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Nymgo for Android Mobiles | Download Nymgo on Android Tablet

If you have been looking for making some cheap international calls, then Nymgo is the answer for you. It offers cheap calling rates to many destinations including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nymgo started few years back when they started offering cheapest rates to India, but soon lost its charm. However they are back again with a bang and many people have again started using Nymgo.

Sometime back, Nymgo was offering exclusive trial bonus of $3 just to try the service. This offer by Nymgo was a big hit. Using their service is quite easy as it offers lots of ways to make calls. If you are having an Android Mobile or a Android Tablet, then Nymgo has good news for you. You can use Nymgo on Android Mobiles to make cheap international calls. I am sure you must be using internet on your Android mobile, so it makes too much sense to use voip for your international calling needs. You can install Nymgo Android app on your mobile and start making cheap international calls. Our readers with iPhone need not get disheartened as Nymgo has an iPhone application as well. 

Nymgo For Android Mobiles

Nymgo Calling Rates 

  • Calls to India Mobile at 1.1 cents per min
  • Calls to Pakistan at 1.5 cents per min
  • Calls to Bangladesh at 3.3 cents per min

Nymgo For Android Mobiles | Nymgo Android App Download

Nymgo Android App Features

  • Full multi-tasking app with enhanced calling
  • The lowest price HD quality phone calls from your Android phone to any mobile or landline in the world
  • SMS text messaging
  • Friend finder and rate finder
  • Rewarded with Hello Points for staying active on Nymgo
  • Credit display
  • App synchronizes address book contacts across devices
  • Automatic switching between WiFi and 3G networks as anti-call dropping
  • No hidden fees or charges, you see the price of the call before you make it.
All the above features does not actually matters, the important thing is Nymgo offers very cheap rates with no hidden charges. So using the mobile voip (Nymgo Android application) makes too much sense as you will be saving lot of money.

The Nymgo android app is though launched and available in Android market however many have written some bad reviews like the app crashing etc... I would say Nymgo has to work hard on the Android app!

However if you are a Nymgo customer having an android mobile, then Nymgo for Android application is a must download for you! Why pay so much when you can call for free.

Skype Free Video Calls App for Sony Playstation Vita

If you have got the Sony Playstation Vita or planning to buy one, then we have some good news for you. Now not only you can play games on your playstation, but you can also do video calling from it. Yes that's right, Skype has launched its application which allows to make voice and video calls on Sony Playstation.

So the thing is your Playstation can now be converted to Phone by simply using this voip application. By using Skype app on your Playstation, you can easily convert your playstation to a video calling device (a working video calling phone). You can not only make video calls on PS Vita, you can make voice call and send instant message as well. Just like Skype app for other devices, you can make free video and voice calls to other Skype users (they may be on PC, Mobile or Sony Vita). You can purchase plan and based on the rates you can call normal mobiles as well.


Skype PlayStation Vita Video Calling Application

This application is available via Sony Playstation store. With this application, it will be easy to remain in touch with gamers around the world. Skype is launched for both 3G and Wifi models. For users in Europe and Asia, the Skype app for PS Vita will be available for download tomorrow, April 25.

Skype App Features

The Skype app includes free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, as well as high quality video calling that utilizes PS Vita's front and rear cameras. You can also buy some Skype credit to make calls to mobile phone, that is you can also call users who are not using Skype. Calls to landline ad mobiles can be made from Skype on Vita for as low as 2 cents per minute.
  • Free face to face video and voice calls over a 3G or WiFi connection.
  • Low cost calls to mobiles and landlines.
  • Discreet notifications while you play so you’ll never miss a call.
  • Send Instant Message to other friends on Skype (use hidden emoticons of Skype as well).
- Make Skype Video Calls on TV 

Sony Playstation Vita is equipped with a 5" OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, precise rear touch pad, two cameras and a built-in microphone that can be used with any Skype-certified headset. The camera and microphone makes the video calling very easy on Skype. Now I am wondering whether any other video calling app like Tango, ooVoo are available for Sony PS Vita.

