, we posted how can you use Viber on PC. Today we have put together a tutorial on "How to setup Viber on iPad/ Viber on iPad 2". Please note that the same steps can be followed to install Viber on iPod Touch.

We have also covered any viber setup error that you may face while installing viber on iPad. So follow the simple steps and Install Viber on iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch ! Please let us know if you face any problems in installing Viber on your iPad.

How to setup Viber on iPad | How to setup Viber on iPod Touch

1. Search Viber in the apple store. You will see Viber in iPhone app section (and not in iPad section). Click on install and install Viber app on iPad. Same applies to Viber for iPod Touch.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

2. Once the Viber app has been installed on your iPad, open it.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

3. One of the Viber Setup Error on iPad/iPod Touch : Enable Push Notification for Viber.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

To solve this problem. Go to settings -- Notification -- Select Viber.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

Enable everything in these settings, as in the image below.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

4. Go back to Viber application, and click retry. You should see the following verification screen.
Enter your phone number. Please note that since you are using iPad, you need to enter your mobile number here (on which you have not installed Viber). Just try entering your own number, verification sms will be sent to this number.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

5. You will get SMS on your mobile, it has a verification code. Enter this viber access code in the viber setup on iPad.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

6. That's it, you should be able to see the keypad, messages :that is Viber is now installed on your iPad. To make call to your buddy, enter his number in keypad and dial.

Viber for iPad, iPod Touch

I would suggest you to sync up your address book with Viber (it will ask you to do so, just click yes). This will bring all your address book contacts in viber contacts, and you will be easily able to make calls. I tried calling on Viber installed on my iPad and it works great. Viber messages also works great! With Viber messages you can send free sms from viber on iPad to Viber on mobile.

With Viber installed on your iPad/iPod Touch, you can convert iPad to Phone (or iPod touch to Phone). Using this viber app on iPad, you can make calls from iPad to any mobile which also has viber installed on it.

Viber has also launched its application for blackberry mobiles, so you can now also make calls and send sms from iPad / iPod Touch to blackberry mobiles. Viber is a great multi platform application to make free voip calls and send messages. So do use it!

If you face any problems in your Viber setup on iPad or Viber setup on iPod Touch, please post in comments. We will try our best to help you solve your issue. Happy Viber Free Calling!

madhur article :

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July 17, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Can I use Viber on my iPad using the mobile number for the iPad?
I do not have a mobile phone.

August 6, 2013 at 12:16 AM

Can install APP, but did not work. Open only for seconds and closed.

August 6, 2013 at 2:27 AM

Pls help, how can I restore viber on my iPad? I've been using viber for quite sometime and I'm happy with it but when I updated it, I can't use it anymore. What am I going to do to have it restored and function?

October 1, 2013 at 10:57 PM

installed ok on IPad mini. But cant pick up when ring. I hvn't found "accept for talk " icon. so always happen miss call. need set up any on IPad mini? Pleae help & comment!!!!

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