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How Does Emergent Technology Play A Larger Role in Traditionally Analog Industries?

Technology has been slowly changing the world around us. Emergent technologies have made a huge impact on our lives. They have changed the way we used to do a lot of things at work and at home. It has changed the way we cook, wash our clothes, listen to music, talk to people, travel and so much more.Technology has undoubtedly made the world smaller. Someone half way across the world is only at the distance of a few clicks. You can email and call people anywhere in the world within seconds. It is not even expensive anymore as it once was. That is what emergent technology does. It sees a need and a technological answer is built around it that makes people’s lives easier.

However, one major effect that the emergent technologies have had is that they have made the old analog devices obsolete. Analog devices, which have been in use around the world for many years, have suddenly become useless. Replacing them simply does not mean buying new digital devices; it also means correctly disposing off these old devices in a manner that they do not cause any serious harm to the environment.

One of the most popularly disposed devices is the analog televisions, which has been replaced by the digital television. Disposing off analog television is not simply a manner of throwing them in a regular landfill. That is actually harmful to the environment. Old analog televisions used to have heavy lead shields around the CRT that were meant to protect us from the radiation it emitted. Once you through that in a landfill, that lead is introduced into our environment. Lead is known to cause damage to our nervous system if we have prolonged contact with it.

Therefore, many municipalities have now decided to ban the dumping on analog television in landfills. You should instead consider recycling them so that they do not cause damage to the environment. For that you can use another one of the most popular and latest technological breakthroughs, one best broadband connection and a computer. Go online and do a quick search for the places that accept old analog television in the city or parish that you live in. You will easily be able to find a list of drop-off locations where you can drop off your old analog TV. Recycling companies will then dispose of your old TV in an environmentally friendly manner.

With digital television the latest technology, it is not necessary that you throw away your old television to get an HDTV. You can also purchase an analog to digital converter so that you can view high definition, digital content right on your analog TV. Some people have memories attached to their devices and are reluctant to get rid of them. If your parents are like that, then you may want to buy an analog to digital converter.

Some other analogue industries that are slowly becoming obsolete are that of radio and television. People are slowly moving towards listening to radios on their MP3 players, cell phones and online on their laptops and tablets. They no longer have those old analog radios that were once a must in every house. The audience of radio listeners has increased over the years, but the method of listening to it has changed.

Similarly telephone sets and landlines are becoming obsolete. People prefer to use cell phone to communicate with one another. Some don’t even get a land line installed at their homes, while others are subscribing to VOIP services that use digital signals for voice communications. All best broadband connections come with the digital phone service. There are also now software's like Skype that allow free digital calls over the internet to any place in the world. Now even land line companies are offering wireless digital connection at the same rates because people prefer mobility.

Slowly, but gradually emergent technology is expected to completely overtake analog industries. The music industry at large has been also affected by this change. These changes have been readily accepted by all of us because we see this as progress. Progress should be welcomed, but not at the cost of the environment. So when replacing your analog devices, always make sure that you do it in an environmentally responsible manner.

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