Free Calls to South Korea Landlines | Call South Korea Free by Localphone

By now you must be knowing that every week localphone brings new free calling offers. This week Localphone launched promotion to make free calls to South Korea landlines. Localphone has already luanched some great promotions like free calls to Cyprus, Portugal, Canada, USA, France and now its turn to call Korea for free. So, if you were looking to make Free calls to South Korea then you have come to the right post.

This is a localphone weekly promotion, so Free calls to South Korea will lasts only this week. Better start making free calls now before the promotion runs out. If you have not yet joined Localphone, then its high time to do so (we are also running a special promotion : Free 100 minutes). The free calls to South Korea Landline offer by Localphone is valid for both old and new customers. All you need is to be a localphone customer. 

Localphone Free Calls to South Korea | Call South Korea Landline for Free

  •  Free calls to South Korea Landline (not mobiles)
  •  Valid till 12pm GMT Friday 27th April.
  •  No limit to the number of calls made or how long you can talk for. 
  • Valid for both new and old customers

How to join Localphone and make free calls to South Korea 

  • Register with Localphone with this special link.
  • You will get first call free (yes free!)
  • If you like Localphone service, then buy some credit.
  • Hold on, we are running a special promotion with Localphone : Buy $1 credit and get $1.5 credit free.
  • That's free 100 minutes to India, however use this credit to call other countries as well. 
  • Make sure to enter the voucher code : PCINDIA when buying credit. 
  • Now make free calls to South Korea for whole one week. 

Calls to South Korea : Rate Comparison

Below are the calling rates of various voip providers to call South Korea.

Calls to South Korea Landlines

  • Rebtel : 1.8 cents per min
  • Localphone : Free for now, after that 1.5 cents per min
  • Jumblo : Free under superdeal

Calls to South Korea Mobiles

  • Rebtel : 3 cents per min
  • Localphone : 3.9 cents per min
  • Jumblo : 3 cents per min


Clearly,  Localphone is a better choice to call South Korea Landline. For calling mobiles, Rebtel can also be considered. If you have any concerns or any queries, then please post your query in the comment section, we will try to get back to your localphone problem asap! Its time to try Localphone and make some free calls to South Korea!

Download Talkatone App : Talkatone Facebook | Android | Google Voice

If you having an iPhone or Android mobile and using internet on your phone, then Talkatone is a must have application for your smartphone. Talkatone was earlier available only for iOS devices (specifically iPhone), but you can now use Talkatone on your Android mobile and convert it to a true free phone. You must be aware about Google Voice service (you may already be using Google Voice), well Talkatone uses Google Talk and Google Voice services and bridges the gap between instant messaging on your computer and regular cellular calls on your mobile device.

In simple words, if you use Google Voice on your mobile phone, you end up using your daily calls limit. But if you use Talkatone then you are not using Google Voice minutes but still making free international calls. You are not spending anything on your mobile minutes, no roaming charges, no change of number (keep your old number) wherever you are and communicate with your friends for free.

Talkatone Facebook | Talkatone Google Voice 

  • You can login with your Facebook or Google (Gmail) account. After login you can call and chat with friends anywhere in the world, even when you are on a flight.
  • Configure your Google Voice with Talkatone to have absolutely FREE calls and SMS to regular phone numbers in North America. 
After you activate Google Voice and set it up, talkatone will work all across the globe. All you require is internet connection. Please note that if you are traveling, then international data roaming charges may apply. So better get a local sim card with data plan and use Google Voice via Talkatone.

Talkatone for Facebook

Talkatone Android App Features | Talkatone for Android

  • Free calls/texts over WiFi or 3G/4G. 
  • Calls and texts with Facebook friends without phone numbers worldwide. 
  • Universal Address Book.
  • High quality audio with voice compression 
  • Highest-rated phone app 
  • Unbeatable FREE support within 24 hours. 
You must be wondering how does Talkatone make money if every call is free. Well, talkatone displays banner ads. For calls initiated through main dialer and completed by Talkatone, pre-roll ad may be shown once in a while.

Facebook Chat on Talkatone is powered by Facebook !

