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VoipJumper : Calling Rates and Review | Make Cheap Calls

Betamax or Delmont Sarl voip provider list is too large. So many of these different voip providers offer cheap voip and free voip calls. Today we will discount about another betamax voip provider offering cheap calls : VoipJumper. Unlike other betamax service, VoipJumper is not offering "Free Calls" plan (which is kind of strange). Anyhow the calling rates offered by VoipJumper are low.

The only problem about betamax services is that these are not reliable, specifically the rates increases without notice. However if you have a good experience with betamax services, then you may consider giving VoipJumper a try as well.

VoipJumper Rates | VoipJumper Calling Rates

  • All VoipJumper calls are subject to a 0.039 US Dollar connection fee. That means, if you are making calls shorter than 5 mins, then you should not VoipJumper.
  • Send SMS as well with VoipJumper
  • Call India at 3 cents per minute
  • Call Pakistan Landline at 1.5 cent per minute. (You may consider VoipJumper for Pakistan)
  • Call Bangladesh Landline at 1 cent per minute
  • Call Mexico landline at 5 cents per minute
  • For calling rates to other countries, visit VoipJumper. 

VoipJumper for PC | VoipJumper for Android | VoipJumper for iPhone | VoipJumper for Nokia | VoipJumper for Mobiles.

PC to Phone Calls

  • VoipJumper provides you with a PC application, which you can install on your computer and make cheap voip calls. This voipjumper PC app is free to download.
  • If you don't want to install VoipJumper sotware, you can set up a VoipJumper call directly from browser. It is phone to phone calling, where they will call you first and then connect to your destination.

 Mobile Application : Phone to Phone Calls

  • Use VoipJumper on your iPhone, Android phone or Symbian phone : Download and install MobileVoip app (the app is same for all betamax voip providers).
  • Use local access number to make calls


VoipJumper SIP Settings

  • SIP port : 5060 
  • Registrar : 
  • Proxy server : 
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty 
  • Account name : your VoipJumper username 
  • Password : your VoipJumper password 
  • Display name/number : your VoipJumper username or voipnumber 
  • Stunserver (option) :

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