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ForFone App iPhone & Android : Free Calls and Messages

If you are still looking for a voip application for your smartphone, then we have another one for you. Lets review ForFone app. ForFone is certainly not a new app, it has more than 15K FB Fans. Available for android and iPhone users, its a voip app which can be used to make free calls.

Forfone for Android and ForFone for iPhone just not only allows to make free calls, it can be used to send text messages as well. It is quite similar to Viber!

ForFone Features

  • Calls at the highest voice quality, text messages and picture sharing
  • Free between forfone users and at incredibly low rates to off-net contacts.
  • Free download, no contract, no commitment
  • Make Free Calls and send text, pictures

ForFone Products


  • Easy start without registration - No need to change your mobile plan, no commitment, no hidden costs, no buddy lists. 
  • Your existing contacts will be integrated in the app and forfone automatically marks your contacts that also use the app as forfree so you know at all times who to talk and text to for free. Unlike with other applications you do not need an extra username.
  • ForFone ForFree is Adfree.
  • Call quality is also good. Best quality is reached with 3G / 4G or a full WiFi signal. 
  • Free, unlimited calls to other forfone users worldwide. 
  • You can send unlimited text messages between forfone users.
  • Free Video Chat on ForFone coming very soon.


  • With Forfone you can connect to your friends who have not joined forfone. 
  • From as low as 1.9 cent you can make worldwide calls and you can even make calls from abroad without roaming!
  • Forout allows you to send text messages to any mobile number worldwide outside the forfone network. Text messages to non forfone users are charged 9 cent/message, be it national or international text messages. 

 ForFone Free Calls and Messages


ForFone ForOut Rates | Calling Rates

  • Calls billed per minute with one minute minimum billing unit plus five cent connection fee for international calls.
  • Calling rates are very high as compared to other options like for India : 6.9 euro cents per min
  • Call Bangladesh at 3.9 euro cents per min.

ForFone App for Android | ForFone App for iPhone

  • ForFone for Android : Download Link
  • ForFone for iPhone : Download Link 
  • Simply download the app and start free worldwide calls, text, picture and location messages with other forfone users without registration. No registration, username or password.
  • NO ROAMING COSTS when calling from abroad.  
  • All contacts in your phonebook will automatically have a ‘forfree’ indication as soon as they have installed the forfone app.
  • Forfone automatically indicates all contacts that have the forfone app installed as ‚free’. Unlike as with Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring you do not have to know an extra username.
  • Roaming Charges are Nil, when calling from abroad. Even when you are abroad with your Android mobile or iPhone, you can make calls, send text, picture and location messages without any roaming costs.

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