Download Talkatone Android App | Download Talkatone on Mobile

Download the talkatone application on your mobile phones by clicking the below buttons.

Once you have downloaded the app, follow onscreen instructions to setup your Google voice and Facebook accounts.Talkatone Android has received many good reviews in the Google Play (Android Market).

Talkatone is very much liked app on iPhone and Android, however it does not have any official PC application (you need to use Android apk on emulator to use it on PC). Still Talkatone app on Blackberry is not available (and no response from talkatone guys), but we have created a post where you can atleast make a request.
If you are still wondering about what's Talkatone, should I try Talkatone on my Android mobile ?
Is it a safe application, won't it misuse my google/facebook password (it does not even store it).  Will I be able to make free calls using Talkatone...? Just shoot them up in the comment section, for more info on Talkatone for Android Mobiles.

Free Calls to Cyprus | Call Cyprus Landline For Free by LocalPhone

Every week Localphone offers free calls to one country. In the past weeks, Localphone has already offered free calls to Portugal, Free Calls to France, Free Calls to HongKong, and now this week it is offering Free Calls to Cyprus. So if you were looking for making free calls to Cyprus, then you have come to the right post!

Please note that it is a weekly promotion by Localphone and offer will lasts only a week. All you need is to be a Localphone customer and that's it, you can call Cyprus free for a week. The free calls to Cyprus Landline offer by Localphone is valid for both old and new customers.

Localphone Free Calls to Cyprus Promotion | Call Cyprus Landline for Free

  • Free Calls to Cyprus from 12th April to 19th April
  • Free Calls to Cyprus Landline : (Calls to Mobile are not free)
  • There are no limits on how long customers can talk for or how many numbers they call. 
  • Localphone free calls offer valid for both old and new customer.

Why join Localphone

  • Localphone offers time to time new promotions : weekly free calls to one country
  • Sign up with Localphone with $1 and get 150% bonus : Buy $1 credit : Get $2.5 credit. Use bonus code PCINDIA at the time of buying credit.
  • Signup with as low as $1
  • First Call Free with Localphone
  • Offers so many different ways to make calls : like access number, SIP calling, smartphone apps, PC application etc.
  • Cheap international calling rates
  • Good customer support.


Calls to Cyprus : Rate Comparison

Lets check the calling rates to Cyprus of various voip providers.

Calls to Cyprus Landlines

  • Localphone : Currently free
  • Rebtel : 2.9 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : 3 cents per min

Calls to Cyprus Mobiles

  • Localphone : 3.9 cent per min
  • Rebtel : 6.9 cents per min
  • Jumblo (betamax) : 6 cents per min



Localphone is one of the best voip providers. If you were looking for a good voip provider to call Cyprus then certainly Localphone is a good choice.

Register now with Localphone.

Call USA From India for Free | Unlimited Calls to USA & Canada Free

Many people still ask me about making calls to USA from India for free. Well there are so many websites and voip providers which offers unlimited free calls to USA! So if you are using your telecom provider for making calls to USA, then you are losing a lot of money. Making calls to USA and Canada is free and its just at a click of a button. Have you heard about Earthcaller, the voip provider which offers Free International Calls From PC, directly from its website. Today we will be discussing about similar service which is offering unlimited free calls to USA from India!

We are talking about Your Second Phone powered by Phono! Its a browser based free calling service, all you need to do is just type in your destination number and dial the number. Your second phone is a project by Nick! Thanks to Nick for this service. Its basically a SIP based calling service.

Requirements : Free Calls to USA from India

  • Computer/Laptop with internet connection
  • Mic and Speakers to make calls


How to Make Unlimited Free Calls to USA from any country

  • Visit YourSecondPhone
  • Enter the destination number : USA or Canada number. 
  • Do not add +1 country code to your phone numbers.
  • Click the green dial button. 
  • Talk endlessly as long as you like. When you want to disconnect, then just click the red button
So with YourSecondPhone you can dial any number in USA and Canada for free. You can even dial toll free numbers using this service.

How about using this service to make free international calls : call ay country for free.
Just use any call forwarding service, where in you dial a USA number and forward your calls to India or any other country. So, as you are calling USA and Canada number for free using this website, so indirectly your international calls are free as well.

Tango For Blackberry | Tango Video Calls on Blackberry Mobile, Playbook

If you have just bought new blackberry phone be it torch, curve or bold or a blackberry playbook (tablet), next thing you want to know about is sending free text message, making voice calls or free video calling on your blackberry device. Lately, we have seen many voip services launching text and free calls apps for blackberry, but video calls apps for blackberry are still in scarcity. One such highly popular video calling app supported for many devices is Tango Video Calls.

About an year back, we posted about Tango voice and video calls and people loved the post and the Tango service. Well turns out that Tango has been launched for many more devices (earlier it was available only for Android and iPhone). You can download Tango for PC, Tango for Windows, Tango for Android Mobiles, Tango for iPhone. But the real question is what about Blackberry Mobiles?

If you check the blackberry forums or Tango forums, then you will find that many people are looking for Tango for blackberry application. Blackberry messenger is the only coolest app in blackberry phones. Voip applications, video calling applications, these are very less in numbers in the BB Store. However the wait is soon going to get over. Tango for Blackberry is expected to be released soon!

Some of the useful voip apps for Blackberry Mobiles
- Talktone for Blackberry Mobile to make voice calls
- Viber has been released for Blackberry
- Bobsled for Blackberry Mobile for sending SMS and calls
- Whatsapp Messenger for Blackberry Phones
- Rebtel Voip App for Blackberry Mobiles

Tango App for Playbook and Mobiles

What is Tango | Why to wait for Tango for Blackberry

Tango is a free mobile video communications service that allows you to connect with friends and family. Tango is a multi platform video calling application. Tango works on the PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and all Android 2.1 or later phones and tablets over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, giving you the ultimate flexibility in how, where and with whom you communicate. Tango can be used to make video calls from PC to Mobile : Tango Video Calls from Pc to Android Devices, and soon Tango Video Calls on Blackberry as well. This is not all, there are many other cool features like playing games, sending video message and display avatars.

Video Explaining Tango Video Calls

Tango for Blackberry Playbook

If you are thinking of buying a blackberry playbook thinking that you will find many cools apps like Tango Video Calls, then hold your thought. Tango for Blackberry Playbook is not yet out. Tango has been launched for almost every other device, however not for blackberry devices. Though according to Tango people, app for blackberry tablet is expected to be launched soon. Keep checking here for more updates on Tango Blackberry App. But trust me, if you have not yet purchased the playbook, consider buying iPad or Android Based tablet.

Tango for Blackberry Release Dates and Features | Download

  • Expected to be released soon
  • When launched for Blackberry, Tango app is expected to be free to download (just like other devices).
  • Make Video Calls, Free Voice Calls, Free text message!
Lets get together and raise our hands to get Tango for Blackberry. I will contact Tango for exact release dates about release of this application mobiles and will also ask them to answer your queries. So just post in the comments section so that Tango people can realize how many customers are waiting for Tango Blackberry application.

Blackberry10 is already out and Tango is still not there. Definitely it is not difficult to create an application for blackberry mobiles and tablets, but not sure whether Tango thinks it is worth investing in this. May be they think that BB customer's will switch to some other platform sooner or later.

Unlimited Mobile Calling Plans | Unlimited International Phone Calls

If you are living abroad and away from your friends and family, then you must be spending a lot of money and time (recharging your account). Well what suits you better is monthly calling plans or unlimited calling plans so that you can easily make unlimited calls without the tension of recharging! What you should also try is going for a mobile voip provider instead of a calling card. With mobile voip, you can make calls straight from your phone (no access number). This is simple unlimited mobile to mobile calls. So, today we will look at one of the best mobile voip application for making unlimited international phone calls : Vopium.

Vopium Unlimited International Mobile Calling Plan

    Unlimited Mobile Calling Plans
  • Call as much as you like from your mobile to landlines in 52 countries and mobile phone in some countries as well.
  • Free 30 international text message
  • "Call Unlimited" is governed by a fair usage policy limit of 2000 call minutes per month to prevent undue abuse.
  • Price : 8.95 Euros!


Vopium Unlimited Mobile Calling Plans | Unlimited Calls to India

A lot of our readers are looking for making cheap and free calls to India. Well you can use Vopium to make unlimited calls to India as well. With 8.95 Euros, what you get is 2000 minutes of calls to India (India Landlines and India Mobiles). The effective call cost turns to be 0.7 US cents per min. (That very cheap and very competitive price). Lets see the other popular destinations, where you can use Vopium to make unlimited calls.
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • Greece
  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
You can try Vopium for free : 5 Minutes first free call. So first try Vopium, if you like the service then only go for unlimited plan. When you call international with Vopium, you only pay low rate plus your mobile operator for the local call. When you call via WiFi, you don’t even pay for the local call.

Vopium Features

  • Free Trial : 5 Minutes
  • Calls from Mobiles
  • No hidden charges
  • Easy to use : Just install Vopium app in your mobile phone and start making international calls
  • Call other Vopium users for free.

SnapDeal Voucher Code for April 2012 : Exclusive Coupons

Its not been long we started sharing online shopping voucher codes with our blog readers. Online shopping is highly popular in USA and other western countries. However this market has recently picked up pace in India. About a month back we gave a few Snapdeal promo code to our blog readers and we promised that we will keep that page updated. That proved to be a huge success and many more people have asked us for more of such SnapDeal Voucher codes.

First we thought to update that page only (where we are maintain list of Snapdeal working promo codes).  However then we thought we should cover one separate posts as well as this time we are back with four nos codes.

Again this post is specially for our Indian blog readers. If you are looking for free calling offers, then just check our post on the blog (we have shared more than 700 ways of free calling)!

Coming back to Snapdeal, we have decided to offer more Snapdeal Voucher Codes (4 promo codes). This time we are sharing SnapDeal promo codes, however if you want any other codes then please share this in our comment section. We will try to share them next month.

SnapDeal Promo Code April 2012 

  • FC9BE9953B
  • FCBD6FB972
  • FC2A8E36B9
  • FCDF145112

SnapDeal Promo Code Details April 2012 

  • Expires on 30th April 2012
  • You will get Rs 100 on purchase of Rs 499 or above
As we have shared these Snapdeal promo codes among all readers, so these codes are on first come first basis. So hurry before someone else use these first!

We will soon also bring new promotions and and deals like free gifts cards, free recharges, free calling cards for international calls, free online calling credit. We will be sharing more such promo codes on our Facebook page and our Google Plus Page. So its time you start following us on Facebook and Google Plus.
Snapdeal is one of the best Indian shopping online portal. You will find many exciting products at Snapdeal. I am also a regular user of Snapdeal. Not only you will find products, you can find exciting deals as well. So,  better hurry and make use of these SnapDeal Promo Codes now!

150% Bonus Credit by Localphone | (Effective Calling Rate India : 0.6 Cents)

If you missed out last month Localphone one year free calls contest promotion, don't worry we have another Localphone promotion lined up for you! This time the promotion is not on luck, but its available for all our readers. Lets first briefly discuss about details of this new promotion.

LocalPhone 150% Bonus | Free 100 Minutes to India | Get Free $1.5 Credit

    Localphone Free Minutes to India
  • Register with this Special Localphone Link
  • You will get First Call Free with Localphone
  • Add credit as low as $1 (you can buy more if you like)
  • Use Coupon Code : PCINDIA on signup (when adding credit)
  • Again : Enter the code PCINDIA at the checkout when you top up $1 for the first time and get $1.50 free credit.
  • Offer valid until 30th April 2012.
  • Offer valid for new customers. If you are already a localphone customer, you can register with another phone number.
  • You Paid : $1, You get : $2.5
  • Effective Calling Rate to India : 0.6 Cent per min (Cheapest calling rate I guess)!
  • Currently its one of the best offers : specially for people making calls to India.
  • Note : You can use the additional $1.5 credit to call any country (not only India).
Localphone is one of the best voip providers. Localphone calling rates are 80% cheaper than other telecom providers for more than 200 countries. You can call from your mobile, landline or computer. Download Localphone internet phone for free and make calls from your PC to a mobile or landline for the same cheap rates or you can use their Local Numbers service to make cheap calls from your mobile or landline. Plus, calls between users of the Localphone internet phone are completely free!

Localphone Features

  • First Free Call of 5 Minutes
  • Great Call Quality
  • International calls starting at 0.5Cents per minute.
  • International text messages from 2.7¢
  • Customers can add as little as $1 credit
  • Make calls from PC, Landline, Mobile, SmartPhone apps
  • No hidden charges or monthly charges
  • Earn Free Credit by referring friends.
Its time to Register with LocalPhone and get Free Bonus Credit!

Congratzz : Localphone Contest One year Free Calls Goes to ..

The next 12 months (year!) are going to be great for one of our readers. Wondering the reason why? Well, last month we started a promotional contest in collaboration with Localphone. This contest was that the winner will get one year worth free calls from Localphone. The contest was a big success and received good response from Free Pc to Phone Calls readers. Did you participated in this contest ? Are you excited to know the results. Well its time to declare the winner of the Localphone one year free calls contest.

Localphone has picked a winner of the prize draw and credited their Localphone account with $144 (equivalent to a year's free calls). 

The Winner is : "Helene from Canada"

Congratulations to Helene for winning this Localphone contest. We wish you happy free calling!
You should see $144 amount credited to your Localphone account. With this credit you would be able to make 28800 minutes of Free Calls to USA! Congratz again!

Localphone highlights :
  • First Call Free
  • Call Quality is awesome!
  • So many ways to make calls
  • Time to time promotions
  • Old and New Users : Localphone has offers for all
  • Weekly free calls to some country (weekly promotions like Free Calls to Portugal, Free Calls to Canada etc).
  • Sign up with as low as $1
  • One of the best voip provider : Once a customer with Localphone, always a customer with Localphone!
For our other reader who missed last time, well Localphone keeps on bringing new promotions and deals time to time. We already have another promotion lined up with Localphone.

Top up $1 and get $1.50 free credit, which is the equivalent to 100 free minutes to India. Users can call any country, it doesn't have to be India. It's for new customers only on their first top up, use code PCINDIA at the checkout.

Signup with Localphone

We will be soon posting about this new promotion.


ForFone App iPhone & Android : Free Calls and Messages

If you are still looking for a voip application for your smartphone, then we have another one for you. Lets review ForFone app. ForFone is certainly not a new app, it has more than 15K FB Fans. Available for android and iPhone users, its a voip app which can be used to make free calls.

Forfone for Android and ForFone for iPhone just not only allows to make free calls, it can be used to send text messages as well. It is quite similar to Viber!

ForFone Features

  • Calls at the highest voice quality, text messages and picture sharing
  • Free between forfone users and at incredibly low rates to off-net contacts.
  • Free download, no contract, no commitment
  • Make Free Calls and send text, pictures

ForFone Products


  • Easy start without registration - No need to change your mobile plan, no commitment, no hidden costs, no buddy lists. 
  • Your existing contacts will be integrated in the app and forfone automatically marks your contacts that also use the app as forfree so you know at all times who to talk and text to for free. Unlike with other applications you do not need an extra username.
  • ForFone ForFree is Adfree.
  • Call quality is also good. Best quality is reached with 3G / 4G or a full WiFi signal. 
  • Free, unlimited calls to other forfone users worldwide. 
  • You can send unlimited text messages between forfone users.
  • Free Video Chat on ForFone coming very soon.


  • With Forfone you can connect to your friends who have not joined forfone. 
  • From as low as 1.9 cent you can make worldwide calls and you can even make calls from abroad without roaming!
  • Forout allows you to send text messages to any mobile number worldwide outside the forfone network. Text messages to non forfone users are charged 9 cent/message, be it national or international text messages. 

 ForFone Free Calls and Messages


ForFone ForOut Rates | Calling Rates

  • Calls billed per minute with one minute minimum billing unit plus five cent connection fee for international calls.
  • Calling rates are very high as compared to other options like for India : 6.9 euro cents per min
  • Call Bangladesh at 3.9 euro cents per min.

ForFone App for Android | ForFone App for iPhone

  • ForFone for Android : Download Link
  • ForFone for iPhone : Download Link 
  • Simply download the app and start free worldwide calls, text, picture and location messages with other forfone users without registration. No registration, username or password.
  • NO ROAMING COSTS when calling from abroad.  
  • All contacts in your phonebook will automatically have a ‘forfree’ indication as soon as they have installed the forfone app.
  • Forfone automatically indicates all contacts that have the forfone app installed as ‚free’. Unlike as with Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring you do not have to know an extra username.
  • Roaming Charges are Nil, when calling from abroad. Even when you are abroad with your Android mobile or iPhone, you can make calls, send text, picture and location messages without any roaming costs.

VoipJumper : Calling Rates and Review | Make Cheap Calls

Betamax or Delmont Sarl voip provider list is too large. So many of these different voip providers offer cheap voip and free voip calls. Today we will discount about another betamax voip provider offering cheap calls : VoipJumper. Unlike other betamax service, VoipJumper is not offering "Free Calls" plan (which is kind of strange). Anyhow the calling rates offered by VoipJumper are low.

The only problem about betamax services is that these are not reliable, specifically the rates increases without notice. However if you have a good experience with betamax services, then you may consider giving VoipJumper a try as well.

VoipJumper Rates | VoipJumper Calling Rates

  • All VoipJumper calls are subject to a 0.039 US Dollar connection fee. That means, if you are making calls shorter than 5 mins, then you should not VoipJumper.
  • Send SMS as well with VoipJumper
  • Call India at 3 cents per minute
  • Call Pakistan Landline at 1.5 cent per minute. (You may consider VoipJumper for Pakistan)
  • Call Bangladesh Landline at 1 cent per minute
  • Call Mexico landline at 5 cents per minute
  • For calling rates to other countries, visit VoipJumper. 

VoipJumper for PC | VoipJumper for Android | VoipJumper for iPhone | VoipJumper for Nokia | VoipJumper for Mobiles.

PC to Phone Calls

  • VoipJumper provides you with a PC application, which you can install on your computer and make cheap voip calls. This voipjumper PC app is free to download.
  • If you don't want to install VoipJumper sotware, you can set up a VoipJumper call directly from browser. It is phone to phone calling, where they will call you first and then connect to your destination.

 Mobile Application : Phone to Phone Calls

  • Use VoipJumper on your iPhone, Android phone or Symbian phone : Download and install MobileVoip app (the app is same for all betamax voip providers).
  • Use local access number to make calls


VoipJumper SIP Settings

  • SIP port : 5060 
  • Registrar : 
  • Proxy server : 
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty 
  • Account name : your VoipJumper username 
  • Password : your VoipJumper password 
  • Display name/number : your VoipJumper username or voipnumber 
  • Stunserver (option) :

March 2012 Popular Posts : Free Calling Offers

Continuing with the last month trend we are again back with the March blog post round up. Last month we posted many free calling offers, many smartphone voip apps review, many tutorials to help you out! Just go through the list below to see if you missed anything interesting. If you have any feedback then please post it in the comment section. If you would like a post/review of any specific deal/app/voip provider please contact us.

Free Pc to Phone Calls has increased its social presence.(Time to time, we will be bringing exclusive deals for our Google Plus and Facebook Fans). So, its time you join us on social media.
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March 2012 Free Calling Offers

Exclusive Free Calling Promotion

  • Maaii : Maaii is the latest voip provider offering FREE CALLS DAILY! Yes, Maaii for iPhone, Maaii for iPad, Maaii for iPod Touch offered free $1.9 call credit daily. People used it to make free calls to India : whole 100 free minutes to India. Maaii for Android to be launched very soon. Maaii offer still works great. 
  • Pingo Bonus Code : Use this Pingo $10 bonus code and make free calls.
  • Free International calls from USA : If you are in USA, then you can make free international calls from USA. Yup, Free Calls to India from USA. Use FreePhone2Phone.
  • Free Home Phone Using Google Voice : Check out this post to know "how to replace your landline phone with Google Voice".

Voip Providers : Make Free Voip Calls | Free Voip Promotions

  • VoipCheap : A betamax voip provider offering cheap and free calls to over 30 destinations. If you have used betamax services in the past, then this is a good option for you. 
  • MobeeFree : Another voip provider review. It features many different ways to make calls including SIP Calls. Mobeefree can prove to be a good option to call Asian countries, specially India & Bangladesh.
  • CentMobile Calling Card Review. This includes one exclusive bonus code as well.
  • Get a Free UK Number : FWCall offers free UK phone number. Forward call to this number to some Indian or International number. Use FWCall to make free calls from UK.
  • iTellVoip : For making cheap voip calls. 



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How do I Video Call | How do I Video Chat : Android, PC, Facebook, Skype..

At Free Pc to Phone Calls, we have already covered so many different ways you can do a video call with your friend. However it becomes difficult for people to search and read each and every post! So we thought to make a consolidated list of some of the video calling application or some ways on how you can make video calls or Video Chat with a friend.

Voip and Video calls have just taken over the telecom market. People no longer want to pay heavy on their phone bills. What we want is free calling, rather free video calling. Well why not, with internet on PC, internet on mobile : this should not be a problem. Skype on PC was already so much popular, and now people can easily make video call on Android, iPhone, Gmail, Facebook! In simple words, if you have internet (PC/Mobile/iPad/Tablet), Camera (Webcam on PC, or Front Facing Camera on Mobile/Tablet) : then you can do a video call easily.

So lets look at ways on how do you make video call.

Top Ways to Make Video Calls

OoVoo on your PC, Android Mobile, iPhone, or iPad :  Oovoo is certainly one great application which can be used on your mobile or PC. Apart from normal video calling (quality is also good), it has features like Free Group Video Calling (which is just awesome, video chat with multiple people at same time). Moreover, it is Free! It is one of the very popular video calling application. Oovoo even works great on iPad. 

Skype for iPad, Mobiles, PC : Does it require a review. It is the leader in video calling. However we have a tutorial on how to use it on iPad.

Tango Video Calls on PC, Mobiles : Just like Skype and Oovoo, Tango offer video calling facility on smartphones like Android, iPhone, and on PC. People can use Tango on their Pc to make video call to your friend using Tango on his mobile. Call quality is average (Skype & OoVoo are better).

Facebook Video Chat : If you are looking for "How do I Video Call on Facebook", then we have already covered a tutorial on that. It explains how you can install video chat on facebook and make video calls on FB for free. 

Facetime on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad : Well if you have an Apple device, you don't have to look anywhere else. Facetime is the best application for making video calls, but it is restricted to iOS.

Facetime Alternative for PC : What if I have iPhone, but my friend is on his PC: Facetime won't work. You need some facetime alternatives.

Free Fring Mobile Group Video Calling : Group video calling, or video conference with multiple people is
the next thing. It is popular on PC, however fring is the first one to get this on mobile.

Qik for Android : Another good android application for making video calls.

Video Calls on Windows Mobile : VzoChat : So many application for iPhone and Android mobile, what 
about the ones having windows mobile. Well we have covered a post on windows mobile video chat as well.

Voxox : Free Video Conferencing on PC. It used to offer 2.5 free hours voice calls to USA as well.

FiCall : Video Calls on all mobiles : Nokia, Android, Pc, Tablets. Video call quality is average.

Faceflow : Another facetime alternative for android mobiles.

Vtok Video Calls : Gtalk Video calls. You can sign in with your gmail id and can make video calls to your gtalk buddies for free.

If you are from India and looking for video calling phone, then you better check out : "3G Video Calling Mobiles in India".

So, I hope this answer your query on "How do I make Video Call" ? If not, please post your questions in the comment section. We would love to help you out!
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